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Well if you enjoyed our last Greek and Italian food fusion segment you are really going

to love today's yakisoba noodle recipe. We're blending Spanish and Mexican


Chef Chris Paul is back again with us this morning. Hey, good morning to you. Good

morning. Habla Espanol?


Oh, poquito! That's all you need to know.

That's all I know to cook this excellent food. Well, speaking of Spanish, Spain and Mexico

do share a common language, we know that.

But how are their cuisines different, or are they different?

Well they are. They are and we want to take the best of both worlds and combine them

and that's really what we're going to do, and dive in with the fusion cuisine today.

Well tell us about today's featured cuisine. I'm very interested to know what we have here: hot

and spicy is the main taste experience, am I right? Yeah! So what we have here is a little avocado,

we have plantains, black beans

a little jicama, we've sauteed the jicama, and of course the


and the heat, jalepeno, right, and

a little bit of garlic. Gotta have that.

So you put a little bit of Jersey and Spanish right there. I couldn't help it. Course we're going to be using the wonderful Yakisoba noodles

that you have brought with us today. So you know I'm your sous chef . Wonderful. Want to just take

out the container like you're doing, pop it in the microwave, doesn't

take much

you've got a cup of water

and that's really what you want to do

is just add the water and you want to add the seasoning packet in there, really important

these are your wonderful little veggies, and those are excellent with it, they just kind of

make everything together. Agua, right?

Agua! I'm good, see? Oh, you've been cheating. You've been holding out on me. You know more Spanish than I thought you


So you want to combine all these ingredients. And look it's all ready to go

It's all ready to go, so

we'll pop that open, pop that open.

and we'll add the flavoring pack in there

and that's where the zest is, that flavoring pack, and what we're doing is

adding all the fresh other ingredientswith it. So,

mix it all up. Okay, oh, let me do it, let me,

you cook all day long


You're spoiling me. Not for long, don't get used to it. This isn't going to last long. So,

as you add all this stuff in there, viewers who may be unfamiliar with Spanish Mexican cuisine

might not be familiar with some of the things you mentioned we're talking about the plantains

and you know

the jicama and some things like that. Tell us about these two important ingredients

Well, and that's key, they're really important. The

plantains are so good

You know you roast them a little bit, you heat them up a little bit, they're actually sweeter if you heat them up.

Are they really? But you can eat them plain, too, I mean, that's

the wonderful thing. Jicama! Jicama, jicama is like a savory, it

cleanses the pallet, right, again it captures a different profile completely

Oh, now you're doing the good stuff. Jalepeno.

Put a little bit of jalepenos in there and mix this up. Is that too many? No, that's good.

Hey, the hotter the better. This dish is obviously a snap to prepare, and that's

something I love. You get that A+ in the convenience department. But let's

talk about being healthy here, tell me about that.

Very good point.

If you want to pitch

healthy, right, what better

than fresh ingredients? And that's where you have the jalepenos, you want to

combine all those flavors together. There is so

much good in this little avocado. The oils are so good for you, and you taste it

So if you have the heat, you have the cream to mild it right out. I love it. And that's what you want, that

perfect blend

Delicioso. Ah, magnifique. Ah, this is so good. Ah, tell you what, can I take you home? Can you come cook for me? As long as I

can cook, get me in the kitchen! As long as you can cook, boy, that's all?

That's it. Well, tell you what, you're coming over tonight.

Well this is so great: wonderful aroma and everything, I love

having you here, you're so much fun!

We love having you. Well, thank you, but you make the show. Well, you make the food, so we're a

good combination. High five. Well, if you'd like your own

tasty trip into the world of

fusion cuisine and the

go with practically anything

Yakisoba noodles, get your fusion on by visiting the fabulous food folks over at

Alright, time to get our sample on, and I'm going to feed ya, cause I like ya. Alright.

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