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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 1st Trade a $130 Loss. Then What? | Live Day Trade

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Good morning this is Clay at,

this will be a live trade video where I try to capture

some of my trades as they unfold live.

Market opens up here in about 15 minutes

so let's see what happens.

All right, I have an order at 7.81 here on GSKY

market opens up in about four minutes

so looking like I might be able to get an entry point

before the open.

Yes, got 200, 500 so there I'm in for my first 500.

So we'll see if I can get out before the open,

if not then I'll have a nice little position

before the market even opens up,

but I'll let this run right now

and we'll kinda see how it plays out.

As of now, three minutes until the official market open.

I like that as a first entry point,

I would not mind more than 500 shares at all.

But let's see.

Actually I'm gonna go to 799.

Like I said, I like that entry point.

All right, well I will pause for now and if it looks

like I'm either gonna be able to pick up some more shares

or if it looks like I'll be able to take the profits

then I'll get the video rollin' again.

So I have orders at 7.51 and 7.35 in case there's a flush

out of the opening gates.

Market opens up in less than one minute.

So I'll get the video rollin' again

once the market officially opens.

Okay, the markets are open.

I moved my exit out to 7.90.

So let's see what this wants to do.

It's not movin' that much at all.

So I'm willing to give it a little bit more time.

So again, let's see if it can move down to the 7.51 mark.

So I will go ahead and pause,

whoop there it's startin' to move.

Uh oh, it's startin' to work its way back up.

All right, I'm gonna go ahead and pause.

Okay, it's getting close to 7.51.

Close but not quite there.

Okay, I'm in there, nice.

Let's see if I can get some more at 7.35.

Well now we're gettin', we're trying to get somewhat

of a bounce.

Can it get through 7.50 is the question, which it can.

Let's see if it can work its way up

to a little bit higher here.

I'm just gonna get out there, so $130 loss,

this one's not cooperating at all,

so it is what it is, let's see what else I can find.

Little update here on GSKY.

A situation where that loss feels very, very good right now.

You can see here it just continued to bleed further

and further downwards and I bring that up

because if you've ever had an alert or a trade

where you get out and all of a sudden it goes in your favor

and play the game of ugh, if I would have just held

and broke my rules I would have been in the green.

Well, here's one of those situations where if I would have

just broke my rules and held, I would be that much more

in the red.

So I realize that the human mind likes to always focus

on the times where if you had broke your rules

and then it focuses on those times it would have worked,

but remember, there's also these situations out here

where it wouldn't have worked and it would have gotten

a whole lot worse which is exactly what's goin' here.

SQ though, now making a move.

So I have an order at 64.75,

so we'll see if it can work its way down there.

I will keep you updated.

I adjusted my order down to 64.45,

this is based off of things that are going on off monitor,

keep in mind I have four monitors that I have,

so what you see is just a very limited portion

of what I'm looking at.

So based off of some other stuff I am now liking

the potential at 64.45.

Oh come on.

Give me 36 shares, there we go.

So in for 500 and out there for a quick $50,

but I don't order be talking let's go to 64,

let's see what is that, yes 64.15, just double-checking.

So 64.15 now.

I was debating should have I have gone for the $75

and I went conservative and I would have been okay,

I could have gotten the $75, but oh well,

that's good old hind sight trading for ya,

but let's go down to 64, again 15,

so we'll see if it can work its way down to that area.

So it looks like it can work its way down there,

I will get the video rollin' again.

Okay, I have an order at 98.25 here on ROKU.

I was hopin' for a little bit more of a violent break

on 98.50 so let's go to 98.01 at this point in time.

So 98.01 now.

Okay, I wanted to see more of a flush through 98.50,

it just didn't happen.

And it only went as low as 98.30 anyway

so I still wouldn't have been filled but we'll see if it can

extend its way down to the 98 mark.

Again, noticing some things on another monitor

so I'm at 97.85 here.

So we'll see if it can get a quick little flush

down through 98.

At 97.55, gettin' close here.

Aw, come one, ha ha.

Went down as low as, it hit 97.55, it just didn't give

me any shares.

So never mind.

And you can see right here where it says the low,

and you can see the low 97.55,

so that's why you don't wanna nail the bottom.

Nailing the bottom is nothing to brag about,

because I nailed the bottom there,

problem was I just didn't get any shares.

So the exact reason why you never wanna try

to nail the bottom.

Oh well.

Like I said, I am now at 97.25

and we'll see if that one works out.

All right, it's trying to work out, there we go.

So in there.

For my first allotment.

So let's see what this thing wants to do.

So I'm out for 75.

So 96, actually let me, again I'm looking at another chart

over here, here's the chart I was looking at.

So that green line is what I based the entry point on,

so got the bounce off that.

So and that is just another time frame.

Let's see what is that down there?

And yes, I'm talking to myself.

So, 96.55 will be the next first entry point.

So there we go, let's see if I can get that.

I have an order at 79.55 here,

I realize this seems like it's pretty far off,

but this is a very, very fast mover.

Just a 100 shares because this is so volatile.

So there's the break and you can see that fast down

20 cents on the bid there.

So again, 79.55.

And we'll see if it can work its way down there.

I very well could miss the entry point since this one's

so jumpy but I at least wanna get it documented.

All right, quite the activity here.

I'm gonna try for some here at short at 87.35.

Oh wow, playing total games with me there.

Scroll back and you'll see how the order was flashing

up there and it wouldn't fill me.

You'll see exactly what I mean by that, so.

Never mind on that entry point.

Let's go to 88.15.

Again, scroll back and you'll see

how the, my offer was over here,

but yet it was flashing white which means that it was there,

but not there and just not what I'm looking for at all,

but if it wants to come back up here to 88.15.

Could get interesting, I'll keep ya updated.

Okay, I'm short here at 85.65.

So, let's see what this thing wants to do here.

Put an order down there at 85.51.

So we'll see if this thing wants to

roll back over here or not.

I will keep you updated.

Okay, it's moving down somewhat here.

Adjusted the order up to 85.60 and that fast out, wow.

And that's exactly why I just decided to hop out,

a little bit too choppy, and I had my, get my stop loss

set up there just in case it had broken above 86,

'cause I wasn't going to fool with it,

but I feel totally fine with that one.

Sure, I could have been, could have been up more,

but just so, so choppy and perhaps I probably should have

realized that a bit better before going in, but yeah,

an error on my part on that regard,

but it is what it is so let's move on

and see if I can find something else.

Also, just finished up a podcast if you're not familiar,

I do have a podcast

that you can find on

Point being, I probably shouldn't have even been trading,

on SHAK, but one of those situations

where I'll be transparent, I wanted to get green

from that loss, so yeah, like I said, it was a fine trade,

but that's probably why I shouldn't have been into it,

just because things are a little choppy right now.

So I still like to set up, but definitely just wanted

to get green on the day, so I can have a cool video.

But I fully realize the irony that it could now be argued

that it's stupid video, because I just did something

potentially, well not potentially stupid,

I had a stop, or I was, stop loss was in place,

so not like I was gonna blow anything up, but.

So I'd like to find one more trade,

just 'cause I'm up $10 on the day, but I'm definitely not

gonna force anything, but the one thing is,

you'll kinda see what a full day of trading actually

looks like here, granted, not necessarily a full day trading

of me being glued in front of my scree like I said,

I've worked out, I just got done with a a podcast,

which was awesome, but, so when I say full day,

a little deceiving, 'cause it's, I would have liked to

have think I could have been up well more than this

had I been glued to my screen every single minute

of the day, but I just have too many other things

goin' on, but nonetheless, like I said,

yeah the video voices probably got to me on that last one

if I'm bein' fully disclosure, or if I'm being fully

transparent, honest, and that's why, was way more aggressive

than I needed to be in hopping out,

just 'cause while, like I said, my account wasn't at risk,

it wasn't like I was gonna blow anything up,

probably just shouldn't have been in there

in the first place, but, looking at a few other things

so we'll see what happens.

All right, I'm gonna go ahead and wrap things up,

I haven't even been tryin', been off playin' with my kids,

been playing super, I've been Thanos,

but no more, I am not Thanos any longer, back to being Clay.

But I'm must gonna wrap this up, it is what it is.

Market open, market closes, excuse me in about 45 minutes,

but just a bleh type of day.

That first one, it just got me, and, but got me in the

sense it could have been a lot worse,

thinking back to, I realize in this video it was only

like 12 minutes ago, but as far as where I sit right now

that was several hours ago and just knowing that that $130

loss could have been way worse.

But, it is what it is, was able to fight back

and get to green on the day, but that's just how it goes

sometimes, no shame and anybody that tries to lead you

to believe that these sorts of days don't happen,

then I highly encourage, I'd highly recommend you maybe

look at some other sources 'cause that source

is definitely trying to mislead you,

because I don't care what people say or portray,

these sorts of days happen, doesn't make you a bad trader,

it just makes you a human being trader

and it is what it is.

So, if you did enjoy this video though,

then first thing and the best way to really communicate

that to me is just to click that like button

and subscribe to the channel,

lots of there content on the channel.

If you're interested in trading alongside me

and other traders, then I do offer a private community.

So if you're looking for just a realistic,

a fully transparent type of community and type of group

that's just gonna tell ya how it is,

then I'd encourage you to go to

and then also if you're interested in learning

how to trade with charts and technical analysis,

again, just go to and I offer

what's called the Trading Freedom Pathway,

that is my educational program.

So thank you for hanging out with me quote unquote

all day long, and yeah, it is what it is

and just once more to reiterate, if you have some sort

of day like this, it doesn't make you a bad trader at all,

it's just how trading goes sometimes

and the key thing is just to not allow your account

to go too far against ya, and there's always tomorrow

where the strategies work out a little bit better,

that will keep the accounts trending upwards.

So thank you for watching, and yeah, I'll see ya back

for the next live video.

First off, thanks so much for watching the entire video,

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