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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to Cycle Your Aquarium- Nitrogen Cycle in an Aquarium. Bacteria for the Nitrogen Cycle

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what up fish tank people

dustinsfishtanks bringing it to you on a Sunday baby how is everybody doing yo

your boy Dee had a great time at the ACA was up there like Thursday Friday

Saturday went home last night hung out with the king of DIY himself mr. Joey

Mullins I'm sad to say I would love to have the man next to me unlike two

unliked hitting him with questions but he had to family stuff come up so he

could not make it down I am crushed I wanted to sweat him out in the

greenhouse he's from Canada but they just get him in here with 90 degree heat

see what happened to him but I did enjoy watching him eat some steak and shaking

me to Frisco burger for the first time so that was entertaining so yes folks

ACM is a great time such a good time meeting all of you many of the people

that can make it they're so pumped to actually like meet people and look them

in the eye and said just like looking into a camera and responding to emails

like actually like seeing people and talking about the tanks and that good

stuff so a lot of fun there went to what's called I never heard of this

before the AC has what's called the bitch's auction which excuse my French

but hilarious they have all these women that auction off all these cichlids and

I could care less about 95% of the fish although Brian did bring back a

Tanganyika heal which was sick but anyway women given like you know fake

lap dances to do to spend over 100 bucks and anyway a real good time so the ACA

American cichlids Association great time thank you Bill Merkley and you're rusty

Russell for having a great show so anyway today folks and species Sunday

but I want to talk about bacteria I don't know really this species of it but

it's important and I talked about it last week when I had the balancing

issues and I got the algae in the tanks now to keep those free so I want to

stick with it here I want to talk about bacteria and the nitrogen cycle okay so

as we know fish poop and that causes ammonia okay or nh3 or right which is

highly toxic to fish this is why you when you don't you don't leave fish in

your bag and if they poop the fish you know the fish poop will ultimately kill

them pretty quickly it's also why you don't feed your fish before you put them

in bags to ship them or take them places that's a good little trick for you all

so um what happens then though is there's bacteria it's in your filter

it's also in your subject we're one more but this bacteria it's broken

down by nitrous omus which break it down using oxygen to make nitrite

okay nitrite so that's no.2 which is slightly less toxic to fish although it

does something with their up bloodstream and on the executive but it is toxic to

him ah next the Nitro bacteria break nights right down into nitrate okay and

nitrates are toxic only at really high levels okay in an anaerobic bacteria

anaerobic means no oxygen those break down the nitrates should change to take

the oxygen and release the nitrogen so it goes from no.3 to the N gets released

and that's what I plan to use our plants use the nitrogen okay so we don't go

directly from fish poop to plant food I help plants to absorb a little bit of

ammonia but it's broken down so we got these nitrous illness and we got this

nitro bacteria so we want a bunch of this bacteria and folks this takes time

to happen okay um I've talked about this before but I will talk about it again

you want to have your bacteria load and give it time to establish okay and I'll

give you examples of this I used to have really horrible algae and all these

tanks before I had the sand put in here okay so once it's in there now I've got

a nice bed in there with all this you know bacteria going on so I think it's

really really important that's why you add fish slowly and you take your time

and this takes weeks months the slower you go the better you go how do we get

this we use large filter pads I like these ones they got the like poor

sponges and these are actually all I use in my filters I don't use any sort of

flossing material but these are real good lots of surface area and you never

want these to get entirely like the water flow to stop you don't want to

like unplug your filter for more than like 20 minutes or so so if you want the

water to always be circulating through to keep them alive here so we get this

but also more importantly and why you have like a bigger established tank is

in your substrate so you got your back to your beneficial bacteria your

substrate I'm gonna go ahead say the dirty tank as well cuz you got

more than some straight is where this bacteria lives and grows so the goal

here is you want your nitrifying bacteria to have a bigger establishment

going on for your for your tank to break this stuff down faster than you can add

waste to the tank so you have like a lighter amount of fish and a greater

amount of plant so you add fish slowly you add plants quickly okay you don't

had fish quickly you add lots of plants and I try to run them lightly stocked

and that's how we do it and then also just to give a shout-out to the master

Tom Barr himself said that also clay which is what we a lot of a sturdy tank

people using our substrate can't take the NH for as well ammonium so that's

good to know it's also good with the iron the breakdown iron in the substrate

as well but anyway clay is good in your substrate it's part of it so that's what

we're doing here I just want to make sure that your bacteria is thriving and

growing at a higher rate that is than waste is being produced by your fish

either by you feeding them too much and the flakes falling down or the pope so

that's what's going on folks I hope I brought a little bit of value to you on

this wonderful Sunday I'm sweating I know joy would be melting a few setting

makes me to be so hilarious so that's what I'm doing if you like what I'm

doing subscribe hope you everybody had a great weekend and a great week ahead

make it a great one take off later me and you yo fish tanks in your coves and


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