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hi I'm Andrew Lessman and I'm the

founder of ProCaps labs

I suppose my focus on health and

wellness crystallized when I decided not

to pursue a career as a physician as a

doctor the the medical professions seem

to be entirely focused on illness and

not on wellness and I think I'd rather

focus on prevention and vitamins were

just a natural outgrowth of that

interest of mine over the course of my

career without exaggeration I probably

read tens of thousands of research

studies it's what keeps my fluency with

the science and that when I speak to

friends of mine who are physicians and

doctors they generally rely on me for

biochemical explanations of the science

and research that's recently been

published because that's what I do and I

love the science I love the research

it's fascinating for me and it's what

allows me to make the quality products

we have because when we focus on what we

put in our body I think that's the most

sensible way to prevent illness my focus

has always been my entire life even when

I competed in sports was on excellence

so whatever I pursue I pursue it and do

it as best I can and our vitamins are a

perfect example of that it's not

important that you get the products I'm

offering but it's very important that

you get the information I'm sharing

because information is the key to being

a healthy person

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