Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Brothers Barbarian - Episode 4: Welcome to the Party

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Episode 4: "A Clothes Call"

Not again!

You guys are ruthless and stupid!

And we're your equals!

(Swords clashing)

I think I saw some more orc down there.

They did not even take the gold these orcs had on them.

Why not take the gold?

Maybe they enjoy killing orcs.

Are they gone?

For the love of Crack!

You're dead! I saw them run you through!

Oh, yeah. My father was a troll, ... I got this whole regeneration thing going on.

Say, any of you fellas got any food?

Dying really takes it out of you.

Thanks. Yeah, those guys are the Brothers Barbarian.

Yeah, we know who they are.

An old witch made them old.

So until they find her, they run around killing sheep and orcs.

Since I've been following them, they've killed me 23 times.

So why do you still follow them?

An old wizard paid me to follow them ...

... but if I get too close, whack!

Was it an old wizard, like with a staff?

And a bad Southern accent!

Does he have a red cloak, or is it gray?


The same one that pays us to clean up their mess.

It seems we all need to have a chat with this wizard.

He's up to something ...

... something to do with the Brothers Barbarian.

Elmore Tavern: No Orcs Allowed

Excuse us, good sirs.

Would you gentlemen please excuse us?

(There's a naked bloke back here!)

Aren't you a little young to be drinking?

I'm an orphan. I was raised by a pack of wolves, ...

... and I've been on my own for 10 years!

So mind your own business!

Is it payday, gentlemen?

No, it is not.

We want some questions answered!

Marnack! Please, gentlemen, sit down.

So what is it with these Brothers Barbarian?

And what's your interest in them?

Do I not pay you enough?

What I do is my business.

We are making it our business.

Or else you can find other puppets to ...

... follow those jesters around for your twisted entertainment.

Puppets ... ah, puppets.

Thank you, gentlemen, for giving me the idea.

I will no longer be needing your services.

Here's your pay for the rest of the week.

Hey, these guys don't speak for me.

I like the steady paycheck.

Sorry, Marnack.

Come on! I've got baby orcs at home!

I've got mouths to feed!

Plus, when my wife finds out I lost my job, ...

... she's going to kill me.

And wait for me to regenerate, ...

... and then kill me again!

Sorry, boys, I can't let them see you here.

Come back later and get your money and your clothes.

Hey, old man, we got you an ale.

What are all these clothes doing here?

Hey, were we just not in the tavern?

And what about our clothes?

Oh, yeah, I told you my father was a troll, ...

... but I still have the attributes of an orc.

I mean, by human standards I might seem impressive, ...

... but my translated name means "hung like a baby ox."

Let us make a pact ...

... never to be taken alive when attacked by orcs!


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