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Previously on Charmed...

You've got the Ibi in you.

What is the Ibi?

It means darkness.

Oh, my God. That's Mom.

I think something's wrong with the baby.

It's natural to be scared.

MARISOL: I'm a witch who sees the future.

The pillar of your past holds the key to your darkness.

Maggie, I can't get you out of my head.

I told you, that kiss was an accident.

That black ooze,

it's the primordial form of the Harbinger.

That whole apocalypse thing...


Do you mind switching paint cans with me?

An exquisite choice. It pairs well with a heavy red sauce,

even a garlicky bruschetta.


Enjoy the wine. Thank you. Till next time.


Somebody there?


No... no.

No. No.


(glass shattering)

♪ ♪

Wake me up, ready for love

Can't hide how you're craving me... ♪

Parker, you shouldn't be here.

I couldn't stay away.

Lucy has a new boyfriend, so what's stopping us?

Maggie Vera,

can I take you out on a proper date?

That smile,

gets me every time.

Let me take you to dinner.

I have tickets to Beyoncé.

VIP, backstage passes.


And best of all,

I have this kitten.

(knocking on door)

Want to cuddle?

(kitten meows)


Macy wants to get to work early today. Hurry up.


Are you using Harry's training orb

for Parker sex fantasies again?


I was practicing a spell.

Hmm, what spell?

The... sexy... kitten spell.

Fine. I was fantasizing about Parker again.

At least it keeps me away from him in real life.

Good, because the last thing you need

is to get involved with some philandering frat boy.

I'm the one who kissed him. And more importantly,

are we ever gonna tell Macy about seeing pregnant Mom

when we went back in time and what she said?

No way.

She's already really worried about that psychic

saying that she has hidden darkness.

I don't know, it just... it feels weird

to know something about our sister and not tell her.

Yeah, but what do we really have to tell?

All we know is that Mom dressed like a hippie in the '80s

and was worried about Macy in the womb.

HARRY: Ladies, breakfast.

A British bacon butty, anyone?

That's a hard pass, Har.

HARRY: Oh, more for me then.

Did any of you happen to feel

any seismic activity last night?

Seismic activity?

Like an earthquake? In Michigan?

MAGGIE: You know what?

I did think I felt something

when I got up to pee.

I just figured it was

the old house settling or whatever.

Common misconception, "settling" always means ghosts.

And if you felt something, too, my fears are confirmed.

It was a hellquake.

A what-what?

A hellquake? That's a thing?

It's an earthquake, only magical beings can detect.

This one was very small, which is a positive sign.


I seem to have misplaced my orb.

MEL: Harry, take that thing away.

She's gonna miss class registration

with all of her orb sex fantasizing.

(mocking): Orb sex fantasizing.

Orb sex fantasizing?

Not picking classes has nothing to do with Parker.

It's just, I'm a witch,

I'm never gonna have a normal life.

Maybe I should just...

I don't know, drop out?

Maggie, college is a really important time

to figure out what you love to do.

What you l... Cute apron.

Bartending is just temporary.

Jobs in academia aren't exactly

the easiest thing to find right now.

I hear you. I may be joining you at The Haunt.

Our new lab manager starts today.

I've heard she's difficult. Gregorian's already been fired,

which means the rest of us may also be on the chopping block.

I don't want to be late. Are you ready?


MAGGIE: Later.

Speaking of committing to your academics,

your thesis proposal was due six weeks ago.

In my defense, I have saved the world

four times since then.

I will get it done.

Julia Wagner.

Hello, Dr. Wagner.

Oh, please, call me Julia. Sit.

I see you studied with Dr. Kobialka

at Columbia. He and I are old friends.

Yes, he was my first mentor.

I know how this looks--

big company takes over the lab,

in come the suits and the yes-men,

and there goes any legitimate science.

I want to assure you

I intend to do groundbreaking work here,

but, as with any reorganization, there are personnel changes.

Oh... okay.

I would like you to step up as lab supervisor.


The work you're doing with gene splicing

dovetails beautifully with what we're hoping to accomplish here.

I truly believe gene splicing is the future of bioengineering.

Great. Well, that's the good news.

Here's the bad:

I have a major budget shortfall to deal with, which means...

...we have to lay someone off.

You're going to lay off Galvin Burdette?

No, you are.

Is that a problem?

It's just, we're friends.


Dr. Vaughn, this is business,

it's not personal.


men have conversations like this all the time

and then go golfing together.

Work it out.

Yo, Vera, wait up.

You're avoiding me.

I haven't seen you in World Lit since... everything.

Yeah, I've just, I've been really busy.

Have you seen Lucy's group text?

Some secrets I want to keep

But I know we're right in the sweet spot

Lucy has a new guy.

And she's giving us the go-ahead.

I know. Her flair for the dramatic finally worked out

in our favor.


That smile,

gets me every time.

So now that we're in the clear,

can I take you out on a proper date?


Um, no Beyoncé.


What I meant was, nothing too, um, public or fancy.

Something low-key.

How about I pick you up after your shift

at the restaurant tomorrow?

You get off around 2:00, right?

How do you know that?

I pay attention.

(squeals, laughs)

You're nothing till you're mine

Are you impatient? ♪

Writer's block?

Let's just say I'm not feeling inspired.

Sounds like you need a muse.

Can I get you anything?

Nah, I was just sitting over there,

wanted to get a closer look.


Keep at it. You'll feel a spark sooner or later.


Fire coming through the ceiling

You're a high-class... ♪

(phone chiming)


Hey, girl, hey.

What's up, nerd?

Who are you calling nerd?

That'd be you, freshman.

Please tell me you picked your classes.

Not yet.

You're not seriously thinking

about dropping out, are you?

Mel, stop.

I'm just thinking about it, okay? Let me think.

I just don't want to waste the time and money,

when I'm not even sure what I want to do.


(knocking on door)

Ah, someone's at the door. I got to go.

Is someone really there or...

Love you, bye.

Hi. Can I...

Charmed One.

Please, help me.

What? (gasps)


(sniffs) Oh, he smells like a wet dog.

No-no shoes on the couch.


Oh, my God, that's a goat!

What the hell?

Thank God you summoned me.

Ladies, this is no mere mortal

at your doorstep.

He is a satyr.

One of the class of lustful, drunken woodland gods.

Of course he is.

Roll your eyes, Mel, but if past experience

is anything to go by...

...we're in for a real treat.


So it's true.

The Charmed Ones have been unbound.


I'm sorry to come here like this,

but word is out in the magical matrix-- if you need help,

to come here.

We'll invest in some better home security.

Oh, I'm just glad it's true.

Part of me was starting to worry

you were just a myth.

Mm. Back at ya,

half-man, half-goat?

Name's Leon.

Oh. (chuckles)

Please, sit. Sit.

Harry Greenwood. Acolyte for the Elders,

Whitelighter to the...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, no offense,

but, uh, I came to see the witches.

What can we do for you?

Earlier, there was a power outage in my wine shop,

and I couldn't see what was happening.

And then a shadowy figure reached its hand

into my stomach, and it-it did this.


Oh, my God.


It knew my secret, something I've never told another soul.

I'm a sworn protector of a shard of the Scythe of Tartarus.

That's what caused last night's hellquake.

I thought the Scythe was lost.

Sorry, what's the Scythe of Tartarus?

I thought you'd never ask.

(glass chimes)


(lyre music playing)

I told you.

The, uh...

Tartarus... a hellish prison for magical creatures.

Gods, demons, the Vanquished.

It's where the bad guys send their bad guys.

Famously, Apollo was sent there by Zeus

for killing a Cyclopes.

Well, that Cyclopes did create the lightning bolt

that killed his son.

Salut. Well done.

World Lit.


Anyway, common understanding is that Apollo's mom, Leto,

was so distraught that she took her scythe,

and bang, and bang, right on the ground

where her son was taken, till finally the ground gave way.

And then, out he came.

Zeus took the scythe and he broke it into three shards,

and he separated them, entrusting one each

to a sentinel.

And, in case they ever needed to be rejoined,

he left behind a beacon

that could call out to the other three

and bind them back together.

I come from a long line of sentinels on my mom's side.

Once the Scythe is fully reassembled,

you can strike it on the ground

and set any prisoner in Tartarus free.

Ladies, if we don't get ahead of these other two shards,

I'm afraid we're in for a demonic jailbreak.

And you've met the demons that run loose.

Imagine the ones they lock up.

ALISTAIR: Let me see.

One down, two to go.

I have tried every spell and incantation.


In-can-tation. Get it?

Not even a chuckle, huh?

Anyway, nothing seems to open it.

That damn witch wrote a containment spell

more powerful than anything I have ever seen,

and then the raw power of the Charmed Ones fortified it.

Get me those other two shards.

Someone in Tartarus must know how to open this damned thing.


(blender turns off)



Did we really throw down with a satyr last night?

I don't know what's real anymore.

We've got work to do.

Bottoms up.

Harry's Hair of the Dog.


This is really working. What's in it?

I told you, hair of dog.

That is a violation.

Okay, so what's the plan?

Well, obviously, people who are sworn

to protect sacred objects aren't in the business

of letting people know they have said objects,

but we may have more luck

tracking the demon.

Macy, I need you to test the residue

from Leon's wound ASAP.

Perhaps the demon left some trace of itself

that can narrow our search.

And I will research darkness demons,

shadow demons and see what we can find.

I'll set a news alert to ding if anyone in the area

reports a blackout, seeing as that is the demon's M.O.

Clever. We'll keep an eye on those,

and also be aware of any further seismic activity.

That's how we'll know another shard's been taken.

In the meantime,

back to your normal lives.

How are you not hungover right now?

I only had, like, four or five glasses of wine.

Ah, youth of today.


I didn't think it was possible to get

this excited about broccoli.

You knew I was vegan.


Most guys don't notice stuff like that.

Or anything, really,

but this is really perfect.

Not too public, not too fancy.

Which wasn't easy, by the way.

I had to fight every impulse drilled into me by my dad.

He's not a big fan of tofu?

According to him, it's not a meal unless

it's on a white tablecloth with at least

three kinds of forks.

Oh, my mom was, like, the polar opposite.

We did a lot of grilled cheese...


...empanadas, pizza.

Basically, all your non-fork food groups.

What about your dad?

My parents weren't together very long.

Neither were mine.

My dad likes to say his marriage to my mom

was his biggest mistake.

That's horrible.

(magical chime)

PARKER: Don't ruin this.

We don't have to talk about this.

No, it's fine.

I don't want to lie to you about who I am, and...

my dad's a part of that.

Well, if it makes you feel any better,

I know what it's like to live in the shadow

of a family legacy.

Everyone in my family has a PhD.

And you don't want that?

It's not that I don't want it.

I'm just... not like they are.

How are they?

You know, my sisters both have these

big intellectual passions that they're so excited about,

and, I mean, I've never really had an idea

of what kind of career I want.

But it's not like I can really talk to them about it.

Just like I'm sure it's hard for you to

open up to your dad about who you really are

without feeling like...

(magical chime)

PARKER: A real disappointment.

You know what I mean?

When he calls me baby... ♪

My parents have made me see

all kinds of shrinks over the years.

Many of them with PhDs,

and none of them have made me feel as understood

as you did just now.

That is a marketable skill.

My sisters always tell me I'm super empathic, so...

I'm just riding the waves

I'm just riding the waves

I'm just riding the waves

I'm just riding the waves

Riding the waves. ♪

(magical chime)

PARKER: I can't let her find out the truth.

Is something wrong?


MACY: Maggie, it can't have been that bad.

(moans) It was. I mean, I finally get to kiss Parker

for real, and just as I was about

to go to town on those pillow lips, I...

(laughs): That's an overshare.

I read his thoughts and he has some sort of deep, dark secret.

Oh, yeah?

His thoughts really said "deep, dark secret"?

Well, thoughts are complicated, but that's the feeling I got.

Listen, little sister,

a dark thought doesn't necessarily mean

he's a dark person.

Maybe it's just something that's hard to say.

But if there's anyone that can get a person to open up,

it's you.

I'm sorry, but I got to go.


GALVIN: I never got a chance to officially congratulate you

on your promotion. Cheers.



It's a little weird not just being part of the team anymore.

Listen. Gregorian was a dick,

Thaine was a straight-up sexual predator.

I'm all for having some badass ladies taking over

and righting the ship. It's about damn time.

Thanks. You know, I...

And if you ever need

help with the guys, please, let me know. Okay?

I've been around them long enough,

I've got a pretty good grasp

on all their quirks.

You definitely do.

But I...

You know what? I've been doing

some research on Julia, and I can't figure out

if she's more interested in chromosomal

or biochemical genetics,

so I brushed up on both.

(quietly): Of course you did.

(phone chimes)


Look, Macy, I-I know you wanted to talk,

but Kretz needs my help with his protein inhibitors.

Catch you later?

Hey, Jamie, have you seen Parker?

I just saw him run into his room.

Got it. Thanks.

Hey, Parker, can I...?

This is your big secret?




Have you got something to run by me, for your thesis?

Nope. But if we're dealing with a Shadow Demon,

its weakness is something called the Light of Theia.

I found a spell.

Mel, we haven't had any hellquakes or power outages,

which means right now would be the perfect time

to work on your thesis.

I need another extension.

Can I please have more time?

No. The university won't let me.

Look, you didn't hear it from me, but if it's time you need,

you do have your power.

It would probably incur

only minimal personal gain consequences.

Oh, so now the rules don't matter.

(phone chimes)

Another power outage.

Sorry, Harry. Duty calls.

Come on.


Who's there?

Show yourself.


Anyone here?




What the hell?

(all panting)

I knew this day was coming.

This past week, I felt my pendant-- that's where I keep

my shard of the Scythe of Tartarus-- I felt it vibrating.

I mean, almost as if it was calling out to the other pieces,

like, like it wanted to be reunited.

So, wait. Are you a satyr, too?

Do I look like a debaucherous wine-swilling goatboy?

I am a Tawaret.

HARRY: Sela's a highly revered

Egyptian fertility goddess.

Practically royalty.

Think Meghan Markle.


Wow, what an honor.

Your, um, Goddess.

They're new.


I keep thinking about what Sela said

about her shard reaching out to the others.

Well, they are magical.

Ma-Magical, yes, but maybe also magnetic?

The vibrations, the earthquakes.

What if the Scythe is made up

of some form of Lodestone and the pieces really are

reaching out to each other magnetically?

Then could that be a way for us to find the third shard

before this demon does?

Exactly. Now, if I can just...

(bees buzzing)

What the...?

MAGGIE: What is going on?


Uh, ladies? I-I should tell you I s-suffer

from a mild case of entomophobia.

Fear of-of insects.

What's happening?

I really don't know.

MACY: I think I do.

Bees are guided by magnetoreception.

It's a sort of magnetic North Pole that helps them navigate.

But why are they coming here?

It must be because the last shard of the Scythe...

is in this house.

MEL: Wait.

If there's a shard in our house,

does that mean that Mom was a sentinel?

Impossible to know.

Or that she once used the Scythe?

You think our mom staged a prison break from Hell?

Well, she did volunteer with the Innocence Project.

(all screaming)

MAGGIE: You guys, this is not

the Beyhive I always imagined showing up at our house.

How do we get them to go away?

We don't.

We let them in.


Did you just say "let them in"?

When I said "mild fear,"

I meant crippling.

If we let them in,

they should lead us right to the third shard.

All right. For the team.


(shouting, yelping)

MACY: They're going to the attic.

Let's get in formation.

Right behind you.

I knew it. They led us right to it.

I know I keep saying this,

but how did we not know Mom was a witch?


Um, guys?

Macy, there's a bee in your shirt!

Oh, my...

Oh, take it out!


(bees buzzing)



The key.


Where did you get it?


I've been wearing it.

I... I found it about a week ago.

A week ago-- oh, dear God.

Wait. That's the key Mom was wearing in the '80s.

You saw Mom in the '80s?

You found a magical key and you didn't tell us?

Mel, I didn't know, I... I was processing a lot.

HARRY: Yes, but this

is Zeus's beacon, the one thing that can awaken

the Scythe of Tartarus.

Somehow the demon must be tuned in to the frequency

of the shards, and it only began hunting for them

after you found this and activated it.

I didn't say anything because I was ashamed

of what the key might have meant.

Macy, you can always talk to us about this stuff.

Ladies, as much as I enjoy our emotional heart-to-hearts,

now may not be the best time.

That Shadow Demon will be cutting our power any minute.

We need to come up with a plan.

With the wind

Oh, oh... ♪

MAGGIE: We know the Shadow Demon

wants the last shard of the Scythe.

Let's use that against him.

Oh... ♪

MACY: He wants to fight us in the dark.

Esto semper lux.

MEL: We won't let that happen.

No demon is breaking out of Tartarus on our watch.

It's here.

We call upon Theia, goddess of light.

She who persisted, she who could fight.

Give us the strength to brighten this night.

Now finish it.

MAGGIE: He's trying to call the other shard!

The shard!




Oh, come on!



Frickin' Lodestone.

MAGGIE: Wait. I know what you're feeling.

You're in pain.

(grunts) Macy!

On it.

(screaming, gasping)

I'll take that.




Are you okay?

Just as planned, right?

Thank you.

I've seen that woman before.

She flirted with me at The Haunt.

So she's a demon?

Stealing the Scythe would seem to indicate demon.

The teleporting would suggest something else.

Well, not a Whitelighter?

No. Then again, she didn't try and kill us all, so...

I don't know.

Well, she now has the Scythe and the power

to break a demon out of Tartarus.

Not if we find her first.

How do we do that?

I'll follow up with the Elder council.

In the meantime...

SISTERS: Stay vigilant.

Okay, so stay vigilant, yes.

But can we take a minute to appreciate

the fact that my powers are escalating?

I read a demon's feelings.

It was almost as if there was some human part of it,

if that's even possible.

It may be.

Consider how you reached Angela Wu

when she was possessed by the Harbinger.

Perhaps you reached some last shred of humanity in this demon.

Basically gave the demon therapy and that's why it took off.

(chuckles) Go, Mags.

HARRY: Will you please let me look at your shoulder

or do you plan on keeping up

this martyr routine?

It's just a scratch.

Come on.


Oh, my God.

It's the same mark that was found on Mom's body.

Does that mean...?

We just met her killer?

She certainly could be.

Leave it!

Are you sure?

It reminds me of Mom and why I'm doing this.

If I had just been honest

and told you about the key,

this wouldn't have happened.

Yeah, and if we'd told you about the key

Mom was wearing in the '80s, same deal.


So... from now on, we tell each other everything.

No matter how scary it seems.


There's something else.

Not just the key.

It was something that Mom said.


What did she say?

She was pregnant.

And she thought there was something wrong with her baby.

You mean me.

Yeah, but we don't... we don't know what she meant.

I know what it means.

That must be why she gave me up.

She sensed some evil in me.

Don't jump to that conclusion.

We have no idea what she meant,

or how that key connects to you.

But we do know that Mom loved you

and she wanted you back.

She got you hired at the lab, right?

That's quite right.

None of this explains what this "darkness" even is.

But Mom sensed it.

And I feel it.

I have been watching human behavior for decades.

Everyone has the capacity for darkness.

It's your actions,

not your nature, that defines you.

I don't want to fire Galvin.

You don't like being the boss?

No, I love being the boss.

So much so, I was going to let my ambition cloud my judgment.

But I don't play golf.

And we don't have to play by those rules anymore.

I'm listening.

Yes, Galvin costs more

than some of our other scientists, but he's worth it.

He's a team player and a leader.

The whole lab suffers if we lose him,

and that's not very cost-effective.

That's quite an endorsement.

But I still have a major budget shortfall to deal with.

I know.

I've been studying up on the new equipment.

I think I can save thousands of dollars

from our biochemical budget

if we can test things in-house.

That still leaves...

About 40K.

If I can save you that, are we good?


We're good.

O-Okay, great.

MACY: Kretz...

we need to talk.

Pain is like a rose garden... ♪

MAGGIE: I did it.

I signed up for next semester.

So that makes three overachieving academics

in the house.

Two academics...

and one overeducated bartender.

I'm dropping out.

You're dropping out?


I lost everything.

Mom, Niko, my job.

And I guess it gave me clarity

on what wasn't working in my life.

Harry's right: people do what they want to do.

And my thesis,

this academic career I was so sure I wanted...

Maybe it was more about following in Mom's footsteps.

And I'm just not sure I want that anymore.

So until I figure out what I do want,

I've got other ways to honor Mom.

I get it.

So does that make me the smart one now?

Mm, that depends.

What classes are you taking?

I'm thinking psych major.

If I'm gonna be reading minds,

it'd be helpful to understand them better.

And maybe it'll help me understand my own...

so I don't get completely played by a frat douche.


Good chat.

(doorbell buzzes)

Please! Let me explain.

If you still want to slam the door in my face

after you hear me out, fine.

What you saw wasn't about drugs,

it was about... medicine.

I need the injections to stay healthy.

Medicine? I...

I have a rare autoimmune disorder.

I won't bore you with the details,

but it's serious

and I'm always gonna have it.

If I'm lucky, I'll make it to 40.

Oh, my God.

Parker... why didn't you just tell me?

I don't know.

Shame, I guess.

I mean, that's how I feel about being sick.

Like it's some kind of weakness.

My family doesn't want anyone to know.

So I haven't told anyone.

Not Lucy, not the Phi Delts... no one.

I don't want to be a drag on anyone's good time.

I'm here.

I'm not going anywhere.

PARKER: I'm so glad I told her the truth.

She's everything.

I don't see the Scythe of Tartarus.

Sorry, Dad, it... got away.


It got away?

Like, on its own? No. There was...

I don't know... an electricity demon?

Oh, really?


She beat me to it at the last second.

I should've sent your brother, Hunter.

Never send a half-demon to do a full-demon's job.

Hunter failed his last mission, too.

He was thwarted by a shift in the time stream.

You were, what?

Bested by a common bolt thrower?

We will have to find a new way to open it.

But in the meantime, you need to use that Vera girl.

Dad, please.

You promised me nothing more after I got the Scythe.

Are you whining?

What is her power?

Her power.

She's an empath.


Now that is actually something we can use.

Don't fail me again... son.

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