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it was like everybody the Americans the penultimate episode of season two

operation Chronicle Robert daily lotto draw label maker with another great day

episodes were building them

fantastic said it was absurd thrilled filled with the thrills

and yet I like that I wouldn't care if ill

FF though that bill will feel right but I think the most

dramatic moment the moment I

was just page picking up all my guy oh yeah I know I kidding rampaging

saucy about it i mean she's like getting like you know

summary plane go down a little bit 1000 I

played our best years old yeah if it was a

I so they've been a min is all season who were you with us our last year the

whole snooping on the laundry room and as I have a reason ended

I would rather I know so that's been a whole thing then that they've been kinda

string along all year

for me the I mean yeah I'm all things was happening I'm finding the whole

Nina subplot fascinating because things are clear now

well yeah but it but i know im in a weird way either clearer in that

what seems like a scam is actually true

in terms of boy the things that they're threatening here you can see them

pretending that okay we're going to all the stuff to threaten be min to hand

over the stealth stuff but no they're really doing it like they really are

gonna center-right for trial they really are

yeah that was clearly always a like a very real possibility and now we know

that ole

you know is in love with her and knows maybe more thinking maybe I should help

irma scare them

yes so he gave her money right very Bob I still think it's

I and II still leaves a little unclear II

because to them what part all a bit like exactly

now it seems like she's because there's clearly they've already established that

there are conversations happening that we don't say

right because they say you know we we had all been led to believe you know

Beavan doesn't go for this

so I thought that meant that she would have to talk be made into it there's no

her talking be when they do it there was this dramatic scene where he's like

honey I'm

I'm home and she's beaten up one ish she was given a chance to talk him into it

trying to go back and say like

still not sure I got by a chance seems to me like this was always there black

like this was their plan they just didn't share that with us

because because I thought as you probably did he's not just gotta agree

just 5 for

all sure believing a bit but I think it's one thing if

if they're they're telling be men hey we're going to bring it to direct

pressure put on trial if you don't give this to us

as always simply to manipulate him but given the fact that they actually

or are going to send a ride russia took third row as far as we know

that that's the interesting wrinkle in also that what they need payment for

was not realized that they needed and told us recently

so mean him leaning him having to get

gorging on with only recently discovered that they needed this thing called core

and so it may be a bit more than the ACO program it just came over I'm sorry

about that aggressor

it could have been could not have been the determine earlier in the season that

they needed the right rear admiral a figure that he was involved want to get


involve a stealth that all of a sudden he became that became a much more

important right get to them and they stop just ringing this thing along lady

is that

act on it I think what's slightly also unclear just because of the nature the

show is

book their plan it out and Arcadia saying yeah we're gonna centre-back an

email and have

all eight believing that they're gonna send it back to three about giving away

are they leaving us are you might just be like

not get I centre-back that I just added this to play after I needed

and I need her to believe it around her to believe it

nom does leave Ferguson know that


up the kid is the kid I love a min Lee Ann

bill les Richter no that yeah

has led I think he does he does he does know there who knows that

he knows from the because he thinks that

Elizabeth and Philip are the killers

so I'm among printer is the following them because he's trying to get


where the following them I don't think you try when I don't think he thinks

Elizabeth and Angela by the killers why though he be that's why he killed in

their Hiller last night things they're the killers I'll

ultimately a no no no I love the guys on the mission the contras

the Congo okay I'm gonna let me know and I said yeah

after that is right where you know my friends and he's not

I think now you here or a controversial okay are you worried about the

right he's not you what he's worried about the American trainers they killed

right like that idk

anybody cares about that contra commanders but we're going i do believe


heading in the direction up you know we allegedly that he since that he's the

killers a blip Emily and I he said the same thing

with that but I'm think you're right about your speculate I don't think 11

Lee and I still think that

that it could be fred because it just works well hit remember like that that

we're going to be crazy

but to do that we learn what those talking about arm John Carroll Lynch was

standing and prep prep

sewing when Phil sucking about freddy is like he's good can I am done

you know he's you know how those presents for Jared

I'm starting to wonder if the new Gerrard without the hotel room he did it

go get it he did you know there's a

reach a ride from that cat who does

police yell he's a strange dude is real Cuban guy was to me that was more


that was right button I

i've a lot of those bullets I

I'm filled with goes well with some so I i

it is tough to figure out exactly who who is

motivated by what on but I think it's too easy a player killed em atlantis

from a narrative

yeah seems a but I understand we need to me

Gators you know he's got other really care about avenging his friend's death

he's a psychopath no

this killing them ties up a loose and educate yourself from the situation

he is eager to hear it too yeah leaders to set

you gotta let Americans were killed you know the young American was killed

immediately care so much things lawyer first to betray his country to

saves markers that was highly themself people who do they think they're

complicated they may think

oh I don't mind helping out but like as soon as somebody is killed that it was

going to be killed I

I wanna get these people back I to me it's like a a guy who is

Nick its he's happy to have a justification

that isn't I am merely looking to try to protect my yeah I'm intervention by

friends are

but yeah I know my last name I going back to page

you know it is 10 in page questions that her parents I do things like how does

that will travel agency

thing work yeah so then they how does that I mean are they working hard every

day making a travel agency work i mean we don't we ever see those guys

well they they are a mean they are actually a functioning traveling 30

eisin that's what everybody else in the office

yelling all the time in this has been a very busy two years for

yeah of course there have a daughter who is now what like 15 were

at driving so she's like 15 and she's smart and she's figure it out as they

were trouble with his work this summer

I got a travel agent emergency is this travel agency emergency in

yeah and and everything she said you know edge so she's like

this is crazy they're having a weird and another weird phone conversation maybe

it's not even mom

sure I don't want to hear the mistress who split with my father

acceptable for that but that was terrified just that little click

there in the middle yeah I think I will ever be a calm deliberate

got there being bugged Ono with have the poll also hear you but you know you have

a lot to lose but now wondering you know why

why is Jer being being sent away and I and II Men

was on the question the whole notion what you do when you have kids surer way

with this happened our kids

a for your your requisite eighty is referenced right now I'm this year

yeah that was a reference I was a joke about a reference to write like that

grab guns not going to be any good about 30 minutes to ours because if not you

know it's

I miss head but the the we don't know what happened to

what's the handler cake we don't know what we do know what applique but they

don't know what application yet and they don't know why Kate

was it herself right and you I was came out like why did Kate

tell them and what is Jerry just like so he just heard your

or what have you heard there's a report still built on lies and they were killed

because they were so yeah but

the conversations are so elliptical yet we don't really know all the Jared knows

we don't know if you're it was in any way

you know they were involving him in stopper

they just all the rumor there's something about the jurors story that we

don't know yet no question because those conversations are

a said that the two elliptical there's two it's too hard to follow she said

you know about your parents right on what do you know about

repaired right um but he obviously knows some stuff and he was totally willing to

go along and then were left to terrify conclusion that lay ricos

good in that close and that right and he's right there yeah

in town my anyway I will let the L and then I still thought comes going on and

up for it with the best

and stands wipe yeah it was the only with this guy

yeah which when she say what s thing that you describe he is beyond absurd

within those mean the moment or something and there are willing to be in

the moment the

I the irony is we're not over an eye for detail not her and

without for her but the and then the EDC that

is the church group just gonna be a a good to church group that's trying to do


ever I don't know me are we the mean page will be there in this next episode

so are they setting up

a like a suspense an area with something that like a like the

payroll scenario for for page at the camper me she calls it like I don't feel

safe here

yeah later after gym came into my tent

me as a secret sandanista great I

but then right there in the middle is it up with Larry connect

kato et al to grab the lady or not and they got to get it

Jared wherever he is in new york upstate New York and she's in Pennsylvania and


travel it is very easy to accept I barely

go there again always in the right to your left

I whose I

alright good stuff as usual the was a look at four to see that new and

fearing a mere dreading I know I know and I'm I'm on tenterhooks for her


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