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Hi everyone, I'm in Amsterdam on board of ship De Holland.

That's one of the ships of Boat Bike Tours.

There are several organizations in holland that offer boat bike trips, which basically means

you can cycle every day, a few parts of the trip you will be on board the ship.

You can also decide not to cycle for a day and stay on board.

And my hotel room will be here so my hotel room basically travels with me.

When i was a student I actually worked as a bike guide on these kind of holidays.

But that was on small ships, this one is pretty big. I think 60 people or something can be on board.

Well, we're going to start in Amsterdam.

I picked the North Holland Tour. The reason why I picked this route is because of the great mixture.

You will see the 'polders', that's a typical dutch landscape.

Green fields with cows and sheep, but you will cycle through the dunes as well.

Next to the sea, that's the hilly area of The Netherlands, where you

actually have to go up and down. Texel, one of the Wadden islands, I really love that.

I already cycled there as a child, it was actually one of my first bike touring experiences.

And we're going to Friesland. There is a lot of variety.

Beautiful old cities, villages, windmills. You'll see a lot of different

parts of The Netherlands, just within a week. First we're going to Alkmaar.

Tomorrow morning we will sail there and then we will start cycling.

Hello we're here at the Zaanse Schans. I actually never have been here as a Dutch person.

Pretty windy, but we have the wind with us today so it's an easy ride.

There's a little shop here and you can see how they make chocolate.

While you're cycling here you can actually smell the cacao.

I'm in Den Helder now, it's home to the naval base, the marines are here.

And the most interesting thing here, I think, are the old naval buildings.

They are all renovated and there's a really beautiful museum inside.

There used to be a lot of fishermen here.

And in the old old days, from here they used to go hunting for whales.

Fortunately that's not allowed anymore, so now it's mostly famous because of the naval base.

And well, it's actually most famous for the boat to Texel, one of the Wadden islands.

And that's where we're going today.

On our way to Texel, it's a very short trip by boat.

I think it's like 20 minutes.

I remember as a child, when I was feeding the seagulls, they kind of started attacking me.

Like this dog that's now barking, he wants to attack me as well.

But uh yeah so there are a lot of Germans here, sorry...

They are feeding the seagulls and well so far everyone is still alive.

So it's not too bad.

It was great to be here on Texel again. How many hours did we have?

I think like five hours or something and it flew by. I really like the eastern side.

It's pretty quiet, with birds and sheep.

Then you know, the western side is a bit more busy, because the beaches are there.

So suddenly you'll see loads of cyclists.

On a lot of spots you can buy honey and fruit - like cherries. You can buy them at private houses.

So i got some honey and we got some ice cream from Ans. 'IJs from Ans.'

At 'knooppunt vijf' (five).

She sells ice cream with all natural ingredients.

Very tasty and one of the ice creams is made with sheep milk.

I tried that out and it was really really good.

So back on the ferry and then back to our ship.

We just went into a lock, you might know that locks are used

to go from low water to high water, or the other way around.

It seems to be kind of a hard job.

Because you have to go in the right way of course.

First of all you have to be there at the right time and you have to go in the

right way - you don't want to knock one of these walls.

Sometimes it can be a bit crowded. There's a sailing boat just right here

behind us, it just went in. And our ship is pretty big, it fills up most of the lock.

Now we're waiting for the water level to change.

It's a really good way to see the country. Explore, take time, just relax.

We made it to Friesland. I hadn't been there for 15 years I think.

But I actually cycled here a few weeks ago and now I'm back.

I made a vlog about that other trip as well, so if you haven't seen that you

can check it out.

Last night we were in Den Oever with the boat. Then we crossed the IJsselmeer.

We have one day to explore Friesland a little bit. The boat is in Stavoren.

As you can see it's a bit cloudy, it started with rain this morning.

But at least it is dry now.

As you can see there's a nice sand beach behind me.

As some of you might know I love swimming - but not today.

It's very very quiet here.

I mean, Texel, the island: I love it, but it's a bit more touristic. But here it's so quiet.

So that's the good thing. If you really love that,

if you don't want to see a lot of people,

then, you know, go to Friesland. There are a lot of birds here as well.

So yeah, I like it.

So we just crossed the IJsselmeer. I would have loved to film it for you guys.

But the sea was gray, the sky was gray, it was not so nice. It's unfortunate.

Because i love crossing the IJsselmeer. It's very big.

It's almost like a sea. It feels very isolated.

But now, it was, just, i don't know.... not so nice to share with you guys.

I just arrived in Enkhuizen.

And we're going to visit the Zuiderzeemuseum over here.

That explains a lot about the history over here, also the history of

The Netherlands. How people used to live. And of course I'm bringing you with me.

So what they basically did here in the Zuiderzeemuseum is that they rebuilt a lot

of old houses from villages and towns around the IJsselmeer, that used to be a sea, the Zuiderzee.

In 1916 there was a huge flood. That was a problem with living all

around the sea. They were like: 'okay, we really have to do something about that'.

So they built the Afsluitdijk. Then the sea came to an end.

The sea became a lake.

And then it was much easier to manage the water.

You can also see the old skills from those days.

So you can see how the blacksmith used to work and how they used to saw wood

and smoked fish, like you can see here behind me.

The fish is drying on the walls.

So it's just like a little little part of the old Netherlands, almost like it's real.

Hi, we just arrived in Volendam with the ship.

This is the last cycling day, it went really fast this week.

As you can see it's kind of cloudy, that's a pity.

But the sun should come out later today.

We'll pass some really beautiful towns and villages today.

Might go to the island Marken, if the weather is nice enough.

We are going to Monnickendam as well. So really a Dutch landscape.

I going to my bike now and will start cycling.

We just arrived in Marken, which used to be an island.

But now there is a long dike, a few kilometers long with a road on it.

So you can reach Marken by bicycle. There's just one way in and one way out.

Or you can take the ferry. Normally it's very touristic over here.

A lot of Asian people come here, you know, with the big tour buses.

They jump out to make pictures and then leave. I actually never have been here before.

Not that i know of. I don't remember being here.

I guess because it's such a tourist trap. Now it's very quiet.

There are just some Dutch people, some Germans, it's a nice vibe, it's very relaxed now.

The wooden houses are really pretty, so if tourists do come back and it gets busy

I would say: have a look here when the sun is just up or something.

When there's no one there yet.

Because it's really really lovely and the houses are in a great shape.

All nicely painted.

After this we go back on the dyke, back to the mainland.

And then cycle to Amsterdam

The road was closed due to construction.

So we took this walking / cycling path, which goes straight through Waterland.

That's the name of the area over here. The water level is very high.

So it's pretty wet, but uh yeah, it's a real adventure.

Just above Amsterdam, and now the ferry is coming.

Hi guys, I made it to Amsterdam, the start of the trip.

And also the destination.

Going to stay one more night on the ship and then leave.

At the moment it's a bit more quiet, well actually much more quiet in Amsterdam.

Most guests on board were Germans.

There were two Dutch people and the staff: a lot of people from Eastern Europe.

But the captain and the sailors are Dutch. And the guides as well.

I had some great fun there.

You always get to know people on these kind of trips and I probably will see them again.

When they're hanging out somewhere. Because they go on different ships.

It is always cool to see that kind of life , people who live on the water.

They are always really relaxed, open-minded.

The same with guides. I like to meet them as well. Yeah, so it was a great trip.

I hope you liked this.

It would be great to, if you did like this video, put your thumbs up.

You can also subscribe and I'll see you soon.

See you next week. Thank you for watching and keep cycling, bye!

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