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beads and braids are so aesthetically beautiful that I had to try it out on my

natural hair so no feed-ins, no crochet hair, none of that

what's up KinksKrew welcome back to my natural hair Channel locsofkinks its

yours truly Scottie. Today I'm going to show you how to do this protective style

beads and braids or braids and beads yeah. I blow-dry my hair the night before

and just through bantu knots in to keep it stretched over night while I slept

and forgive me it's pretty early and since I'm doing my hair on my own I

wanted to get an early start. Im just going through taking these out. this

dry bantu knot is one of my favorite quick Styles it's super cute and easy

and my curls are always fluffy but this video isn't about that today. Today we

are working on throwing in a protective style so I don't have to do my hair for

a few weeks because I'm feeling super lazy. I'm actually going to run the back

through my hair again using my favorite handheld blow dryer. This blow

dryer is actually made in Japan my homegirl put me on and I haven't looked

to another blow dryer since. It takes away the need to use any other tool to

blow dry, for it already has everything you need. You just run it

through your hair like a brush and that's it. If you're looking to get your

hands on one check out the link below

Now I'm parting my hair in a front and back section for this style and I'll be

working with the back section first so I'm going to pin the front section out

of the way

now I don't know how most people do their own hair but I cannot do my own

hair without two mirrors I literally sit in between two mirrors and this allows

me to be able to see everything I normally wouldn't, like the back and the

sides of my head. Iyou're doing your hair by yourself I would highly suggest

getting two mirrors and prop them up in front of one another. Now I am pre-

parting my hair as I like to call it, this allows me to envision how big I

want my parts making sure my hair is parted evenly before wasting my time

putting these braids in just to realize this section is ugly and uneven and I

have to start over. So I just part and twist my hair about half way down once I

see this section is to my liking I am ready to get started

To ensure my parts are very neat I am placing Murray's edge wax to my roots

but you can use gel as well

you can see I prefer my parts to be in triangles but you may like something

different like squares or circles I will say as long as you're in between those

two mirrors it will save your life you can create whatever crazy design you can


so at this point I wasn't sure if my hair was going to look right because I

thought the plaits were a little too small for my liking and I know we all

have those moments where we've cried because Our hair did not come out right

yeah that was definitely going to be me but I decided to keep going anyway so

now we the back section all plaited up it's time to move on to the front

section, the braids

I knew I wanted a braid falling right above my ear so I'm just parting

off my hair for that and again applying the Murrays edge wax to my roots to

ensure a neat braid

I knew I also wanted a braid going down the middle of my head so I went ahead

and parted my hair all for that. My camera was full so it kept stopping my

recording so at this point I've gotten done one side in the front and I did

what I did in the back with pre-parting my hair, making sure the braids are going

to be as big as I would like and parted where I want them to be

so if you do not know how to braid I'm so sorry this video may not be for you

I am no good at explaining how-to braid, It took me forever to get braiding down

and even still I'm not a professional. My mom taught me it I remember always

practicing on my baby dolls. I could never get near braids back then. I had the concept

down but the braids were just ugly. I would say a tip to neat braids is to

take your time. I know it looks cool to go as fast as you often see braiders

doing on social media but I feel that will be developed with time. Making sure

you're taking your time and gripping even pieces all the way through the braid is

what I've learned to having neat braids

at this point my arms are so tired but I'm determined to push through because

I'm almost finished. something to look forward to when you're doing your own

hair just know your arms are going to be hurting

but wait I almost forgot the beads

as you guys can see I've done majority of them

off-camera but I saved a few just for you guys I'll be using my handy dandy

beader and you guys this is the first time ever I'm using this. My mom just

beaded my hair the old-fashioned way but these beats were so tiny I cannot see

myself taking hours just to put on small beads. So basically what you do is load

up the beader with the beads and pattern that you want. then you're going to put

your hair inside of the beater hold the ends of your hair and slide the beads

right on. To secure the beads I'll take the end of my braid and fold it upward

over the last bead making sure the bead is as close to the end without falling

off and I'm going to take a rubber band and wrap it around and around until


so I know I'm going to get trolled for using the rubber bands but I've never

put beads on my hair any other way so I'm not going to stop now I did however

make sure I oiled the ends of my hair before applying them. This look it was

inspired by a protective style that I had gotten a couple months ago and I'm

going to insert that picture below or here or here here here here here

wherever it's gonna be there. So this hairstyle it just makes me so happy

because I feel like a kid again I get to rock these colorful beads but also

protecting my natural hair as well. It also gives me a sense of nostalgia

because I mean come on, what black mother wasn't putting their

daughter in braids and beads okay okay. Shout out to you mommy I love you, you

always kept me styling back in the day okay *kiss* I love you mama made

sure my hair was done okay

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