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[Captions by Y Translator] Are you mad at me?

Why are you mad?

Do you guys see that cop over there?

He was driving up right next to the van,

and I looked over and we made eye contact.

I was going 5 over.

Um, Mom, I don't think so.


I think it's inappropriate.

What the bird is this?

Don't mind me going to the grocery store

in my pajamas and loafers.

Oh, no no no no.

Don't mind me.

And then I just realized I'm out of gas.

I am not going to be able

to make it to the kids' school on an empty tank of gas,

and I have 20 minutes.

So what do I do?

I waste more time,

and I pull the camera out to document everything.

Okay gotta go.

I milked the cows.

Bessie gave me her cream.

Get eating. We gotta go!

We gotta go! We gotta go!

That was cringy.

You're so nice.

Are you mad at me?

Why are you mad?

What is your deal?

I've been waiting to break the news to you kids,

but we also have to go

to the gas station to fill it up with gas.

Then why are we late?

Because I had to run and get milk.

I had to milk the cow.

We might be able to get all the way up to the school,

but then maybe, we'll see.

Should we just go and see if we can make it?

No, because and if we got stuck,

it will take even longer.

We've been stuck on the freeway without gas.

Okay, everyone, go get in the van.

I have learned that on days like today,

things go in clusters.

So, I just can't wait to see

what other surprises today has for me.

I can just steal some from lost and found.

This day just keeps getting better and better.

Chad forgot basketball clothes for basketball practice.

And my basketball shoes.

I could bring your basketball clothes

when I come pick you up.

Oh, that's [inaudible].

Hey Mom.


How long was the French and Indian war?

We don't know what--

I don't know how long the French-Indian war was.

Can't we search it up?

We are learning about it right now.

Julie, do you--

Are you allowed to search it up,

or is that something you're supposed to just remember?

I don't know.

You guys can look it up.

Do you guys see that cop over there?

Oh my gosh, the light.

That guy right there?

He was driving up right next to the van,

and I looked over and we made eye contact.

And that was probably one

of the most awkward moments of my life.

I was going 5 over.

I'm like hustling to get to go to school

because we're so late.

He like shot me a warning look.

He looked at her,

and was like, tell your Mom, slow down.

He didn't do that.

I know but that's what his eyes said.

>> Okay. >> Yeah.

What starts with the letter U?


Do you want to take some underwear?

We can put it in the bag.

No, I got pee and poop all in it.

But if we got a clean one.

We could get clean ones?

Well, I do have one clean one.

You do?

These are clean.

All of these are clean, honey.

Do you want to take underwear?

What about socks?

Socks starts with the S sound.

Mom, I don't think so.


I think it's inappropriate.

Showing people's underwear so.


I thought of the perfect solution.

Here's what we're gonna do.

Okay, for the letter U, we're going to take undershorts.

It's not as embarrassing as underwear,

but we'll just use it as a descriptive word, undershorts.

Okay first, write the clues.

Okay, go get me a pen.

All of the kids are in school, they're in class,

and I have a couple hours to myself.

I'm going to get ready, and I'm going to read.

I like to read and write besides making videos.

That's a passion of mine.

Today, I'm reading 12 Rules for Life.

I sat down and I saw this other book.

This book Kevin got for his birthday from his parents,

and I opened it up,

and Julie apparently loves to read and write as well.

I know how Thanksgiving was born.

The people were very sad

because they had to go to the church with--

The king said to go to his church.

But if they wouldn't, he said he will kill them.

So what did they do?

There was two old,

and one was called the Mayflower.

And then one sank,

and then they were really tight,

and really squished,

because all of the people were on that boat,

and there wasn't that many food.

And then they go to this rock,

and they called it...

What is it again?



And what they call the place?

A colony.

Um, called, and then they made it,

and it was called colony.

And then, they said a prayer,

and then they ate for three days,

and had a party.

And did you know that you have family

that came on that boat?


So what can we do to be good Americans?

We can do good things.

We can do good things and we can help people?


And we can be grateful for what we have?


And we can be grateful for other people

that are sick.

We can--

We can say a prayer.

Hello guys!

My mom's doing something, and now, show your...

Here we go.

Looks like our [inaudible].

She might be in here.

Hey, mommy.

What are you doing?

Are you vlogging?


You go thru the light.

You are so silly.

You are so silly.

Get upstairs.


Hello guys!

I just got the camera from Mommy.

Here she comes in.


What do you keep doing that for?

Am I being a good girl?


Now, can I get the toy?




We're gonna go get some lunch.

Get toy.

Get lunch.


Go shopping!

Get lunch.

No, go shopping.

>> Here you go. >> Thank you.

Is it clothes?

Yeah, there's clothes,

there's shoes, everything you need...

Is there socks?


I got socks and...

Sweet. Thank you.

That's perfect.

There's some candy bars and waters in the back of the van.

You want to grab them?

I got enough for everyone to have a candy bar,

and we can share the two waters.


Whoa, what did you go with candy bars for?

I was hungry.

So the candy bars are in one of these bags down here.

Are these stockings?

Oh my gosh.

Are those pajamas?

It's in every Christmas sweater.

Yeah. This is it.

Snickers. Okay.

Thank you.

You're welcome.


I'll see you guys later.

Okay. Have fun at practice.

Bye Chad.

What the bird is this?

Julie volunteered to take care of them over Thanksgiving break.

Oh my gosh.

Are you wearing an artist hat?

Yes, I'm wearing an artist hat and artist scarf.

And your shirt is tucked in.

Like an artist?

And your shoes Mom.

You look like an artist, and your hair is braided too.

You're an artist.

And your your shirt is collared like the turtle collar.

Maybe you should put them in the--

I'm still--

You know your life is full of color

when this kind of stuff just doesn't surprise you anymore.

Russell, let go.

This had better count as service hours for the school.

Is the bird safe?

Both Birds, safe?


That's why I'm gonna sit right here,

so I can hold the cake.

I'm sitting right--

Abby, I need to sit right there.

Oh my gosh!

I'm actually kind of excited

because they don't have to commit to buying a bird.

We can just babysit a bird.

Do you guys have a bird?

Are they hard to take care of,

or they kind of easy?

I'll drive very carefully.

I promise.

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