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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [RUNNINGMAN BEGINS] [EP 11-2] | Jaesuk never stop teasing Gary (꒪⌓꒪) (ENG SUB)

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It's catching the thief

(9 running man receives a post card)

(Only one is the 'thief' post card)

(Members will take a post card from the one next)

(Everyone except the one with 'thief' gets a ball)


This is the post card

means that you are the thief

So everyone else gets a ball except this person

I will give out a post card each


Don't we need to pick?


I feel nervous

You have to pretend not even if you have it

Yes, pretend not

Everyone got one?

(Checking what they have)

Has everyone checked?

(Jae-Suk isn't the thief)

I have checked

(Yong-wha and Ji-hyo isn't either)

(What about Suk-Jin?)

First of all

We will pick the post card

Pick the post card from the next person

Ji-hyo can take Kwang-soo's

Give them

Then Ji-hyo has them, right?/ Yup

(Yong-wha chose from the two)


Are you the thief?

(Suk-Jin has one thief and one running man card)

(One of them is the...)

(Thief card)

I can see it in the reflection

(A guilty conscience needs no accuser)


He is so innocent

(Jae-Suk doesn't know that Suk-Jin has thief card)

(Running man card?)



(Jae-Suk now has the thief card)

(Oh dear!)

(He looks panicked)

(Suk-Jin is thrilled)

Everyone behind you can see it

Move back so people can't see

Don't you understand?

Have you only been studying?

Was he even good at that?

Let me take this

For real?

(Je-dong has chosen)

(The thief card)


You can't fool me

You look red

He is not good at anything

He knows nothing other than being an MC

What could he have done if not this?

I mean...

Hurry up!


He hasn't been on a show in a while

I am sorry

You know what will work?

I have got to try

Please check the card

We will all be looking

Oh really? My face?

(Empty laughter)

(Currently Je-dong is the thief)

What is it

You never know where life takes you

You might loose your muscles

Can I have the one in front please


One in front

Are you sure?

Quick/ No regrets?

Come on/ One in front?

(Jong-guk stays with his decision)

(Je-dong remains at the thief)

I am so curious

Is the colour different?

(Luckily, Jong-guk has running man cards)

Hurry up

It's making me nervous/ Why are you mad?

I just feel very nervous

You don't want Gary to be suffering

I am sorry, Ji-hyo

(Oh dear)

Choose one

Don't look at it

It's simple but nerve wrecking

(Everyone has swapped)

One would have the thief card

We have chosen the cards

I said earlier

The winner can give their card to anyone and leave

Before we start with the second game

This is how we are going to mix cards

What is the first game?

Choosing the parcel

Like Jinger, oh, Jenga

(Everyone found opportunity to pick on Jong-guk)


It's because he doesn't have many friends

I knew it...

He seems cute recently

(Cutie pie)

(Stretching before choosing the parcel)

How are you feeling?

(Having difficulty getting used to)

Everything but this

I'm having so much fun

Let's play paper scissors rock to choose the order

Paper scissors rock!

(Another rounds...)

(Gary came last)

Stand in the order

You are here

I won/ No I won

I definitely won/ No I did

I won

Don't fight

Just let it go

It's not that important

But he is claiming my victory

I have won

Do you have any wrinkles on your brain?

Do you not think?

We can watch it back!

(So we have...)

(Lost, won)

(Jong-guk won for sure)

Are you stupid?


If I won, I will get back to you

I am being serious/ Does it hurt?


Please watch it back

Ji-hyo, tell them to stop

You stay quite

(Each takes out a box!)

(Jae-Suk takes a turn first)

Have you played games like this before?


Hold this bit/ I think I should

This would be fine

Does this game exist?

We need to buy Je-dong a Jenga

Hope he doesn't go to the post office for Jenga

Is this not it?

It's a small wooden block

He would of gone to the post office for it


I got it!

Next is Je-dong

This is his first time playing Jenga

Come over on the weekend,

Let's play Jenga together

Push it


More, more, more

Careful when you pull

I just needs to hold up

yes, that is right

He is so serious now

It's like he is a fan

We are keep explaining

Hurry up!

(So nervous)

Come on, Je-dong

Just do it already

Got it

(Gary's turn)

Some are easier than the others

Because of the balance

I have a good feeling about this

You got the right one

Now you can take it from the front

I can handle it


(Why is it not moving?)

What have you done?

I haven't been doing anything

I will handle it myself

This game is brilliant!

It's me again

I had no idea

I like it


Are you allowed to do this?

Can you tickle others?

I am so sensitive

It was so close

(Haha's turn)

(Pay back)

(Using foot)

(He's unaware of this)

(Satisfied with blocking wrong box)

It's not that but this

(Everyone is checking what he's doing)

It's coming from the bottom but he

I am so embarrassed

It was touching his knees

(He's embarrassed himself)

This is a brilliant game

Take Jenga with you when you visit your parents

(The tower doesn't look so stable any more)

I am going to collect the boxes now

I am going to collect them

You can get small ones

But this is a family size

This is a family size

Small one won't do

He's got it

(Yong-wha did it as well)

I am going make it difficult

That's right, because

Otherwise you will never win

This is coming out really smoothly

What can you do next?

(It's not going to be easy now)

This is not easy

This is getting even better

(Kwang-soo's got it!)

It's going to be difficult for the next person

There is only one that he could do

For Je-dong

You can't do the one in the middle

You need to keep the balance

I know that

(Whatever the others are doing)

Is he going the play this all day now?

Give him so boxes

You are sweating Je-dong

This is all yours

(He has to win to get rid of the thief card)

He is really trying his best

Usual it's attractive when a man is concentrating

(He is holding on)

You have to let it go

I am not done yet


This game is brilliant

(This means...)

(What can Ji-hyo do?)

(If Ji-hyo fails then Je-dong wins)

Boxes aren't just for shipping things

This is great

You can do it

Hit this really hard

There is only one way

Hit this really hard then

It will just drop on top

I have watched this on the television

Give it a go

I want a coupon to use Jong-guk

What am I to you then?

(Gary is not happy)

I am a boxer

I want to use my Gary coupon

Okay, then

But this is too deep

It will be such a great scene

A Great scene

What are you doing for Gary then?

(Is that how it is?)

(Gary is taking chance for Ji-hyo)

(Would he be able to do it?)

(He did it!)

(Will it?)


(Ji-hyo is happy that she doesn't owe Gary)


(Je-dong won the game)

I will just say one thing


Is a thief card/ Really?

(Everyone is unsure...)


Congratulations on your victory/ Thank you

You have always been the best

All I want is to be like you

Is that right?

I want to gift you the real Jenga

I will play the game with you

Are you going to come alone?

Do you want anyone?

Your wife's friends?


With your wife as well

What about my wife and her friends?

She has great friends

I have seen her friends

Let's be quick

Gary hasn't said anything

I thought it's Won Bin, sitting here

And you like that?

You know it's all a lie

Do you live for tomorrow?

I live for today

(This is from...)

(The movie 'The man from nowhere)

Do toy live for tomorrow?

I live for today

(Hold it...)

(It's great...)

(Proud of himself)

Won Bin!

I thought he really came

Exactly like him

Where did you get your nails done?

Is he making fun of him?

Do you live for nail?

I live for today

What is wrong with you

Do you live for nail?

I live for today



You don't know what the card is

But please take a look

(Trying to stay calm)

Then I have to choose

Come this way

You never know

Someone might be fooling everyone

How do you feel?

(Are you serious...)

High possibility that Jae-Suk has the card

(Which one would Jong-guk pick)

Do you know?

How do you feel?

Please don't do this to me

So cheeky

What is the next game?


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