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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: House Tour! Cape Cod style home | SNEAK PEEK! Construction update.

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Hi, it's Rachael from Front Porch Properties here

And I just wanted to give you a quick update on where we're up to with our Gold Coast project

This is a really special project for a lovely family and we are currently up to

Framing stage and the roof has just gone on.

My name is Rachel Turner and I own a construction company

Called Front Porch Properties and we specialize in building new homes and renovations which have modern finishes with a storybook charm

I'm also a fully licensed to builder and my youtube channel is all about all things DIY, home renovations

Design tips and tricks and hacks and if that kind of thing is up your alley then please hit the subscribe button

We're going to talk really briefly about the style of home because I've had lots of people asking me about what kind of style it is

because it is certainly very unique and I don't think I've seen anything else like it in Brisbane or the Gold Coast

so it's called a

cape cod-style home

And it mimics homes on the east coast of America in this Cape Cod style

And so some key characteristics that define that style are its symmetry is the main thing and you can see looking at the house

It's very symmetrical

With this centered gambrel roof, and then the dormer windows on either side

another thing that characterizes

The style is by having a really steep roof pitch and you can see because they've just had the roof tiles put on

That actually the roof takes up a huge portion of the front elevation

In fact about 50% of the house when you're standing on the street, all you see is the roof tiles

So it's really critical for us to select the right roof tiles that kind of mimic that slate

American shingle look so that's why we've chosen these particular tiles

So here is our front door; a massively oversized front door

2700 high for a front door and this is the front porch here. This is just a large foyer

It's about five meters by three meters

So pretty large and then through here is a mudroom which you will walk through on your way inside from the garage

Which is a really smart design idea when you come home in the afternoon

you're carrying your bags and your jacket and your boots and this mudroom right here is an excellent place to offload and store all of

your stuff

Off to the left here is my clients craft room

this is where she can just retreat get away from the kids, have some peace and quiet and

do her own things in there. Through here

This is all the open plan kitchen living and dining. The living area over here has a beautiful picture frame window

overlooking the City of Gold Coast

Behind this wall will be the media room where the kids can go they can be closed off in that room and

enjoy it watching some movies.

Then up this end, this is where the kitchen and butler's pantry is

And the best part is there's going to be three massive sets of French doors there again overlooking the city skyline

And we're back in the entrance here again and down here

This will be a they'll be a set of stairs going down here to the third

level, the basement level of the house, and that's where my clients can have guests that are visiting or their parents in-law can stay or

Whatever and it's fully fitted out down there

with its own kitchenette and its own bathroom.

We've just climbed up the scaffolding and now we're on the top level here and this whole area is a really large void

so we're actually standing on an internal balcony and we'll be able to look down to

The level beneath us... and these rooms through here are just all of the kids bedrooms

The kids are lucky enough to each have their own ensuite. This is the girls

Walk-in robe and this is her


Pretty lucky for a young girl to have her own ensuite

Especially with a really cute little dormer window as well. And this is the son's bedroom and again he has his own

Walk in robe and his own ensuite.

And now we're standing in the master bedroom

This is a really special space as well. In the master bedroom with decided to do a

pitched ceiling here rather than having the flat ceiling

and we will line this and then put on some dummy rafters so that

It truely like a cathedral ceiling. The master bedroom also has its own beautiful balcony again

And through here is the master ensuite. This room is really something special

You can see that just by the sheer size of it. Right now I'm standing in the actual shower space itself

we're going to have double rose shower coming from the ceiling as well as a

Shower on a hose coming from this wall as well. Also, we've built in a bench seat here as well

Just somewhere where you can sit and relax or also handy for putting your foot up to shave your legs

Just total luxury in here. And up this end underneath this beautiful big window

There's gonna be a lovely freestanding bath and then a double vanity over here as well

If you've got any comments or questions about this build then please feel free to comment below

I do try to take time to get back to

Everyone who comments, and if you want to follow more of the behind the scenes day-to-day stuff of what we get up to then

maybe consider following along on instagram at


Thanks for watching. Bye for now

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