Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【大食い】マレーシア麺料理 20 種類 マレーシア中華系 YouTuber と大食い対決![9キロ]11540kcal【木下ゆうか】

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Hi I'm Yuka Kinoshita


(Wrong timing...)

(Try one more time)


I am going to challenge 20 types of Malaysia noodles together with Malaysian YouTubers.

Hi everyone my name is Shen

Hi I'm Lim Shang Jin

Hi everyone I'm YBB (in Japanese)

Nice to meet you

Hi everyone. I'm Yvonne I'm Kidinn

There are so many different types of noodles in Malaysia!

Which one do you like the most?

I like Laksa personally

Spicy noodle

That one is Prawn Mee

This is Chee Cheong Fan

It's sweet

it's a kind of thick noodle

I like Pan Mee

There are different kinds of Pan Mee

There are soup and dry version of Pan Mee


In Malay language, we say "Sedap" (Delicious)

OK. The rule is, the person who eats the most will be the winner.

I saved my breakfast (to win this battle)

See how far we can compete with you

Representing Malaysia

You are representing Japan


You can try this

It's a popular food in Malaysia - Prawn Mee

Prawn Mee, is a popular spicy noodle dish in Malaysia served with flavored dark soup stock with prawn.

Isn't this your favorite? (Is it okay I take it?)

I am eating black Dry Pan Mee

Kolo Pan Mee, is a Chinese Malaysian Hakka noodle dish.

I am eating Chilli Pan Mee

Chili Pan Mee, Pan Mee served with Mala (spicy) soup

I'm eating Laksa

Laksa, is a popular Malaysia noodle dish served with carious spices such as galangal and turmeric.

I'm eating Tom Yum Pan Mee

Tom Yum Pan Mee, is Pan Mee served with Tom Yum soup

The noodles look white compared with Japan noodles

It looks like Soumen

Is it good?

She makes every food look delicious while she is eating

Jin is eating hard

There are many different types of noodles in Malaysia. What about Japan?

I feel like there is not as many types as Malaysia

We are a multi-ethnic country. If you count all different ethnic noodle menu in, it will be more than this.

She already finished one

Wow impressive

Really fast

We can't catch her speed

She can drink up the soup

She really drank up the soup!

We are worried about gaining weight. That's why we don't drink the soup usually.

Yuka doesn't have this concern right?

I think it's rare to see people drink up the soup in Malaysia

Wow that's very clean!


I only finished half

I want to eat this

Chee Cheong Fun

Chee Cheong Fun, is a popular Malaysia noodle dish filled with seasoned soy sauce, shrimp, served with salty sambal.

The dish is known as "Chee Cheong fun" because of its appearance. (Direct translation as pig intestine noodle)

It looks like Japanese Omochi

It's so sweet and delicious

Yes, it is sweet right?

Super delicious!

It's a specialty of Malaysia

Jin, you are awesome!

Kolo Mee (Dry Mee)


That's different! (It's Dorai Mee)

Kolo Pan Mee, is a popular Chinese Hakka noodle dish in Malaysia.


I'm almost full

Don't give up!

Mickey Mouse Mee

What is Mickey Mouse Mee?

The name of the noodle is called Lou Shu Fan (Direct translation : mouse tail)

Lou Shu Fan is made from a mixture of ground rice flour and look like Japanese Udon.

The noodles are named as such because the shape of the noodles is long and tapered much like a rat's tail.

I think as a normal human, I can say I have shown my respect to Yuka already if I eat 3 bowls of noodles today.




2nd bowl finished

Hokkien Mee

Hokken Mee is a popular fried noodle dish in Singapore and Malaysia. It is also known as "Hokken Mee, Fried Hokken Mee".

It's like Japanese Udon


Jin fantastic! You finished 2!

Jin you can fight Yuka!


Don't be a coward

This is too much!

Yuka even drank the soup

She is too good

That's why we can't say that our bowl is bigger.

Has Yuka met someone who can eat more than she can?

Yes I have

Let me loosen my belly


3rd bowl finished!

Mickey Mouse Mee

You can use this one



We eat the noodle with this Chili sauce

It's something mixed by soy sauce and chili

Putting a lot

She likes it!

I thought she is gonna eat the whole thing

How many percent is she full now?


What is the scariest food you ever had?

There is a super spicy Korean instant noodle

I think we all had it too

Is it the super spicy one?

Have you eaten insects before?

I have tried Beaondegi before

Oh she tried Beondegi before

Which one is your favorite so far?

I think she will pick my favorite Chee Cheong Fun

The sweet one

Chee Cheong Fun is really delicious

Everyone stopped except Yuka

Finished 4th bowl

This is Wat Tan Hor

Wat Tan Hor is a special noodle dish of Chinese Malaysian served with Kuey Teow.

The taste is gentle and delicous.

Have you done medical check to find out the secret of your ability? Anything different inside?

Yes I have. My stomach is covering my internal organ.

Oh finished the fifth bowl!

The battle ends here

How many bowls did you eat?


2 and a half


You tried your best

Me too half

1 and a half

I ate 5

There are many different types of noodles in Malaysia.

Very delicious!

The sweet noodle. It's my first time and I haven't tasted that before. Very surprising

I can still eat.

But because everyone stopped here, so I will stop here too.

We also made collaboration videos with everyone here.

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