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Back to school physicals are going to be required at kindergarten and then

again at entry to junior high, which for most people is considered seventh-grade

and then you have to have annual physicals once a year when you're doing junior high or high

school sports. We certainly think the kids should be seen once a year, every year,

regardless. If somebody comes in only when there's a problem you don't have any historical data

to help you out. There are things with growth that we can,

you can follow trends and you can interviene and prevent

before there are problem or a crisis.

Things you can expect at your back to school physical are gonna be your standard

growth measurements. We are going to measure your weight, height, plot you out on our charts

witha BMI (body mass index) included.

We're gonna talk very extensively I think about diet. How extensively depends on how those growth charts look.

We're always going to do some development screening which at

school age is talking about social skills, school performance, sports


and then we're always going to cover any past medical history topics so that anybody has

problems with asthma, diabetes,

any significant history, we are going to make sure that we have the

right plan in place as you move forward.

Sports physicals are going to be very similar to your annual physical.

They really focus more heavily on the sporting activities once you hit junior high,

so seventh grade through senior year in high school.

At that point you're focusing, in addition to everything we talked about for the well

child visit, your focusing on any history of concussions, concussion management and prevention.

You're looking for any orthopedic injuries and specifically cardiac or pulmonary


We schedule them here starting late March and we;'ll go all through

April, May, June, July running them into August and of course,

for some of the people that procrastinate a little bit, we're hitting them even into September.

Those visits fill up fast so the earlier in the summer you do it, the better.

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