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We will take a quick look at how you can connect a time attendance device with Attend HRM

Okay, let's add a new device

I'm going to call this one 'D1'

and this device is located at the main door

So, let's add a new door called main door

There are a few ways in which Attend HRM can communicate with a time attendance device

but this time we choose the direct communication methods

As you see, Attend HRM is already compatible with many devices

but if you want to add another device to this list send us the information and we will add the device for you

This time I'm going to pick ZK, because that's my device

You can enable or disable a device with this option

In this option you can specify if the device is an attendance device

In this case the device is at the main door , so I will keep this option checked

but if the device is located at the server room entrance, for example, in that case

you should uncheck this option since the device is not going to be used

as an attendance device

Now the IP Address

Let's first check if the device is properly connected to the network

and is accessible. Let's ping the device That's the IP address of my device

As you see, we get reply from the device. So the connection seems to be okay.

I will key in the same IP Address over here.

and, that's it!

We just connected a time attendance device with Attend HRM

You can add as many devices as you want

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