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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Minecraft: BATTLESHIP LUCKY BLOCK CHALLENGE | FIRE THE NUKES!!

Difficulty: 0


So, I took the boat out

For the first time ever

And I've been here for Three Weeks!

Can somebody please send help?

dunn dun duun ba aha ha aa bahha ha duhh

Hey what's going on guys SSundee here with cr--

Crainer where the freak are you?!

crainer in the distance: Im oVer HeRE

where the frick r u? #confused

I'm over here here here dats an echo

Where are you?! :crainer:I'm over here dude!

Oh back there back there back there? Ok

When you say, "over here"

Give me direction next time!! >:(

So what is--?

This looks sick!

What is this?!

What is the theme?

Hold on

Oh this is a nuke!

This is from Trollcraft!

Crainer are we playing battleships today? :ssundee becomes happy:

That is so sick! :continues to be happy:

We are actually playing battleship with the nukes!

Crainer go ahead

put the block here let's see what it is

You sunk my battle ship Crainer! :(

The freak i--

DO NOT SINK MY BATTLESHIP! >:( ill totally sink your battleship dude ;) ;)

The freak does that even mean?

Alright dude

I'm gonna open my Lucky Blocks

Again guys real quick

If you are still enjoying this series

Of course

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And Uh??!?


I am going to shoot missiles at your face

Get rekt mate!

Stop winking at me! why wink

You know what?

You wanna keep winkin' at me?!

Take my Unlucky Block!

Don't ever wink at me again!


Well that just happened...

I got 15 Nether Stars

Lets do this!:D

We have 30 Lucky Blocks

Look at this

Crainer says "B5"

And then shoots a missile at my...

What a jerk

Lets do it

What is this?

"Dirt, Soul Sand, and Cobblestone Together <3"

Dirt is Crainer's thing

Cobblestone is my thing

And Soulsand is Kehaan's thing... :but frick kehaan's thing!:

You know what i'm gonna take my thing

You guys have fun!

Get a room you two!

29 Lucky Blocks left,

Let's do this

What is this?

I love this song!

That is such a sick song!

What is up here? x2

[SSundee] Uh, lava...

"Maybe something down there?"

Kehaan you just burnt up my cobblestone! >:(

Is anything even down here?

Is this a sing gold ore?

Two, three

Ooh! Okay three

I mean that's somewhat worth it,

Somewhat worth my time.

Alright so we have 28 lucky blocks left

[SSundee] Lets keep going

What is this?

The freak was that Kehaan?!

"3 Daaays"

For what?!

My ears to stop bleeding?

I mean thanks for the diamonds but...

Did you really have to make my ears bleed?!

27 lucky blocks left

Let's do thi-- What is thi--? Please

We're good!

My ears are fine!

Let's keep going

What is this?

No no no, no no no

Get to the water! (2x)

I didn't get to the water!

Is there even everything in this Kehaan?!

Or did you just murder my face?

He just murdered my face...

Thanks Kehaan!

25 Lucky Blocks left

What is this?!

Freaking Kehaan!

Things Soul Sand is life

You got some new coming to you homie

24 Lucky Blocks left

What is this?

**Bathroom Noises**

"All I Can Say To This Sound Is...... OK"

It was somebody vomiting and diarrheaing

Kehaan I Don't wanna know

What stuff you're into

Let's keep going

23 Lucky Block left

What is this?

What the freak are these sounds Kehaan?!

Thank for the food but good lord

22 Lucky Blocks left

Oh there's iron at the end of this one

Ok give me the iron

Let's test our luck on the dancer's club

What is this?

I will obey the dragon

As long as you keep giving me 5 beacons

Hoooly crap!

That is insane!

Ok 21 Lucky Blocks left

Let's keep testing our luck on the dancer's club

What is this?

You didn't get me this time Kehaan

20 Lucky Blocks left

Let's keep going, what is this?

Ok Sheldon

If you say so homie

Is there anything in here?

17 lucky blocks left

7 lucky blocks left


I need to go find my other lucky block that I left

Hold on that has emeralds in it

Don't mind If I do Kiev thanks

6 lucky blocks left

crainer stop hacking

You guys remember from Trollcraft when we sent out off missiles at each other

*Destroys game* [MineCraft] QUIT BREAKING MEEEE!!!!!

anyways dudes we are going to end this here if you guys have enjoyed this video hit the like button down below and also hit the subscribe button show your support to our channel and Crainer I think the nukes are a little op {Crainer]; a little tiny bit op

we will see you dudes next time

[Crainer]; bye.......... :same music as played in intro: :p