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How do we say in Dutch: this guy.

And what about her?

And then about "to be or not be?"

Well, the answer is: to be!

Stay tuned to find out why!

I am Bart de Pau.

This is "1000 most common words in Dutch".

The course to learn basic Dutch vocabulary,

with exercises on

40 lessons;

in each lesson you learn 25 Dutch words.

In lesson 3 we deal with professions

and the verb "to be".


In the previous lesson,

we discussed the personal pronouns.

Here is the conjugation for: to be, "zijn".

Here are some examples:


I promised to tell you with every noun the correct article,

whether it is de or het.

Most nouns that are related to persons,

such as professions, go with "de":


But now - a good question;

why is there no article in the phrase "ik ben leraar"?

In English you say: I am a teacher.

Well, that's something I explain in my grammar course.

For now, let's focus on some more examples with the verb: to be.


And what about you - would you be happy with a house like that?





And now you can say:

Do you see [en] at the end? That indicates plural.

It is one of the possible endings for plural nouns.

Oh yeah, in this course,

when I talk about letters,

I pronounce them the Dutch way,

just like in my alphabet video.

So: [en], [en].




Now, in Holland,

it is not so polite to say someone is old...

So be careful with that!


And remember from lesson 1:

This is Willem Alexander, our king.

"u bent" is the polite form.

You cannot say - "jij bent de koning"

(unless, the king is a close friend of yours)

Did you know that we developed a flashcard app,

with all the words of this vocabulary course.

The words are categorised per lesson.

So you can use it for rehearsal after every lesson.

It's a simple app but a great on the go solution

that allows you to learn vocabulary

whenever you have a few minutes available.

Now, let's continue with the professions:



An important profession - because the Dutch eat a lot of bread,

but we'll talk about that in the next lesson.



Plural - here again you see [en] at the end.

And the Netherlands has a lot of know how on agriculture,

as the Wageningen University

is one of the world leading institutes on agricultural technologies.


A village that is famous for its fisherman is Volendam.

It's just 30 minutes from Amsterdam,

and very nice to visit with its characteristic Dutch houses.


Now as you can see, this profession has a feminine version of the word.

Another example:

You already learned "de leraar":

But now:

You see?

Anyway - for now, there is no need to learn both versions.

Anyone will understand you.

But it's just good to know that if you see a word

that looks a bit like a profession you learned already,

it could be the feminine version.

And by the way Kirsten is the teacher

with whom I created our course #dutchgrammar.


Hmm, nice doctor.

If she was my doctor, I guess I would be sick every day.


When you are in a pub and you want to order something, you just say ober!.


The one on the right of course.

Another word is:



Now, that's the profession every Dutch boy dreams about.

Including me.

Well, you see what happened...

By the way, lesson 22 will be fully dedicated to football.



Attention: only company director and not director of a movie.




What about my profession, my function in

Well, why don't you answer that.

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Time for the homework.

Study the words and do the exercises.

That's it for today.

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