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Hello Friends, i am Vijay saini & welcome to Mammal Bonsai .

i have a query that How to Grow Lotus from Seeds

so today i brought some lotus seeds

i have 5 seeds

and we will grow them

its very simple method to grow

You may be seeing this part of the seed

scratch this side

So let's scratch it

look this seeds

now scratch it like this

you can scratch it with sandpaper

after scratch it you can see seeds like this

scratch all seeds like this

i have scratched all seeds like this

after that put seeds in water pot

Keep changing its water every day

we will work on it after germination

we had kept lotus seeds in water pot

Today they have been 3 or 4 days

And they started germination

You will be looking

I take them out and then show them

there are 3-4 seeds germinated

We planted five seeds

and seeds started germinating

I put them in line

now you can see

this one don't start germination

and 2nd one start little

and third little more

And the fourth has done more than that

and look this big one

And today they have been planted for only 4 days

you can see the result of 4 days

When I bought a hero from the shopkeeper then he said it will not grow

he said its use in worship

But I took it, I thought I would try it

leaves come out from this seed

when these seeds will grow then i will pot them

and i will show you in next part

i will make 2nd part of this video

i will show you in that video , how to pot it

lotus seeds growing method so easy you can grow easily

Earlier I had a lot of query taht how to grow lotus from seeds

But then I had no lotus seeds

Then I told a shopkeeper that I needed lotus seeds

Then she said that I have seeds but they will not be germinate

So I told them, you give me seeds, I will try

then i grow them and now you can see seeds germinated

ok i will show you how to grow it in pot in the next video thell then let them grow

Ok friends see you in the next Video

till then goodbye

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