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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 90's Kids ROCKETRY

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Rocketry while hearing this name actor Madhavan movie ''ROCKETRY''

No bro I am updating myself by reading newspaper ,while hearing rocketry name chandrayan-2 came into my mind

Are you going speak about chandrayan-2 ? Nope

Ok ,I got from title 90's kids Rocketry , I am saying your are going make one paper rocket

and you going speak about it ? right.NOPE

Now we going to speak about 90' kids ROCKETRY ONLY.

when teach this 90's kids rocketry to my friends

when the launch the rocket their faces were filled with happiness

that happiness you never get it from any thing

you also can try this rocketry in your home

if it brings some happiness to you .

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Thank you

At what speed rocket will go ?

sooooooorunu it will go.

how sir it go that speed !

[object sound ]


if you tear the coconut leaf small,easily it will go long height

lets come i will send it



Stop it stop everything from here [movie dialogue]

The Description of 90's Kids ROCKETRY