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That is Dubai in one word.

This is where you will find the world famous tallest building in the world, the Burj Khailfa.

The largest shopping centre in the world, the Dubai Mall

And iconic construction projects

Such as the Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab.

Even your arrival is impressive

More than 80 million passenger arrive at Dubai Airport every year.

Nowhere in the world is the number higher.

In Welcome to Dubai we ask four social influencers from Dubai to describe their city.

To me Dubai is the best of Easts meets West.

Dubai is awesome

In one word I thing I would describe Dubai as very inspiring.

There is just a sense of optimism and a bit of sunshine always help that.

What started as a small fishing town more than 40 years ago

Is now an metropolis with almost 3 million residence.

A place that is alive where so much is happening.

The city made up of many neighborhood with very different characters.

I think for very long the Jumeirah area has been quite underrated.

and now that we have got all of these cool new social spots like, Boxpark, Galleria, City Walk and Al Wasl Square.

I think now this area is the place to be

I think one of the great things about Jumeirah is that no matter where you are

You have the sea on one side and on the other side you have a view of all the skyrises

They have always got something happening at the beach.

So it is never a dull moment here.

It is one of those places that I take people to every single time

Because it gives you an alternative view and an alternative opinion of the city.

One of the reasons why I love Boxpark is because they have used containers

and converted that into stores.

You can definitely catch me at Boxpark

It is the place I go for coffee, one of my favorite place is Gossip Deserts

which is a home grown brand in the region.

Boxpark is a very modern and new idea

and it fits our concept very well.

because it is an urban lifestyle and at the same time it is localized in a traditional area.

I go to Boxpark because I want to buy a pair of trainers

and I come away from Boxpark having had the best mozzarella I have ever had.

The place is really inspired by I would say maybe London or New York.

It is very urban, very artsy and just a really cool place to hang out.

Well Jumeirah area has some of the cutest little boutique stores

you know from high-end designers

like you know Karl Lagerfeld, Tory Burch to some really up and coming designers.

CIty Walk is sort of like a city within a city

They have some great shops there, one of my favorites is concepts

You know I am a sneaker-head myself, I love sneakers.

City Walk enjoys our little unique concept

there is no one in the rest of Dubai that does coco cuisine.

When we decided to be in Dubai we wanted to be in a unique location.

So we chose City Walk, it was brand new, it was contemporary, it was dynamic.

You got Hub Zero which is great entertainment, it is pure entertainment.

You have got Green Planet which is edutainment

because you are getting answers, you are learning and the kids find it fascinating.

Every hour they have a laser, water and smoke show right in the middle of City Walk.

Dubai is known for their great local beaches and there is loads of them down on the Al Sufouh strip and the beach road strip.

But if you really want something a little bit more high-end a little bit more luxury

I suggest popping in at Nikki Beach Dubai.

You will feel like you are in Miami.

A lot of people here do weekend staycations, and this is a fantastic place for it.

It is a combination of 15 private villa's, a spa, resort beach club and also a hotel and Nikki Beach residences.

It is a luxury beach club. It combines music, fashion, art, food

and it is one of the hotspots in Dubai any day of the week that you go there.

The great part about Nikki Beach is not only do they bring great DJ's every weekend from around the world

but it is everything from casual dining to a party

so you can make it what you want and pretty much spend the weekend there, it is guaranteed a great time.

That's why it is really difficult to leave Nikki Beach

because it is a full on destination on it's own.

Dubai is an all year round destination to visit

with many events happening.

Shopping and food festivals, concerts and sporting events and many more.

For helpful information go to the Visit Dubai website or mobile app.

Here you will find a calendar of all that is taking place and you will see that there is something for everyone.

I think a lot of people come here without realizing that there is hundreds of year of history and tradition to the city

from the pearl fishing, from the trading, from the spice and the souk routes

and you can see it in person in the Historical district.

The area is based around Bur Dubai and Deira.

On the Deira side you have the Spice souk, you have the Gold souk

And on the Bur Dubai side you have the Al Fahidi port, you also have some of the bazars and souks over there.

I think this area does a fantastic job in raising awareness around Dubai's culture.

It shows you what life was really like 50 - 60 years ago.

When there was trade down at the harbor. And I think it is a nice contrast

Dubai isn't only glitz and glam. There is also a lot of realness to it.

One thing I love about Deira is that it still resembles what Dubai used to be like when it started.

You know the Creek with all the boats over there and trade that is still going on,

these boats are still coming from different places around the world.

Well Deira is one of the oldest areas in Dubai

and it is a must to take your visitors there. Make sure to show them that side too.

You know there is the Spice souk, textiles and the Gold souk as well.

Pop them on an abra it only costs you one dirham, it's so cheap

and you can literally sail from souk to souk.

What makes the Al Shindagha so special is..

that it still got some of the houses that used to exist in Dubai before

so you see the houses coverd in coral and they have the wind towers

and these wind towers were used to keep the house cool.

We live in a hot environment for the majority of the year

so the wind tunnel, what it does it attracts the cool air, brings it down and holds the cool air at the bottom.

That is traditional airconditioning.

Al Bastakiya is definitely an area to check out

It is so traditional and it is a walking path

so there is lots of stores for buying traditional arts and crafts

local galleries and really sweet cafes.

A place to see is the Dubai Museum which is located at the Al Fahidi fort.

Inside the Dubai museum you will find every little piece of history that makes up what Dubai is.

And Dubai was based on pearl diving, so you will find some great stories about the pearl divers there too.

The best place I recommend visiting is the Al Fahidi walking tour,

I think it is so nice with the pebble stone and it makes the perfect picture.

If you enjoy history the modern Ethihad museum is certainly worth a visit.

In this futuristic building you will find everything there is to know about the rich history of Dubai

and the establishment of the United Arab Emirates.

So many people have this stereotype in their mind of Dubai as this very modern futuristic city

and they get involved in that.

And they don't realize that there is so much on offer outside the city limits

you know a lot of people don't realize that there are huge cycling tracks out of the city.

The Al Qudra cycling track which takes you Dubai national endurance city which is a real hub for equestrian sports.

But equally, you know take the family. Have a picknick around the Al Qudra lakes that attracts water birds from around the world.

A unique element of the city.

So if you take about a 40 to 45 minute drive to the outside of Dubai

you will end up in an area called Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

It is I think over 225 km2 of just pristine desert land.

What you will find there is a beautiful Bedouin site set up by Emiratis themselves.

And it really gives you a taste of what life was like for the Bedouins 50-60 years ago.

You will see a lot of wild life from falcons, gazelles, the Arabian cats which are quite special.

And I will promise you, you will see the best sunset in the desert.

You haven't tried a desert safari until you have teamed up with Platinum Heritage.

The have got a really nice combination of heritage that rich of culture from the UAE

but also something a little bit more luxurious, a little bit more opulent.

We start the journey of in the 1950's Land Rovers.

These were the cars brought here by the British

After the British left they left the vehicles behind

and this opened up the whole country for the local Bedouins.

They would use these cars to go from place to place and from village to village.

I think one of the most beautiful things about the desert

is that any time you go there it looks like somebody painted a picture for you.

Because the wind blows the sand so even if you are taking steps after a while it just clears it up.

Once that we come back to the came that you can see here

we display all of the Emirati traditions. We have camel meat for people to try.

And we also have displays of entertainment like Halliday which is a female dance.

and we have the Yolo performance,

the guys swinging the guns in unison, showing of their masculinity to the tribe.

Meet the locals and ask them about the background of this part of the world

because that will give you a unique perspective, not just on Dubai but on the region as a whole.

Ballooning is the real and true adventure, it is the definition of an adventure.

because you start on a journey and you never know where you end up and who you will meet on landing.

The hot air balloon is just a must see!

You have to wake up a little bit early, I must say, but it is worth it.

To see the sunrise across the desert, you are 3000ft up, it is picturesque.

Falcons are one of the symbols of the United Arab Emirates.

And we combined a balloon experience in the desert with the falcons.

It is crazy, I mean this is a falcon you know. A creature from the wild.

So you can fly with falcons and get a birds eye view with the birds

so you see one of the great traditional and heritages of this part of the world

while seeing it from a new perspective, I mean why would you not want to do that?

As anything else can be luxurious the desert can also be luxurious

because you can experience the desert in a luxurious way with Platinum Heritage.

To the people who want to experience the desert but in a style

and this is why we use a luxury Range Rover to pick you up from the hotel.

As you are taking a cruise around the desert one of the pit stops is at the lake itself.

where you will find all sort of local Arabian wildlife and also exotic birds.

And we have a chef on site who offers the six course a la carte menu

where you can get to choose if you want to have your angus beef steak or your salmon or tiger prawns.

If you are a foody then definitely you are in good hands.

because they can organize anything for you, from caviar to steaks.

But the great part about Platinum Heritage is that they can customize the packages.

So it is really affordable luxury and it can be the experience you want it to be.

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Your Undercover City Guide.

I have traveled all over the world and every time I go to Downtown Dubai I really feel like this is a unique place.

I mean all of Downtown Dubai is the base of the worlds tallest building first of all.

I you want to shop in Downtown Dubai the only place you need to be is the Dubai Mall.

With over 1200 stores from all the top luxury brands around the world.

I promise you won't leave empty handed.

And what's interesting is that they always tight it in with all the nationalities here

You know if anyone is celebrating a day you will find the national flag being put up on the Burj Khalifa

in multiple LED lights, which is amazing.

There is also the Dubai Fountain which is a must see.

Grab yourself a little table either at Souk Al Bahar or Dubai Mall

and you can enjoy your meal while watching the Dubai fountain show.

And they have the largest aquarium in the world

if you are up for diving with sharks in the mall and that's your thing you can do that as well.

Well I am so excited that we finally have Dubai Opera.

Not only do they showcase loads of different performances

But they also showcase some of the biggest musicals in town.

They build this thing, an iconic architectural standing within two years.

They have taken the advice of all the great producers and directors of shows

and build to spec for that.

The acoustics were extraordinary, the facilities were extraordinary

Interiors, exteriors, it is a very very mouth investment and one that is much talked about.

If you are in Dubai check the calendar for what is showing at Dubai Opera

it has everything from probably the best musical artist performing, ballet, broadway shows

it is definitely something to check out and it promises you a gorgeous night.

Public transport is highly efficient and safe in Dubai.

It is convenient to use a NOL Card.

You can buy this prepaid chip card at every metro, tram and bus station.

Only looking to use public transport for one day?

Purchase a red nol card to travel safely and comfortably all day long

without limitations

I think Business Bay is great for the diversity. It has got such nice mix of different tipes of lifestyles.

You have got commercial, residential

but in my opinion you have also got the best hotel apartment accommodation and also great Airbnb's.

There is retail, there is food and beverage there is parks there is entertainment there is playgrounds

all the way along the banks of the canal

and it has so much potential as well, it is one of those areas of growth.

Business Bay also hosts a farmers market

and here you can find all locally sourced organic fruits and vegetables

So it is always nice to pop in there and get your produce for the week.

And some of the best nightclubs in Dubai are also starting to come up in Business Bay

So it is really becoming a place for everyone to either live, work or go out to dinner

or even go out at night to party.

I love Bay Square, it has this kind of young feeling of work life meets residential.

There is great modern development there, so you can walk around.

I get my nails done there, I grab my lunch at circle cafe

it is quite a nice area to just work and feel and there is little element of sports

so it is a really community feel

We have people coming from the offices who work here

and then we have residence as well.

and they literally have everything here, so they have a yoga studio

they have, I mean you have seen the restaurant around there, absolutely beautiful

you have got The Pantry, you have got Bookmunch, You have got all these beautiful juices you can get.

We have everything in Bay Square.

The fact that the water is going through Business Bay makes it a real beautiful destination

because now yachts and boats and even RTA's water taxi can go through it

so you can literally get a nice little view of the entire Business Bay by catching a boat ride.

The new lifestyle is to come and live by the water

where the Business Bay has been created in the heart of the city is something of a unique proposal

where you can find entertainment, 10 kilometers of walkways around the water

I would definitely recommend seeing the waterfall at the water canal.

It is 570 meters of beautiful cascading waterfalls, definitely a must see.

In the very near future you will find people living on the water homes

where they enjoy the waterfront i the heart of the city

where they can do business, enjoy lifestyle and get the entertainment required.

The word happiness is takes very seriously in Dubai.

Since last year the country even has a minister of happiness.

Living a positive and healthy live are keywords, and facilities are being set up accordingly.

Jelbel Ali was once known as a very industrial area

and now today it is known as the entertainment district.

At one part you have the Dubai Parks, which is also separated into different areas

like: LEGOLAND, Bollywood and Motion gate.

Also if you like getting a great bargain definitely check out the Outlet Village.

There is a thing up there called Last Exit.

Which is basically an exit of the main road which is populated by food trucks.

The Last Exit is pretty unique, you never really had food trucks in Dubai

we saw a couple of them pop up and the next thing you know we have the Last Exit

which could be anywhere from 10 to 15 food trucks serving food from around the wold.

Is has a really cool style, you know very American, like what you see on Hollywood movies

and it has just come to real life over there.

It is open 24/7, it is definitely the place to park your car, walk around and crab a milkshake.

Well you can get everything and anything from hotdogs, burgers, falafel, seafood

and what is cool is that you can pick-up your food decide where you want to eat it,

either stay in your car or maybe pop out and have it picknick style.

What is so fascinating about Outlet Village is that you can pop in there

and you have got over a 100 different brands to choose from.

So we are quite spoiled for choice.

And these types of shoes and clothes and bags you can pick up for nearly half the price.

The location, it is located between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

so we can attract both customers from both main cities.

They are coming mainly to check the high-end brand available here.

Well the architecture of the building is this Tuscan meets medieval concept.

What makes Dubai Parks & Resorts so special is that first of all it is three parks in one

so there is something for everyone

one is Motion gate, the you have LEGOLAND and you also have Bollywood.

If you love Bollywood cinema, Bollywood theme park is definitely the place to check out.

There are live shows with your favorite songs from back in time to modern day

live dance shows, entertainment and sometimes you actually might meet a Bollywood star.

You don't have to have a theme park ticket to use the Riverland area

so all the sort of award winning restaurants the big name chefs that their names there.

this whole new food and beverage and entertainment area called Riverland

which in itself is a theme park right in the middle of the resort

you can actually just go straight into their and enjoy the delights of that area.

Are you visiting the UAE just briefly, and want to avoid unexpected telephone bills when you get home?

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The reason why I visit Festival City is because destination

where you can just go there and spend the entire day there.

There is a hotel their, there is a shopping mall there

and within the shopping mall as well it has got a 7star cinema

I think Dubai festival city has become really popular for IKEA.

Also if I want to pop in for some really good nachos, fries and chicken wings

I make sure to pop in at hard rock cafe.

One thing you have to check out if you are going to Dubai Festival City is Imagine.

They have a laser show there which is a must watch.

Also waterfront dining and I believe also it is one of the best places of Dubai to get a sunset picture.

Festival City is a great example of creek side living

because you have got all the offerings of modernity through Festival City itself

and the views over the creek to the traditional dhow building area of Al Jaddaf.

It is past meets present meets future. All incorporated in one area.

Dubai Festival City is quite unique. It is a large mall but it is really spacious and not overly crowded either.

And I think probably around the evening times is probably my favorite time to pop in.

Just as the sun is setting.

As a stylist; when I am bringing clients in here one of my favorite things is the choice.

Styling a client is everything from high-end to mid-brand to designers. It is having that flexibility of everything.

So if you can go in one place where it is all for me, it is perfect.

If you have been to Singapore you will know Robbinsons

It is a fabulous department store and it is opened in Festival City and it is the only one in Dubai.

One of the biggest surprises is in Robbinsons for example they have the delivery services

The white glove delivery service where everything is sent to me.

What more could you want as a personal stylist.

From the entertainment perspective in Dubai Festival City, we have got the cinema, NOVO love it!

I mean a seven star experience, the seats are amazing and the food, the delivery, the choice of popcorn

I mean I have a really sweet tooth so for me, fantastic.

Well besides the state of the art cinema that Dubai Festival City has

it has loads of other entertainment options too.

Indoor theme parks, be it the kids areas as well. It has got a little something for all the family.

They have Fabyland. I mean for big kids like myself it is great.

But also when I've got family visiting in town. I've got three nephews, they love it, absolutely love it.

Festival City is quite unique. It has a lot of outdoor terrace restaurants.

so you can easy just sit out there, enjoy the most photographed sunsets, it is ver picturesque.

It is also where I can have my 'Sex in the City' moment with my red velvet cupcake from Magnolia.

one of my pleasures.

One of the must see features at the Dubai Festival City is Imagine.

It is on the boardwalk so after shopping you can grab a seat at your favorite restaurant and watch the show.

Seven elements, so much more than just lasers. It is water, you have fire I mean it is a show like no other.

So once you are done with your shopping you have the Intercontinental Hotel and the Crown Plaza

literally at walking distance from the shopping centre.

Well the Intercontinental has some fantastic F&B choices.

It really is a place where you can be there from day to night.

From shopping to dining with the beautiful backdrop of the city view.

They have great music, great food and they also have a stunning view so it is the perfect way to end the day.

At one time, these were the main form of transportation in the desert.

But even today, the camel is a much loved animal.

Camel races and Camel Polo are incredibly popular in Dubai.

And what about a camelchino?

Cappuccino made with camel milk.

So don't forget to pick up your own special camel souvenir.

Dubai marina is one of the most cosmopolitan areas in Dubai.

You know, the yachts, the boats. It has got a a very sort of fancy, high-end and very luxurious type of a feel.

And there are great restaurants that overlook all of these different yachts.

In terms of location location location you couldn't really ask for better with access into and all that has to offer.

But also the thriving JBR area, you don't want to be driving along that particular walk area

but walking down the promenade where you involve yourself in all the activities on the beach

and off course the various restaurant food & beverage options that you have got around there.

You couldn't really ask for a better base.

It is also a place to spot some beautiful cars

because I think everyone who has a nice car tends to go down JBR and you know be a little flashy.

What makes THE BEACH unique is that is is really urban meets the city.

So as you walk on the beach they have really sweet markets where you can meet local retailers selling crafts.

And if you want to work out they have a GYM located on the beach too.

So it is really a great place to experience THE BEACH and beyond.

Well you will find all sorts of different shops.

You know you can find sportswear, high-end designer wear, cocktail dresses even glamorous ball gown dresses.

It is such a perfect location with people coming in from all sorts of places, it is very divers and very multicultural.

If you are looking to watch a movie there is the Roxy cinema over there

and if you are a fan of football and Cristiano Ronaldo

then the Real Madrid cafe is the perfect place to check out too.

The hotel is located in the heart of the Dubai Marina.

Compromising of 200 bedrooms and 442 beautiful residences all overlooking the marina

Off course we have our 5 star facilities like the all day dining restaurant Mazina

our lobby lounge Kambaa, our sports hub Nezesaussi grill

and not to forget we have our award winning spa.

The Address Marina Hotel has one of my favorite spa's.

It has the best hairdressers called 'Jacques La Coupe' who does my hair.

So if you are anything like me that now and again wants to escape the fast pace hustle bustle city life of Dubai.

I usually end up visiting shades at the Address Dubai Marina

They have got a beautiful massive infinity pool that looks over the city life of marina.

For a 5 start luxury experience in the heart of the Dubai Marina, directly connected to the Marina Mall,

Directly connected to Pier 7 and only a 5 minute stroll away from the beach

I highly recommend you the Address Dubai Marina

Pier 7 is a really unique concept.

It is 7 floors and on every floor there is a unique restaurant. A little bit of something from everyone.

From international cuisine; asian, fusion, it is Lebanese.

It is definitely a place you could pretty much go every week to try a new place.

Atelier M's location is amazing, it is right on the Dubai Marina.

You have a beautiful lagoon and ocean next to it and you have a almost 270 degree view from three floors.

We have a restaurant, one floor a lounge and another floor an open rooftop.

The Palm Jumeirah is again one of the most unique things in the world.

So what they did is they took the shape of a palm tree and they build this huge island

but actually on the island there is some amazing things to do.

wether it is the fact that you want to live there or stay at a hotel

visit the Atlantis, you can swim with dolphins

I just like the buzz on the palm. I like what is being achieved and I like the variety of choices there

Food entertainment and leisure.

It is a good place and it is one of those one places as well that anytime I have got guests in town,

what is there bucket list. what are the things I want to do, one of them is 'I always wanted to go onto the palm'.

So it is nice to have options.

Well I have been trying really hard to improve my stand up paddling

and the Palm is great for popping in there over the weekend nice and early in the morning

and doing all sorts of water sports.

You just have to look every morning you see and look at the paddle boarding and wakeboarding.

And the water sports enthusiasm that are taking place around there.

So again it is a sort of environment along with the weather that you get year round

that encourages people to get out onto the water.

I can tell you I have been a resident of the Palm for over 10 years

and it is constantly changing and it amazes me all the time.

One of my favorite secrets, I'll tell you, is called Vista Mare.

It is 7 restaurants all on the beachfront.

So for an affordable price you can actually eat and enjoy the beach, dip your feet in right after you had nice meal.

You can grab a burger at Breeze to having Sushi and I definitely recommend IBN Albahr

it is an amazing fish restaurant

For first time visitors coming to Dubai I would recommend going to the airport early

You can have a relaxing journey.

There are spa's, amazing duty free shopping and there is live shows in the zen garden which is in concourse B.

One thing you can check out is music DXB where they are putting on local artist performances.

We play in Dubai quite a bit, great music scene and it is nice to bring a bit of the city into the fantastic airport.

For me, I am really into my food, I am a foody by admission

and the one thing that I really really do like is the different options that you have there.

You know time is of the essence here.

So we design the look and the feel of the dishes here to be able to produce them quickly

but without compromise on flavor or quality.

If you are into arts and creativity like myself you will find that there is all sorts of different paintings and artworks

on display from middle eastern and international artist.

Dubai has many different faces.

Every neighborhood is unique

So there are many opportunities for you to create your own special experiences.

It is a city that represents empowerment, it is inspiring.

There is so much more that Dubai the Emirate has to offer outside of the delights of the city

so the must see is get out of the city limits and have a look at the whole emirate.

Well my visitors alway love quad biking in the desert

We hope to have inspired you and wish you a very pleasant stay.

You know for me Dubai is home, it is the most amazing city in the world.

Well in case you are wondering who I am, I am Anita

I am a professional MC presenter and blogger.

My name is Tom Urquhart I am a journalist presenter, broadcaster out here in the region.

I am Rosemin Manji, I am the founder of Rosemin's world and RR&Co bespoke luxury management.

Hey what's up! If you are wondering who I am, my name is Marwan, I am also known as DJ Bliss here in Dubai.

If you want to find out a little bit more you can always pop only my website at

If you want to follow me check out Instagram for all the best places to be in Dubai.

Full of surprises, full of surprises! That is going to be the name of the book.

When I leave that is going to be the name of the book for here "Full of surprises".

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