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all right before we get to the update I wanted to make mention of a couple of

matters of Prayer starting with first the families of the two police officers

that will killed last Sunday actually it happened during second service last

Sunday and Tiffany Enriquez I hope I'm pronouncing their names right

thirty-eight years old she was a seven-year veteran with HPD and

Kaulike Kalama KK 34 years old and he was a nine year veteran of HPD and they were

both shot and killed last Sunday I would just ask that you would pray for the

families and please also pray for all of our police officers to who we owe a huge

debt of gratitude who put their lives on the line on a daily basis and we're so

grateful to them we have many police officers in our fellowship and they are

just I mean whenever we have the special duty officer I hope you'll do this maybe

you're already doing this we usually have a special duty officer out front

would you just shake their hand and thank them for their service I know

that will greatly bless them and please pray for them as well secondly I just

learned about this this morning we need to be praying for Pastor Skip Heitzig of

Calvary Albuquerque in New Mexico he has a subdural hematoma which is the

bleeding on the brain and as of last night the doctors were deciding if they

need to do surgery which they will have to do if the blood doesn't absorb

and relieve the pressure on his brain so please as the Lord puts it on your heart

if you would pray for pastor Skip all right let's get to our prophecy update

today I want to share with you something that the Lord has really impressed upon

my heart and in so doing settled my heart concerning all that is happening

in the world today like many of you my news feeds were blanketed with

wall-to-wall coverage of the Senate impeachment trial this last week you

know it's kind of interesting I as I watched President Trump it's like you'd

never know that they were trying to impeach him I mean it's almost like all

of this has strengthened his already strengthened resolve in the face of it

and I was struck this last week when President Trump became the first

president in US history to speak at the Annual March for Life rally never

happened before that was really encouraging then also this last week if

that weren't enough for one week the president continued moving forward

concerning his peace plan in anticipation of Israel's upcoming third

and unprecedented election on March 2nd that's what I want to zero in on today

for our prophecy update and talk about the prophetic importance and

significance and implications of this now there are some conflicting reports

but as it stands now Netanyahu and Gantz will be at the White House on

Tuesday this upcoming Tuesday in two days to meet with President Trump want

to begin by drawing your attention to two Jerusalem Post reports starting with

this one on Friday about President Trump saying that the release of the

long-awaited peace plan of his administration is imminent

and expected before Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and blue-and-white

leader Benny Gant's visit to Washington on Tuesday asked if he had spoken to the

Palestinians the president answered we've spoken to them briefly but we will

speak to them in a period of time and they have a lot of incentive to do it

forgive me for laughing you'll see why I'm laughing in a moment I'm sure they

maybe will react negatively at first oh good you're laughing too now but it's

actually very positive for them okay preliminary reports Thursday listen to

this indicated it that the plan would give Israel sovereignty over the Jordan

Valley and all the settlements and get this make Jerusalem the capital of

Israel how about that moreover Jerusalem would be wait for it

undivided under Israeli control are you kidding me nope in addition all of

Israel's security demands were accepted the peace plan includes demanding that

Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state

demilitarize the Gaza Strip and take away Hamas' weapons and it gets better

I'm sorry I'm so giddy I just I'm like wow wow and recognize

Jerusalem as the capital of Israel under the plan Palestinians reportedly will

not have any control of any borders yeah they might react a little bit negatively

to that at first okay well that kind of makes sense doesn't it no wonder that

explains a lot and I'll explain why I say that explains a lot in a moment

Trump's sudden and stunning announcement and invitation may explain this second

report from The Jerusalem Post having to do with Jared Kushner's decision to

cancel the peace teams visit to Israel this was last-minute and it was

understood to be the final coordination for the plans released and it caused

some confusion that's kind of an understatement listen to this quote from

The Jerusalem Post former US ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro told The Jerusalem

Post there is no reason to release the plan now if one wanted it to be

seriously considered and he says this I'm quoting there is no Israeli

government that can act on it hang on to that and from everything we know the

Palestinians will reject it immediately ya think it will be dead on arrival

the only reasons to release the plan now would be political

either to try to help Netanyahu in the Israeli election or to shore up Trump's

base voters and donors who opposed two States I'll add or both

all of the above hmm it was this last comment about there being no government

in Israel to act on a Trump peace plan that really struck me it's no

coincidence that at the same time both Netanyahu and Trump are on trial one for

corruption and one for obstruction one is under indictment and one is on trial

for impeachment do you think that's a coincidence

I don't and I would even take it a step further and suggest that that's why what

do you mean I am personally of the belief that said

peace plan is one of the driving forces of the globalists who are stopping at

nothing and doing everything to stop this from happening because they know

what's in this peace plan and it can't happen

so both Netanyahu and Trump have to go how are we going to get rid of them well

let's indict one and impeach the other how about that well make no mistake

about it both Trump and Netanyahu are very intelligent and they know exactly

what's behind all of this and perhaps this is one of the main

reasons that Trump and some commentaries are suggesting that it is just brilliant

on the part of the president to do what he did so what did he do well he

confirmed that Netanyahu and Gantz will visit the White House next week again on

Tuesday for talks on his yet to be released Israeli-Palestinian peace plan

however on Twitter he said this he looks forward to welcoming the Israeli

political rivals when they come to Washington on Tuesday but reports about

details the ones that I just quoted out of the Jerusalem Post those details and

timing that it's going to be released maybe before Tuesday the timing of our closely

held peace plan are purely speculative in other words it's only speculation

with regards to both of this Netanyahu said and I'm quoting the president is seeking to give

Israel the peace and security oh my goodness there it is right there peace and security it deserves

he added I suggested that Benny Gantz be invited as well to the White House

though it will provide Gantz a major opportunity to appear on the world stage

the Haaretz daily quoted a blue and white source describing the invitation

as part of an alleged White House effort to help Netanyahu postpone the Knesset

deliberation of his request for immunity until after the March 2nd election which

heretofore they have denied see he's under indictment

you know what the charges are by the way you know what it boils down to oh this

is unthinkable he accepted a gift of champagne and cigars from a good friend

of his no did he did he call Ukraine too I'm sorry I couldn't resist it was it was

there I just walked right into that one

it's a gift that's my story and I'm sticking with it well that was on

Thursday then on Friday Arutz Sheva reported that blue and white

chairman Bennie Gantz is leaning towards refusing US President Donald Trump's

invitation to the White House for discussions about the deal of the

century the article goes on to say that Gantz and his staff voiced their

concerns that the visit could be a trap partly because it was Prime Minister

Benjamin Netanyahu who came up with the idea of inviting

Gantz Netanyahu in response to this explained during a meeting with US vice

president Mike Pence that he suggested that Gantz be invited listen to this

with such friends in the White House with such backing from the United States

we should get as broad a consensus as possible around the efforts to achieve

oh it's even better than that you ready for it wait for it security and peace

peace and security that's a quote this is Netanyahu security and peace peace

and security for the State of Israel close quote let's go back to First

Thessalonians chapter 5 verse 3 I mean it's kind of like wait what do these people do do they get up and read

hey we need to start talking about peace of security right here it says right here

we need to be talking about peace and security those two exact words by the


this morning when I was preparing I was reminded of and certainly in

anticipation of teaching First Thessalonians chapter 5 specifically

verse 3 I was reminded that in my archives

I have audio files of a press conference with then President Bill Clinton and

Benjamin Netanyahu this is in the 90s okay and the number of times just in

that one press conference that they said these two words five six seven

times in a very short press conference I have that in my archives 1995 man how

many years ago is that 15 years ago well that's more isn't it

25 years ago thank you very much I actually didn't want it to be 25 years

ago but yeah 25 years ago peace and security later on Thursday

Trump told reporters that he will unveil the plan next week possibly get this

before the two Israeli leaders visit Washington well let's see it's it's

Sunday so if it's before Tuesday that means he has the rest of the day today

and then tomorrow on Monday oh it's going to be very interesting well that was

Friday breaking this morning it seems that Gantz has not only

accepted the invitation but is now on his way to Washington for what The Times

of Israel is dubbing quote lightning peace plan talks with Trump

I wonder what changed his mind because Friday and Saturday he was like this is

a trap I'm not going to go I'm going to decline

the invitation Netanyahu's up to something I don't trust him

what's he doing why do they want me to go I think somebody got to him and said

think about it you don't go to this what message does that send

interesting man I don't know I can't wait for this week is that bad

I suppose it goes without saying but there is no shortage of speculation

concerning all of these developments it seems as though the jury is still out on

how this will all play out however it also seems as though and I think you

would agree with this and it stands to reason that we're going to know in pretty

short order I mean we'll know in a matter of weeks at the most

months something's going to happen right cannot continue on in this state again

I'll liken it to the illustration of a rubber band you can take a rubber band

and you can only stretch it so far for so long before it snaps and that's how I

see the situation today geopolitically this rubber band has been stretched so long so far it's just

a matter of time before it's going to snap well be that as it may

one thing is clear and it's that both a strong America and an undivided Israel

namely Jerusalem both of which a Trump and Netanyahu represent stand in the way

of the globalists agenda and it's an agenda

because ultimately the sole goal of said globalists is a new world order not

nationalism globalism a one world government a one world economy and even

a one world religion and it plays right into the whole plan of the Antichrist

who will arrive on the scene and he will control this new world order this

one-world government this one world economy and this one world religion and

very interesting by the way there has to be an absent America and a compromised

Israel in order for that to happen do you see why Netanyahu and Trump are a

problem do you see why there is this this effort I would even go as far as to

say a demonic effort to remove these men from their positions because they are

the ones that are going against this agenda okay hang in there with me this

brings me to what I wanted to share with you today about what the Lord really

ministered to me this last week initially I was very unsettled even

agitated okay that's putting it mildly I was angry just watching all of this

and yeah I keep it on mute but still everyone swallow just take it off a

mute and go oh I've got to put it back on mute again

oh my goodness what in the world and you know I'm trying to keep up with all the

breaking news and there was a lot of breaking news this last week so I'm like

Lord I mean and the Lord's like what are you doing

calm down I can't be calm you see what's going on and then as only God can He

ministered to me a word fitly spoken as it were that in the end every knee will

bow and every tongue will confess Jesus Christ is Lord God is going to have the

final word on all of this and I can't wait the Apostle Paul writing to the

church in Philippi Philippians chapter 2 verses 9 through 11 says therefore God

also has highly exalted him and given him the name which is above every name

that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow of those in heaven and of

those on earth and of those under the earth and that every tongue should

confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father here's the thing

though every tongue is going to confess but when every tongue confesses it will

either be a confession to salvation or a confession

to condemnation and damnation eternally now

why did that settle me because it was a much-needed reminder that brought with

it this this peace but also an urgency that only the Lord can give I mean it

just settled me and I'll explain the peace comes because viewing everything

and everyone through this lens changes the way I react example I'm watching I'm

going to say the name and I already know what's going to happen when I do Adam

Schiff well here's what changed for me and here's how God settled me Adam

Schiff needs Jesus Adam Schiff tongue one day will confess Jesus Christ is Lord

how about if you pray if I pray that when he does confess it will not be for

damnation but salvation doesn't that change the complexion of it a little bit

doesn't that change how you feel about that person can I mention some more

names or am I going to get a collective sigh from the Nancy Pelosi yeah whoah hey

she needs Jesus and her tongue is going to confess her knees going to bow how about we

pray that when her tongue does confess Jesus Christ is Lord that it's for

salvation and not damnation you see where I'm going with all of this

doesn't that kind of change everything the way you view everything you know as

I was watching all of this I just you almost have a compassion for them for

those who don't know the Lord because they're so lost and there

even so deceived they have no idea I'll never forget when I was this is a couple

years ago in New York in Times Square and I mean just people just like

sardines and you know I've got my daughter holding her hands so tight

and almost cut off the circulation I'm trying to get her back to the hotel room

and I just it just hit me how many of these people there throngs of people

how many of them know Jesus they have no idea what's coming because everything

that is happening today means that Jesus is coming and they have no idea and

they're not ready and they're so lost and that's where the urgency comes I

mean a peace comes it settles me but there's also this this unsettling

urgency that we still have work to do as Christians we cannot sit idly by and

take the posture of passivity and do nothing about it we still have work to

do in this the last hour of human history as we know it it is incumbent

upon us to give an answer to every one of the hope that we have this is the

Apostle Peter First Peter chapter 3 verse 15 easy to remember John 3:16

First Peter 3:15 easy to remember but in your hearts revere Christ as Lord always

be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason

for the hope that you have but do this with gentleness and respect I could

preach a whole sermon on just that alone I think we do err greatly when we're

sharing the Lord when we're obnoxious disrespectful harsh we need to be gentle

respectful that's another topic for another time you know what's interesting

about this verse it's almost as if it presupposes that we're gonna be going to

hey what is it about you something different about you you have something I

don't have the hope that you have I want it can you tell me about it I mean I'm

living in the same world you are and I'm watching everything that's happening in

the world and it's just you're excited I'm not excited I'm terrified

I'm so fearful what this world is coming to whoah why aren't you terrified oh so

glad you asked here's the answer I have hope and my hope is not in this world

and this might be as a come as a shock and when I say this and I've said it

before and I'll say it again my hope is not in Trump Trump is my president but

Jesus is my Savior my hope is not in this country as much as I love this

country and I love this country but my hope is not here because my home is not

here this is not my home and I think that the takeaway from all

of this is hey you need to be able to first in your own life let go of this

world and the things of this world because you're not going to be here much

longer and then secondly when somebody asks you and hopefully they are asking

you by the way if they're not asking you about the hope that you have could it be

oh boy this is going to get I'm going to step on some some Christian toes here in love

yeah I'll speak for myself well of course as a pastor I mean my goodness

especially as an Arab pastor but if they're not asking you about the hope

that you have maybe there's a reason can I say it like that I mean I don't know

how else to say it as lovingly as I can I mean I have to be truthful with you

the truth in love and there's nobody asking you maybe there's a reason

they're not asking you so when somebody asks you and hopefully they are hey why

are you so giddy I mean why are you so excited oh my goodness here's why I'm

excited in Luke 21 and by the way show them in your Bible many years ago he was a

gypsy too and I was sharing the gospel with him and he was Ronnie Marx and I

had my Bible we were in the car and I had it in the side pocket and I started

sharing with him because he was asking me and then I started quoting the verse

he said no show me in your Bible I was like I was so convicted by that so I

pulled my Bible out I opened it up and I showed him right there so he could see

it you know here's the problem seeing is believing

it's actually the other way around believing is seeing

but I showed him in the Bible take him to Luke 21:28 start there Jesus

said when you see these things begin to come to pass look up and lift up your

head because your redemption draws nigh then you can take him back and say you

know what things Jesus was talking about he was talking about all of the

prophecies in the Bible like in then take him to Isaiah

17:1 everything you see in Syria right now that's that's prophecy and it's

happening Russia Iran Turkey Ezekiel 38 you can take them through the Scriptures

oh take them to First Thessalonians 5:3 that'll crash their hard drive right

there while they are saying peace and security and that's all you hear but do

this with gentleness with respect with love with compassion with patience you

know many times I find myself asking the Lord to just give me patience because I

know that you know in and of myself there dwelleth no good thing in my flesh

apart from the Lord I can do nothing in fact I'll even take it a step further

and suggest this why don't you pray and ask the Lord to bring somebody your way

this week so that and then be ready to give them an answer and share with

them the reason I'm excited and not terrified as I see what's happening in

the world as unsettling and uncertain as it is is because God in His Word said

that this is exactly what would happen in the world at the time of the end

before His return the Lord's coming that's why I'm excited that's why I'm

encouraged that's why I'm not freaking out yeah but you yell at your TV I mean

besides that I mean I'm getting better the Lord's dealing with me in that one

of the reasons that we do these prophecy updates is to equip you by the way it's

also why we end with the gospel of Jesus Christ and a childlike explanation of

salvation by way of the ABCs of salvation

you know the Gospel's childlike simple what does the word Gospel means good

news your debt has been paid you're free to go what debt oh the debt of sin that

carries with it the death penalty that's the good news Jesus Christ came He was

crucified He went to His death in your stead He was buried and He rose again on

the third day and He's coming back again one day soon and very soon good news

that's the gospel now what if somebody came up to you and

said how do I be saved what are you going to say to him well let me

text my pastor don't do that no you're going to give to them an answer of the

hope and share with them the childlike simple explanation of salvation by way

of the this is not the only way it's just one simple way to share with

somebody and pray with somebody to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ

the A is for admit or acknowledge that you sinned and that you need the Savior

this is what it means to repent it's a change of mind it's a acknowledging I've

sinned and you turn from that sin and you turn to the Savior for forgiveness

of sin Romans 3:10 says there is no one righteous not even one you might be a

good person but you'll never be good enough and Romans 3:23 tells us why it's

because all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God very interesting

it's an archery term it means missing the mark

missing the bullseye you shoot an arrow and you miss the bullseye you know what

they would say to you you sinned I did yeah I just missed the bullseye I

know you missed the mark you fell short that's what's the word sin means we've

all sinned we've all fallen short we've all missed the mark of God's perfect

standard of righteousness now we enter into and you'll forgive the courtroom

analogy but we enter into the sentencing phase we've been pronounced guilty I'm

guilty how do you how do you plead guilty as charged

I am guilty of transgressing God's law I've sinned okay now you're going to be

sentenced you know what the sentence is the death penalty the wages of sin is

death but and here's where the good news comes in the gift of God is eternal life

in Christ Jesus our Lord that's the good news the gift of eternal

life He paid for it in full and He offers it to us He paid for it and He

offers it to us eternal life the B is for believe in your heart that Jesus

Christ is Lord Romans 10:9 and 10 says if you believe in your heart that God

raised Jesus from the dead you will be saved

that's pretty definite the Apostle John says you can know that you have eternal

life it's not that we hope we have eternal life no we can know that we have

eternal life you will be saved and then C lastly it's for call upon the name

of the Lord or as Romans 10:9 and 10 also says if you confess with your mouth

Jesus is Lord we've talked about this unto salvation not damnation

and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead you will be

saved and here's why for it is with your heart that you believe and are justified

and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved and then lastly

Romans 10:13 my favorite right all all who call upon the name of the Lord will

be saved question and you'll forgive the the

silliness of the question anybody here an all do you qualify as nobody's

raising their hand Wow nobody's an all you're not at all doesn't all mean all

no I looked I looked it up in the original language of the Greek New

Testament the word all you know what it means so let me try that again

we're almost done bear with me online are you part of the

all well that's much much better thank you just for indulging me with that I'm

an all I know I don't look like one but I am I'm an all all who call upon the name

of the Lord will be saved I think it is safe to say that salvation

is a prayer away and I would implore you if you're here today and you've never

called upon the name of the Lord believing in your heart confessing with

your mouth I implore you today to make the most

important decision of your life for eternal life oh my goodness why would

you want to put off a decision like that in light of everything that is happening

today I've been going on and on for I don't know I lost track don't look at

your watches we're almost done but I've been going on

and on for some forty minutes talking to you about the urgency of the hour in

which we live and the nearness of the Lord's return and I hope you know this

but maybe I need to say this I absolutely believe that the Lord could

come back at any time with all my heart that's not that's not just because

I teach Bible prophecy no I really believe this and I have believed this

for many years I've been walked with the Lord for 38 years I started studying

Bible prophecy in the 1980s don't do the math I was 5 years old when I started so but

I started studying Bible prophecy in the 1980s and I believed from the 1980s that

the Lord could come back at any time and here we are in the year 2020 like the

Apostle Paul said in chapter 13 Romans our salvation draws near now then when

we first believed why don't you all stand thank you for your patience by the way Lord

thank You Lord thank You so much for a Bible prophecy Lord it's interesting to

me that we would be in First Thessalonians for such a time as this as

all of these developments of prophetic significance are taking place in the

world today exactly as You said it would peace agreements alignment of nations

convergence of everything that we see happening today it's exactly as You said

it would be and it means only one thing and everyone will be on either side of

this but it means that Your return Jesus is at the door and there are going to be

those that are ready and know You and there are going to be those who do not

and so Lord I pray if there's anybody here today or watching online that does

not know You that today they would get right with You call upon You believing

in their heart confessing with their mouths thank You Lord and Maranatha

come quickly Lord Jesus in Jesus' name we pray Amen

The Description of Bible Prophecy Update – January 26th, 2020