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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to Make Candles : Materials, Supplies & Tools Needed for Candle Making

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For Expert this is Matt Friedman, owner of the Blue Creek Candle Company. In

this clip we will be talking about tools and materials that you need to make your own candles.

To find out more about my candles please visit my website. Obviously the first thing that

you will want is some wax and just to show you a couple different types, we have a paraffin

wax here. You can notice how hard it is and this is just a small block broken off of a

larger slab. Usually when you order these you will get a 60 pound box with six 10 pound

slabs in it. You also have a little cup containing some soy wax and you can notice that this

comes in a flake form so you just have to scoop it out of the bag and put it into your

pot. You are also going to want is as you can see is a measuring cup not only for scooping

but you may want some various size measuring cups for your additives. What you also obviously

want is some wick. Again wick comes in various sizes and types so make sure you do a little

research and make sure that you are using the correct wick for the candle project that

you are going to be working on. You are also going to want to have a scale. Obviously the

scale is important because this is what you will be measuring your wax with to make sure

you are using the appropriate amount of wax for a given project. These come in various

types. This is very basic one; probably only cost about $10.00. You can go with digital

ones but for a beginner I would suggest this is fine. Now what also you are going to need

is a melting pot. You will need a wooden spoon to help stir in your sense and your dyes when

you get to that point in your candle making. You are going to need a thermometer. These

are available at any craft supply store or through a supplier relatively cheap. Make

sure you can use it for candle making and this will let you know the temperature of

your wax to help make sure it is not too hot before you pour it. As I was saying earlier,

this is your melting pot. As you can see it is a nice solid aluminum pot with a nice pour

spout and a sturdy black plastic handle. These are essential in your candle making and it

makes it nice and easy to pour. I suggest you having a few of these on hands so you

can make multiple candles at one time or if you are making a candle with different colors

in it you can work on that project all at once. What you are also going to want is aluminum

foil. I use aluminum foil simply to cover the burners on the stove. That way no wax

will drip down onto your stove and potentially cause a fire. You are also going to want to

use a lot of wax paper to cover your work station with. This will help prevent any waxes

or dyes getting on your counter tops.

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