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Hi everyone. Today i will you show how I made my little forge

So I did this with flower pots and then plaster and silica sand that I mixed with

equal parts and then I poured this plaster in these flower pots. So there the wires that

I put it on because in fact my plaster cast when he made his take he swelled and then he got me

cracked my flower pots this one and then also this one we see that there are

cracks ... So hey, I got a hole in which I can put the torch here and then here

I made a notch which also corresponds to a notch here to be able to put this

ladle that I will actually serve as a crucible to be able to grill my sands

Because the idea was to be able to roast my black gold panning sands in order to try

to see if I can bring out a few more metal oxides with. So here for now

we can see there are still some traces of humidity at the bottom. I heated it up yesterday and

this mini forge I don't know yet if I'm coming to heat enough with because in fact

I have the impression that the volume that I left empty is maybe a little too big for

the torch capacity, its thermal capacity to be able to rise to a sufficient temperature.

So I will try again but in in the meantime I will already see if I manage to

already heat a little bit with it. We left for a heating test ...

I have a little trouble with this torch

I don't put it completely in it

because if we do it tends to turn off. we can see that inside it starts

to heat up and then I'll try to heat a little bit

sands that I had. We're going to put that in my ladle. Before it's too hot I'll open it all

There you go, Ok. We feel there is hot air coming out

We see a little bit of steam coming out too

We'll see if it gets hot ...

well while waiting for it to heat up I suggest that we look at how I proceed

to make this mini forge and then we come back later to see if

it works, if it heats up and then if I manage to reach temperatures that are acceptable

It's been heating up for a while now. We see that he

there is always this trace of humidity on the other hand we see there in the background the nascent red

The nascent red color that we sees and well in fact it is the ladle that is in

heating up. So we're still in temperatures which are of the order

from 350 to 400 degrees which is not so bad that for a start on the other hand I think

that I will do another one because this one finally I still have a lot of little ones

problems with other than cracks and then I think there is still a little bit

difficult to heat due to the volume that has to the interior so possibly it allows me

to have had a great experience for make a next forge on this basis

on the other hand I will probably go on steel tubes to make the container

and then always with a refractory concrete or a refractory plaster and possibly possibly

a more powerful torch. Despite this result a a little mixed I hope this video has you

rained and then that it will make you want to continue to follow my adventures and so for that I will

suggest to press the "subscribe" button of this way you won't miss my next

videos and I tell you see you soon for another DIY or other of my adventures. Hi...

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