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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The #1 Thing I Don't Ever Talk About on My Social Media

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TOC ]Ha8(A hi, welcome. Bienvenidos. Gracias por ver el Facebook, el Instagram lo que pueden

I took a year off of my business as you know if you've been following my posts, if b# feed,fE

}4social media, \that I just wasn't doing :,workshops. IB stopped posting kind was like,

Okay 3,have so much <want to say. And inform conte hat, i $ overwhelm for A So F because%

nted }(restructure life co creat 4Which I did, w love%F do. But @involves a proces!

ste! trans5 dall this wonderful, beauti not!\Lfun stuff sometimes.%) 'm here9 'm gE<,to talk

abou meI-! never, oEL. veryI look- war% $sharing, ithA also reconnecA only Tmy clients. For

thoseA stayed eElA C@almost a decade grateful you, V of courseQ^ baby,!l ugh! 4regular little

/4ies, human wal!l P yet. The number one!q rele shiA , right? my>A oyfriend my datA when

I go A ate,N- it'a lo!; two, F<really vulnerablIV how ca expectA-A be.3 coach, a person bei`

guys% $, romantic specif I've gglq !dmy to get 4<your Ex. BreakuA IiS had many, on 300M

my ExA still $ly single, Infatuation. thro y exes nc!|$in partner beh 8l, the dopamine

at goodq~ myths attrac. 0mental health back toIK literE dump booty a cut ti1N toxic gain,

8lessons. You're s.VF termM from% or wro it iA3 I definita would ny ques . Let me to cE

$Stay tuned all plat!?,s, obviously& Tub! d I> Share, pleas non. be see ,I appreciate

watc video W$soon.* AkA/e: $D5078462-F1BB-4AEF-97E2-9DC1C671ED85 =7D@ 2020-02-06T19:46:46-0800 Author-Date.ens

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The Description of The #1 Thing I Don't Ever Talk About on My Social Media