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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 50 ADVANCED VERBS - to make your written and spoken English BEAUTIFUL

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hello everyone and welcome back to english with Lucy today I am going to teach you

50 advanced verbs that are going to make you sound more intelligent when you

speak and they're going to dramatically increase your vocabulary quickly before

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vocabulary lesson please note that lots of these verbs have multiple meanings

I'm focusing on one meaning per verb and I'm using them in a more advanced

context number one is to alter to alter this means to make somebody or something

different for example you shouldn't feel the need to alter your appearance

number two is to amend to amend this means to change a law document or

statement slightly in order to correct a mistake or to improve it for example

would you mind amending those documents I sent you number three is to amplify to

laughs I this means to add details to a story or a statement for example she

refused to amplify further she refused to tell us any more details number four

is to balloon to balloon this means to suddenly swell out or to get bigger

for example employment rates ballooned to 90 percent number five is to blab to

blab this means to tell someone information that should be kept secret

for example someone must have blabbed to the police

number six is too brief to brief this means to give someone information about

something so that they are prepared to deal with it

for example the officer briefed her on what to expect number seven is to

capture to capture this means to film record or paint somebody or something

this is usually used in the passive form for example the robbery was captured on

film by the security cameras number eight is to clasp to clasp this means to

hold something tightly in your hand for example she clasped her hands

together as she waited number nine is to clutch to clutch this means to hold

somebody or something tightly for example I clutched onto his shoulder for

support number nine is to collide to collide this means to disagree strongly

for example my partner and I often collide over political differences

number eleven is to command to command this means to tell somebody what to do

for example she commanded the release of the prisoners number twelve is to cower

to our this means to bend low and/or move

backwards because you're frightened for example the dog whimpered and cowered at

his feet number thirteen is to crave to crave this means to have a very strong

desire for something for example I've always craved excitement number fourteen

is - - - - this means to go somewhere very quickly for example I must - it was

lovely to see you it's a good one to use if you're trying to escape an unwanted

conversation number 15 is to detect to detect this is to discover or notice

something especially if that something isn't easy to see or hear

for example the tests are designed to detect the disease this is impossible I

need to include this in a tongue-twister video for example the tests are designed

to detect bacteria number 16 is to deviate to deviate this is to do

something in a different way from what as usual or expected or to be different

from something for example let's not deviate from the original idea number 17

is to discern to discern this is to see or hear something

usually with difficulty for example I quickly discerned that something was

wrong number 18 is to dismantle to dismantle this is to take something

apart usually a machine or a structure so that it's in separate pieces for

example I had to dismantle the printer in order to repair it number 19 this is

a lovely one it's to eavesdrop to eavesdrop this means to listen secretly

to what other people are saying for example we caught her eavesdropping

outside the window number 20 is to escort to escort

this is to go with somebody either to protect them or to show them the way for

example let me escort you to your room number 21 is to expose to expose this is

to tell the true facts about a person or a situation and show it or them to be

illegal or immoral for example she was exposed as a liar and a fraud number 22

is to glare to glare this is to look at somebody or something in an angry way

for example she didn't shout she just glared at me number 23 is to gravitate

to gravitate this is to move towards something or someone that you are

attracted to for example many young people gravitate

towards London in search of work number 24 is - gosh - gosh this is to express

so much praise for someone or something that it doesn't seem sincere

for example Rachel is always gushing about how much he values Prue's

friendship number 25 is hobble to hobble this means to walk with difficulty

especially because your legs or your feet hurt for example she was hobbling

around on crutches yesterday number 26 is to hover to hover this means to wait

somewhere especially near someone in an uncertain or shy manner for example he

hovered over her waiting for an answer number 27 is to ignite to ignite this

means to start to burn or to make something start to burn for example

tempers ignited when the redundancy packages were announced number 28 is to

intertwine to intertwine this means to become very closely connected with

somebody or something for example their political careers became very closely

and find number 29 is to lurk to lurk this

means to wait somewhere secretly especially because you're going to do

something illegal or bad for example she saw someone lurking in the doorway and

decided to leave immediately number 30 is to mimic to mimic this means to look

or behave like someone or something else for example his behavior mimicked that

of his mother number 31 is to oppress to oppress this

means to make someone only able to think about worrying or sad things for example

he was beginning to feel oppressed by his surroundings number 32 is to peer to

peer this is to look closely at something especially if you can't see it

properly for example he peered closely at the photograph number 33 is to

pinpoint to pinpoint this means to be able to give the exact reason for

something or to be able to describe something exactly for example the report

pinpointed the areas most in need of development

number 34 is to prune to prune this means to make something smaller by

removing parts for example please could you go through the report and prune out

any unnecessary details number 35 is to recoil to recoil this means to move your

body quickly away from something or someone because you find it or them

frightening or unpleasant for example she recoiled in horror after he tried to

kiss her number 36 is to reverberate to reverberate this means to have a strong

effect on people for a long time or over a large area for example repercussions

of the case continue to reverberate through the financial world number 30

is to saunter to saunter this means to walk in a slow relaxed way

for example she sauntered down the corridor looking as if she had all the

time in the world 38 is to seize to seize this means to take someone or

something suddenly using force for example he seized hold of my hand and

led me to the exit number 39 is to shatter to shatter this means to destroy

something completely especially someone's hopes dreams or expectations

for example he shattered her confidence when he told her how he really felt

about her singing voice number 40 is to shrivel to shrivel I love saying that

one to shrivel this means to make something become dry and wrinkled as a

result of heat cold or being old for example the long baths had shriveled my

fingers and toes number forty one is to slump to slump this means to fall in

value price or number suddenly by a large amount for example profits have

slumped by over 12% this quarter number 42 is to struggle to struggle

this means to try very hard to do something when it's very difficult or

there are a lot of problems for example I'm really struggling to pay all of my

bills on time number 43 is to stumble to stumble this means to walk or move in an

unsteady way for example we stumbled around in the dark trying to find the

light switch number 44 is to trim to trim this is to make something better

smaller or neater by cutting parts away from it for example staff numbers have

just been trimmed to 15 number 45 is to upstage to upstage this is to say or do

something that makes people notice you more

than the person they should be interested in for example how dare you

upstage me at my own wedding number 46 is to withdraw to withdraw

this is to stop giving or offering something to someone for example unless

you sign the contract within seven days the offer will be withdrawn number 47 is

to wrestle to wrestle this means to struggle to deal with something that is

difficult for example we wrestled for hours with the problem of which task to

start first number 48 is to yank to yank this means to pull something or someone

hard and suddenly for example I yanked the door open and ran outside someone's

dog barking number 49 is to yearn to yearn this means to want something very

much especially when it's very difficult to get or achieve for example I've

always yearned to escape from office life and number 50 is to zap to zap this

means to do something very quickly it's often used to replace the word to read

for example I'll zap through this report and I'll get back to you in the morning

right that was my lesson on 50 advanced verbs

that you can now use and impress people with don't forget to check out the lingo

de sprint promotion if you're interested you can get a 10 euro discount from your

49 euro deposit all you have to do is click on the link in the description box

and use my code sprint for when you sign up don't forget to connect with me on

all of my social media I've got my facebook my Instagram and my Twitter and

I shall see you soon for another lesson

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