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Hello, everybody! My name is Markiplier, and welcome to pass-part-out.

Now I know that's not how you pronounce it,

but being an ignorant American that's as best as I can do, and if you've seen my "Markiplier Makes: Art" video,

you know I don't do a French accent very well,

so I'm going to just continue this without offending as many people as possible.

And then I'm going to offend people with my art instead!

Which is a more.. profitable measure, because that's what I'm hopefully going to be doing here. "Act 1: New

Beginnings" Ahhhh

What lovely place in the back alley of Pah-ree... (Paris)

That wasn't even close... Again, thought I should warn myself not to try a French accent.

Click the easel to start painting... Ah! Of course.

Ohh, *blows a kiss* I wonder how my art is going to be. Well first, let's just wash this out, oh!



Now let me get something that's gonna actually represent my soul here...

-that's a nice circle there, mark-

Okay, all right. I think we're forming something good here.

Ahh! A thing of beauty. I call this "Red Man in the Eye," I think it's beautiful.

Speaks to my soul right now. I'll just place that right there, alright, "Red Man in the Eye."

Hey, anybody want to buy "Red Man in the Eye?"

*types* Red Man

in the Eye... HEY, 'scuse me! You with the baguette! Get the FUCK over here and buy my art! HEY ASSHOLE, where you even going!?

Why you standing in the corner over there!? What was even the point of this adventure!? You gonna buy my art or what?!


HO-HO, original-light! (Ignorant American again, Mark)

Yeah! Hey, I'll take it.


13 euros or 19 euros. "Red..." Oh I better start painting, these guys are going like hotcakes!

Black it out again.. WAPPOW.


Yeah, okay, alright. I think I like it. I like where this is going. I can really feel this one..

I really see how this one's taking shape.


Happy Little Accidents! Okay. alright. This one's called "Red Man Getting Closer" *types* Red Man Getting Closer.

Oh yeah, oh, this is art right now. Oh keep track of my cash flow?? Well I don't know if I have any... Oooh!


Too dull?! You're too dull, with your spiky hair and your.. "ARGH" shirt.. and your rain boots!

It's not even raining you stupid idiot! With your big ol' hoop earrings! Oh, you fucking loser with your chains!

What'dya got a wallet chain? Why don't you go buy my shit, okay?



Like it so far. Like it. TOO DULL!? TOO DULL!? Are you kidding me!?!

Oh, this is perfection right here! This is perfection! You see what I'm going for here,

everybody trying to speak to the inner workings of my soul. OO, fresh like a morning bag--EIGHT?


EIGHT? Well baguette man's my best customer here so. *types* "Red Man Sees You" Red Man Getting Closer sold for nine dollars.

That guy is gonna be fuckin' POSSESSED by the end of this game. That guy doesn't even know what's about to happen to him.

Alright I'm gonna keep painting like an asshole. OH!

Makes- *chuckles* Monsieur, this tingles my facial hair! As it should! It should tingle it with a knife because it's murderous!

Alright let's paint another one before that guy gets outa here. Hang on, wait th-HaNg ON. DON'T GO. NO DON'T gO MAN!

I'll call this: "Red Thumb"


*types* "Red Thumb... or Diiiiiiiick?"

Who knows, what could it be? I don't know! It's a painting. It's up there now. So you do whatever you got going on there.


HO- HO! All original-light! *breaks into laughter* (Ignorant American: Part 3 :D )

That's horrible. All right you can have it. You have the- the red man's dick. Ohh,

Baguette Man is just the art cono-SWAH. Alright, fine. Let me do work with some different colors here... Uh-huh yep.

Oh, yeah, this is a good one. Oh, it's good monsieur. Oh, bon soir! Ah


Baguette! Bonjour! Eiffel tower!

Chanel! There we go... There we go! That looks good. Gonna call that one.. uh

*types* "Not So Starry Night"

Starring: Mister Red Man. Man, I'm painting these faster than the-urgh-they're selling faster than I can paint 'em! It's fairly well made - OH!

Thank you, George! I will take that! I take that as a compliment. You are so nice! "Not So Starry Night."

Oh, that's so sweet, actually. I didn't put any effort into that one, but still! Okay. I got this one.

Uh-huh, okay, it's uhh it's "Red Man Going to Bed." There we go...


There we go! He's so cute. He's tucked in the bed, and his pillows... *types* "Red Man Goes


There we go. Awwww, go look at it. You know you want it.


Let's get some other colors in here. -painting noises- Where is this taking me?

Oh, I don't know, but the creative expression is flowing through me! Oh, I feel so fulfilled. NOOHHHH


There's red man. He ain't looking so good. *types* "Red Man No Look So Good". Alright, there we go.

Go get that one. You know you want it. You know you want it..... TOO DULL!


you! "I want to see more focus on the craft"? Well, I want to see more focus on the FUCK YOU! (Buuurnnnn)

That's what I want to see... Eat a dick! There we go. How's that for craft? How's that for craft?? You got pletty- pretty pr- pretty flower!

*types* "Pletty pretty flower". There you go, there's craft for ya! Now I'ma start going abstract because this obviously ain't working for me.

There we go. It's done. I call it...

"Eraser From School" Memories of my elementary array... eray - erasure... from school. Memories lost.

Mmm. Better - you better start buying my art or else I'm gonna start stabbing somebody... Okay there we go! It's done! I love!

"Where's the energy mate, it's bland?" YOU'RE BLAND!


Moments of Life" There we go. I'm gonna really put my effort into this one. There we go.

I call this one "Blood on a Rainy Day" 'cause I got nothing else to call it. What else would I? Ahhh thank you!

Thank you! "Colors too crazy for you?" Colors too crazy?!

Wh-you-T-thi-this is two COLORS it's ONE if you don't count white! All right. How about this?

I'm gonna make, I know what I'm gonna do. I know what I must do to truly channel the greatest art.

*laughs* Excellent alright, I call this one "The Eiffel Tower at Night"

No, "Eiffel Tower At Sunrise"

I don't think I even spelled "Eiffel" correctly! "Put in some effort will you?" I put in so much effort!

YEAH I'm trying to be some sort of minimalist. What else would I be? 'Scuse me!

I got to get "Red Man in a Butthole" there you go "Red Man in a Butthole"



HEH-HEH-HELLLL YEEeah, "Red Man in a Butthole!" No better color combination than pink and brown if you ask me! Uh-huh. Okay. I like this one.


Makes my facial hair tingle does it? Ohhohoho

You get that one. There we go d o n e!

Done. *types* "Pink Hair Don't Care" fine, I'll get rid of that one!

How do I throw one away? Can I just burn one? I don't think I'm gonna make it here.

Oh, I'm trying my best!

I'm trying my ding-dong damn best. Gotta get the nose. Her nipples are waaaaay up there.

There we go. Got it. NAILED it. Let's see *types* "Perky!" :D Ima call that one "Perky!"

OOOOH, "True art isn't based on skill, I love it mate!" YOU LIKE PERKY MAGGIE?! Oh hell yeah. Yeah you do ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I'm gonna go for like, a...

like the banksy style message here.

It's all about capitalism, man. It's all about the capitalism destroying the integrity of art

*types* "Capitalism" capital-lu-lust-capal-assam Dees-destory, Integeerity of Aaaart

That's what dat one called. Dat one called capitalism... I don't know what you want.

There we go. Got it. Naaaaaailed it. Woo! "Not shoddy at all"?

Hey, I think I found it


Got it, nailed it. Right, how 'bout this one? That one's pretty cool. I'm gonna call dat one:



Nnnn, I've unlocked a new tool!

Since when have I unlocked a new tool? That's awesome! I thought it was gonna be dying! Whoo! Thank you!

Heck ouh yeah! All right! I know I found my art style. I found my art style


Fine, whatever. I'll throw it away. People don't like that one. People don't like my banksy. Oh, thank you! Alright that's good.

Whatever. I love capitalism, then. I love capitalism destroying the integrity of my i-arrrt. What is this? Oh spray?

Well, I want a nice -- this is doing nothing! Ahhhh!


All right here we go. I know what I'm gonna do. Nailing it, got it. Nailed It got it. Great. Got it. Great. Nailed it.

"SIXTH OF JULYYY!" Your first bullshit is bizarre. I've actually taken a while to get them through that's not bad. It's kind of soothing.

It's relaxing even, whoo. Thank you. It's going well for me.

*types* "Seventh of July" I think this one's going to come together real good here.

I call this one: "You See What You Wanna See"


59??! oh!!

Thank you for that!

I appreciate it. Oh man! I'm not gonna be starving for long! Baguettes for me all day and all night!

I'm done. Okay I call this one "The Sponge Screams". Not "The Sponge Creams", "The Sponge Screams"

Shut up! Not meant for you! Done. I call that one "Ghost Hug"


"Expression does not require skill"? Thank you! I'll take that as a compliment. I think?



Heck-uh yeah! I don't know why I just keep drawing circles like that's my only go-to thing. It's not even a trick

I was about to say it's a trick. There's my one trick!

I go in a lot of circles and I scribble a lot. (It's a good trick to have) and I draw a little dude in there. Das good

That's a good one. Ima call that one "Das Good"

*types* "Das Good" I'm gonna make a comic here. DONE. Got bored halfway through. I'm gonna call it that one "Got Bored Halfway Through" wHOooA

"The artist understands me!" I do, I do understand you! I really really do! They like my circles.

I'm pretty sure it's my circles that they really like. Skillful. CRAHAHAP! I finally impress Steve!

Skillful craft wow, okay. Right! Here we go this might be my masterpiece. *types* "Windows'...

Alternate Logo"

That's good shit

Whoo 50! Not bad! There we go! Got it! Oh, I feel like a Sim

*types* "Feel...

Like a Sim" You know Sim

that's just like slowly building up their art skill by...

Painting a bajillion paintings and, none of them are good. Why am I painting without passion? What do you mean without passion?

I've got-I've got oodles of


This looks like Sesame Street. I somehow drew a Sesame Street sign *laughs*

Somehow I did that, I don't know I did it, but I'm gonna call that one "Passion" What happens if I don't accept their offer?

Does it create like a bidding war or something? This might be my greatest work yet. This might be my ultimate masterpiece.

I'm going to call this one: "My Masterpiece" and with that,

I think I'm going to stand right here next to it as they judge it, harshly.

And I'm not going to accept any offers on it because I don't need your charity!

Good. NOO. I don't want it. I want your money! You think I do this for money? HUH? No! Right here.

Oh 94? No, I don't think so! I don't do this for money!

Look, I do this for the expression of the art, not the expression of my wallet! You understand what I'm saying here?

Do you even understand? I don't think you do! I don't think you do! 94? I'll take it. That's a new record!

So not bad I guess. I don't know why I took so long on this one,

but that is it. This is my new masterpiece. It is

gorgeous, it is

*types* "Fricking Gorgeous"


112? Well, the offer will be back if I don't it so... There we go!

I don't know what it is, but I think it's two dudes fighting on a cross bridge

*types* "Two Dudes Fight'n"


Skilful craft? I'll wait. All right. I'll take it.

All right

OH shut up! At least I'm selling them! *types* "At Least I'm Sellin' 'Em!"

There I now have a stripe of every color in -- OOO know their craft! Okay you go for that!

Now I've got a stripe of every color in this bitch!

Every single color is in that one

What, hipster shops? "We've decided that you're becoming too popular expect no more money from us"? What?! I expect nothing.

I don't even know what that means!

What do you mean you're expecting? What does that mean? What does that mean?

I don't know what that means, so fuck you guys.

I don't need you. Hey!

pass-part-out's way of interperperting a new idea to become a hot topic -- woooo ahhhh

I'm getting pop-oo-lar

There we go, all right. I call this one "Beep Boop Borp, I'm a Robo"

*types* "Beep Boop Borp, I'm a Robo"

Alright well at least I can't get any more money from the hipster shop, so I got to keep going in what I got--

This is so weird. This is oddly fun like, this game is just satisfying

I mean, I know that my art is bullshit my quote-unquote "art" but, I dunno.

Just having fun -- whoa brilliant mate 117. Holy shit fuck yeah, give me that money! I'm a sellout.

I ain't ashamed, just in it for the cash eh? Oh. yeah, you know it of course I am!

Why else would I be doing this shit?

*Silence* [Concentrated Markimoo]

*More Silence* [Concentrated Markimoo intensifies]

There we go, "Static Ghost" maybe?

*types* "Static Ghost"

Yeah, something along those lines

I like it! I like it a lot! Now how should I ruin this one? You know what it's fine, whatever.

Painting without passion? That alien is screaming. Alright *types* "Zebra of...


Mmm *obnoxious French laugh*

-the Mark, he paints-

There we go. I don't know what I'm gonna call this one..

-he paints with PASSION-

Okay, I'm a call it "Do-Over" don't know why people don't like my paintings, man.

People don't just don't understand my art. Made a painting but you didn't make art. Ah fuck you. WHOOA

Thank you

-such PASSION-

There we go, all right. I think I'm gonna end it on that one...whatever one this one is. I'm gonna say "The End"

That is the end of all things. And with that, I think I'm done with this game.

I've been playing this for the better part of an hour. Just kind of like, fiddling with paintings. It's weird,

And the time I did that the art video, I'll put a link in the description if you want to see it umm,

But everything in that art videos like... Nah!

It's kind of cool just to be able to create bullshit and whatever it is is what it is so with this stuff,

it's like I got no stakes in it -- OOOOhhHH!

"Provoking and shocking. I freaking love it!" Well, That's good! Ima pass. I like that one

I'm going to keep that there see if anybody else likes it,

I don't know if anybody else will. Colors too crazy for me.

Whatever, it is, but this is fun! Not bad for a little indie game. I don't know how they judge these paintings, but obviously, uh

Probably by artistic merit, and I don't have any of that


Thank you everybody so much for watching let me know what you thought there my-

My-uh-little pieces of art here down in the comments below and thanks again and as always...

I will see you, in the next video! Buh-byeee!

*Frog dude spazzing out.*

Chill bro, jeez.

I'm calling an ambulance for you

RIP 'lil frog dude -2017

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