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...with Yamato-senpai.

-And then I rub my cheeks against Miyu's. -In that part? "Kimi no tonari~"

-We are always together, there. -That's why I think she may be the one for me.

-Is that so? -In that song I had two affairs with Ayame.

With Miyu once. With Yamato-senpai, always.

But... when was it? Yesterday? The day before yesterday?


Wait... not that.


-What did you see? -When?

During Fancy...

Together, during the build-up, right?

-It looks like we did, but we didn't. -During Fancy Friday Night?

After the build-up? After that, it becomes cluttered, so I cannot see.

-But yesterday... -Seems there are romantic issues.

Infidelity issues, since it's a song about that.

There seems to be stuff happening between members, although I don't know what that means.

-Love issues. -But we've come to do these kind of songs, in Nijicon.


-Before, it would probably have been impossible. -But we can't really go back to the times of Yarukkyanai", no?

I know what you mean.

We wouldn't be able to express that kind of passion, back then.

During that time, Mofuku-san called me "bakasao".

I remember she called you that.

We have done more mature songs recently. I'm sure more of those will come.


You kissed her on the cheek!? I just read that.

That's why they were chattering...

-Ao? -Yes.

-You did that, Ao? -I kissed with Miyuniki during Zutto Summer. -They kissed on the lips during Zutto Summer. -On the lips?!

They would often kiss on the lips in that song.

Since that was going to be the last one, we did it properly.

We always did, but in corona times...

That's right, but yesterday it felt like it was going to be the last one.

Is that so?

During the second section, before "DARAKA DOUKA DOUKA", Miyu and Ao would always kiss on the lips.

This can be seen sometimes during concerts with audience.

But in these times we do "air" kisses.

-Is it during the "Nana drums" part? -That's right.

Members cover us, so you can't really see us.

Doing it tenderly while no one can watch. Are you trying to pull an unusual show?

We aren't.

-From now on, to the air... -Kissing the carbon in the air.

Rio, can you forgive that?

-It's not like that... -What is it then?

-It's important. -Important?

-Ao-senpai doesn't want to kiss me on the lips. -Yeah... No!

Is that so? There is stuff going on...

...I cannot understand it.

-Why? -What, why?

Don't you think there's nothing wrong with it?

-No, I wouldn't like that... -Why?

-Somehow, I don't know... -Why is it no good with me?!

You said it as if it were a drama. "Why is it no good with me?"

If it were on the cheek...

On the cheek would be fine.

-On the cheek or nose... -I would with Karin-senpai.

-With me? -On the cheek.

-Really? -But if it were on the lips I feel I would have to apologize.

-Karin-senpai would never do it. -She would never.

This one time, Rio got this close to me...

"Ah, sorry!"

I remember that one a lot.

-But you have kissed, right? -Not on the lips...

With whom you kissed, then? Marina?

Mahrin and Ayame...

Marina, Ayame, Ao, Miyu...

-With me? -Once.

I still haven't done it on the lips...

Only on the cheeks, nose, chin, collarbone...

In what places are you kissing?

One day by mistake I kissed Nyan's collarbone.

I don't know what you mean by that. How does that happen?

When I realized I had kissed her.

Well, if we are talking about Nijicon, this has become something quite common.

I dont get it.

That this has become common, means we are living in the real world.

When I run into my friends from outside Nijicon, at school or elsewhere, they tell me "Airi, you are kinda distant".

Oh, definitely. Seems like the personal space...

-Is not there. -It's gone.

Being all the time with Nijicon members, that feeling of distance is not there anymore.

For being in Nijicon all the time I stopped understanding the outside world.

I think I completely understand that. Also with the otaku terms.

That's true. I went through so many difficulties in middle school, because of that. **Here she uses internet slang "ngo", a word suffix**

-"What's wrong with you?", I was told. -Yes, that happened to me.

-"She looks crazy". -That's really what they would say.

Stuff like "waita", now everyone uses it, but before, no one used these kind of words.

True, they didn't understand emojis either, right?

-They use even "bonbon" now. -"Something-ngo..."

-"Something-taro..." -"Taro", probably still used only within Nijicon. -You're right.

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