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What's up comic book enthusiasts. RBG here bringing you guys more news & details on Marvel's Spider-Man PS4.

Today we'll be going over the recent details we got in regards to the new Advanced Spider-Man suit that Insomniac has been so secretive about since it's reveal.

I'll also be going over an article Gameinformer released a few days ago giving us more insight about the duality between Peter Parker & Spider-Man.

But before we delve into the topics at hand I'd like to briefly talk about something that I feel hasn't gotten the attention it deserves.

And that is a specific promotional art provided by the legendary comic book artist Alex Ross.

Unbeknownst to many including myself, Mr. Ross has collaborated with Insomniac on an awesome promo art for Spider-Man PS4.

I had previously seen the artwork featured on Gameinformers website when they began releasing coverage of the game but didn't think to much of it.

But a few days ago I saw the familiar artwork floating around the internet via Alex Ross's official YouTube channel.

For those unfamiliar with his works, Ross is famous for his photo realistic, human depictions of iconic comic book characters.

He's also ventured out with his talents into other mediums such as movies like Star Wars and Terminator to name a few.

After I saw the video I realized how much of a love letter Spider-Man PS4 is to the fans and here's why.

Alex Ross has literally been entangled with a couple of big Spidey related projects so this is sort of a minor homecoming for him.

In his previous fores he provided concept and narrative art for Sam Raimi's Spider-Man.

Later on his art would be utilized in Spider-Man 2's opening credit sequence.

And man I may be coming off like a biased Spider-Man fanboy but those are by far the most engaging opening credits I've ever witnessed.

The way it gives beautiful expository visual narratives while Danny Elfman's epic score pulls on your heart strings was nothing short of spectacular.

So yeah, Mr. Ross is no stranger to making our beloved heroes more epic than they already are.

He went on to talk about his involvement in the project and how he was amazed by the trailer's visuals.

He noted that he's not really familiar with the video game genre but he was awed by the cinematics and went so far as to compare it to films.

And that's pretty much what lead to him being briefly involved with the project.

Because of the time consuming nature of Ross's work, he primarily serves as a cover artist.

Unfortunately his art will not be featured on the cover of GameInformer's May issue,

so it yeah that kinda sucks.

But anyways I just thought I'd give Mr. Ross a huge shoutout and say that I appreciate the work he's done and continues to do for projects such as this 1.

To get back on subject, Gameinformer released more coverage regarding the new Advanced Suit.

Most of this coverage was revealed via a video interviewing Spider-Man PS4's beautiful art director, Jacinda Chew.

Who went into the rationale behind the design, as well as give insight into some of the smaller details and the tech behind making it work in the game.

The main thing that stood out in this interview is how Chew and the folks at Insomniac were dead set on capturing the element of realism and practicality.

Creating a suit that felt somewhat legitimate that a kid or rather 23 year old could make in real life.

The 1st thing Miss Chew said the team did was browse different athletic gear that would support Spider-Man during cumbersome activities.

Analyzing the overall functionalities and flexibility ratios and how they could apply that logic to Spider-Man's gear.

You've heard me mention in earlier uploads how the blue part will most likely allow for more mobility.

And Miss Chew pretty much confirms my statement because she elaborates on the paneling and how you would find the same style into today's athletic gear.

She then goes into further details about the process in creating the shoes and how they wanted to modernize the look from the traditional red boots.

Explaining that a person in their early 20s wouldn't really find the red boot cool so they thought an athletic shoe would be more appropriate.

Now I'd like to point out how Insomniac's art team pretty much shares the same sentiments as The Amazing Spider-Man's director Marc Web and lead costume designer Kym Barrett.

How they wanted to create that new Spider-Man who fits perfectly within that new world.

They made it their mission of making the viewer believe that Peter Parker actually constructed the suit by himself.

And 1 of the main things that aided that mission were the tennis shoe soles on the boots.

A kid with limited resources and money would probably cut the soles off of sneakers and use them as the pads of the boots.

It seems like a logical thing a kid would do.

So you can kinda see where Insomniac drew that bit of inspiration from.

Another thing Miss Chew and crew did was think about the overall functionality and rationale of the suit.

Like how each color serves their own respective purpose.

As mentioned earlier the blue would allow for more flexibility since Spider-Man requires to highest range of motion to assist his athleticism.

The red sections on the other hand will be made from a thicker material which will double as armor.

Emphasizing that the parts the feature the red spider web patterns is where Spidey will get hit the most or might be bumping up against rough terrains.

Now I pretty much guessed this would most likely be the case because of how Insomniac changed the patterns on the red parts to make them differ from the blue.

So it's nice to know that I'm not looking too far into the trailers or aimlessly insinuating things that might not be the case.

The last thing Jacinda talked about in regards to the suits features was the white segments which just so happens to be a flexible carbon fiber.

Now I had a nagging suspicion that's what it was because of the 4k close-ups we got via the PS4 Pro.

The material looks exactly like the carbon fiber you'd see on the hood of a custom sports car.

I thought about it but was a little bit iffy since carbon fiber is a material known for it's stiffness and strength.

Spidey's already a super powered hero who has to pull back a lot of punches on average humans.

So adding carbon fiber to his knuckles would only make the task harder.

But if we're taking into account all of the supernatural villains he has in his rogue's gallery it's probably a much needed addition.

I mean it is the vibranium of all fibers and is very tolerable to high and low thermal temperatures.

And since we're dealing with a more superior Spider-Man he's probably mastered the art of pulling punches.

Speaking of Superior Spider-Man I mentioned in my 1st ever Spider-Man PS4 breakdown how the Advanced suit would almost look exactly like the superior suit if the logo was colored Black.

Of coarse a lot of viewers though I was reaching with that analogy

but I forgot to mention that the drone that will be available in the pre-order bonus was actually the same drone used by Superior Spider-Man.

For those familiar with that run of the comics it was essentially Dr. Octopus in Spider-Man's body.

Shortly after Peter Parker's death he was determined to prove that he was a far better superhero that Peter could ever be.

It was a pretty awesome run of the comics, lasting about 32 issues and 1 of the most interesting and funny things about is how Doc Ock realizes how strong Spider-Man was.

Like after realizing that he has to use a fraction of his strength when punching and kicking thugs to avoid killing them

he thinks back to all those times Spidey could've easily killed him if he smacked him hard enough.

So that was pretty funny I can't lie

and it further cements my point when I mentioned that I wasn't quite sure if the carbon fiber enforced gloves would be a necessity or a hindrance to Spider-Man.

But anyways the carbon fiber is not only noticeable on his fist and forearms but also on his chest and feet.

So yeah having it on the chest is understandable,

I'm not sure if that's all there is to the symbol since Insomniac hasn't given that much info about it.

I guess something traumatizing is gonna happen to Spider-Man's classic suit since they said he'll be wearing it in the 1st act of the story.

I can certainly tell that the carbon fiber that's embedded in the soles of his shoes is gonna come in handy it and it was a smart move to include them.

Because we can see that Spidey has more traction and he's able to stop speeding vehicles without completely loosing his footing.

I'm just wondering where Peter's gonna get the doe for all of that because Carbon fiber can be expensive.

So I'm guessing that this mystery job he has is probably paying him well.

But anyways the last thing Jacinda talked about was Spider-Man's anatomy.

Saying that they originally went for a more lean strangely Spider-Man similar to the Todd McFarland or Brian Bendis' Ultimate Spider-Man versions.

But when they programmed the model into the game it didn't quite look right especially since he's suppose to be an older and confident character.

So they went in an opposite route,

making him more muscular like a line backer but having a buff machismo guy just didn't capture the essence of a graceful Spider-Man.

So they went with more of a lean fighter's build which is probably the best decision.

Like the suit just seems to enhance the length and narrowness of Peter Parker's body

ya know, it gives him that Spidery look as opposed to the bulky clumsy looking one.

Now Miss Chew also gave a brief mention of what went into the physicalities of Spider-Man PS4's web swinging.

She talked about when it was absolutely appropriate to use a mo-cap actor for certain animations and when they had to manually create them.

Judging from all of the web swinging footage we've gotten I just assumed that it was mostly done using motion capture.

I mean the movements just look so fluid and graceful for it not to be.

But according to her all of the web swinging animations had to be manually crafted.

And man that had to take a lot of work to do and it kinda makes sense now

because there are a few animations that look a little wonky and could use a bit more polish.

Like the 1 where Spidey dives through a pipe and the animation quickly snaps back to default as soon as he exits it.

So you can tell that there's still more work that needs to be done but it looks great nonetheless.

The last thing she talked about was the actual character rig,

the endoskeleton that makes Spidey do what a spider does.

A good majority of the ground combat was done using mo-cap but to add stylization to the web swinging it would have to be hand crafted.

1 of the cool things about the rig is how Insomniac went out of their way to animate the tension in the muscles.

So I'm guessing that the silhouettes and volumes were probably animated to specific lighting conditions for each shot, so the contours of the rig can be seen more.

I'm pretty sure a lot of time and attention went into making the muscles react to those signature poses and extensions.

Now the last thing I wanna talk about is the article we got a few days ago regarding the duality between Peter Park and Spider-Man.

The game's leading director Bryan Intihar talked about how Insomniac would be going in a different route in terms of storytelling.

How they didn't wanna tell the same story we've heard over and over like Peter Parker got his powers.

Instead the player will have to find Peter Parker's old back packs that will be hidden around New York.

It'll probably be a similar to the Batman Arkham games where you find these short audio logs that give you a brief synopsis of old events and villains.

But anyways this version of Peter Parker is a 23 year old college graduate who has a firm grasp on his abilities.

Like many other iterations, Peter is a scientist but Intihar didn't wanna go into specifics to where he'll be working.

He just stated that as a 23-year old college graduate, Peter will be experiencing problems that will be all too familiar to anyone who has been in the same position.

And I can already tell where they're going with this particular element

because I can relate to what Peter is going through especially pertaining to college.

Just because you have a college degree it doesn't automatically ensure that you've found your place in the business world.

Everything seems to be all fine and dandy until you realize that you're in a financial hole with all the loans you have to pay back.

The concepts and trailers pretty much confirm this because you see that Peter's living conditions aren't all that great.

And how in 1 scene Aunt Mae asks him if he needs money to which he replies that he's fine, he's just a little behind on his rent.

Just familiar nuances such as that give you an idea that you will experience the excitement of being Spider-Man but you'll also have to deal with the underwhelming social life of Peter.

Insomniac mentions that they worked closely with Marvels executive creative director Bill Rosemann on the story

and his main advice was that the best Spider-Man stories are the ones where Peter Parker and Spider-Mans worlds collide

It was important that Spider-Man and Peter Parker feel like separate people.

As Spider-Man, he exudes confidence and speaks with conviction,

but as Peter Parker, he stumbles with his words.

They went on to say that the outside perception of Spider-Man will also shift and change as you move through the games story.

Some people will think hes the best thing to ever happen to the city and will even stop him in the street to take a selfie, or give him a high-five.

Other civilians will be seen as a menace.

Now this is something that I think will be a huge game changer because til this day I don't think we've gotten that level of detail in a Spider-Man game.

The comic books have reinvented themselves many times and there are many iterations of Peter Parker.

But over the 50 years they've always maintained the same root characteristics.

1 of the unique things about Spider-Man is that it doesn't matter who's in the suit.

What matters is that he represents everyone, sometimes for the good and the bad.

People will love him and people will hate him.

I'm hoping that certain outcomes will determine how Spider-Man is perceived by the general public.

Like if I do something that's heroic people will cheer for me as I swing by.

And if I do something that's absurd to Spider-Man's character civilians can scowl at me.

All of that would be awesome.

But anyways that's all I got for you guys today.

I wanna know what you think about all of this information.

Do you love the detail Insomniac are putting into the new Advanced suit?

And how do you feel about the duality between Peter Parker and Spider-Man?

Get at me in comment section below.

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Once again this was your boy RBG signing out on another video.

I'll catch you guys later.

Peace out.

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