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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Customs & Immigration 7 QUESTIONS |English At The Airport!

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Going abroad?hmm, so you have to prepare yourself. In this video lesson, I'm going to show you

7 very common questions immigration officers ask at the airport and how to answer them

confidently. Hey friends, teacher Prix here to help you talk to anyone anywhere anytime

in English thank you so much for joining me on another video. I hope you enjoy this lesson

and make sure to subscribe so you don't miss any of my weekly videos. But here we go, the

first thing you need to know about these questions is wherever you go, ok every airport you go

around the world these are very common questions, so you probably need them everywhere you go,

ok so the nice thing about this video is, this video doesn't only prepare you to go

through immigration in The United States but in England, in Canada, in Australia, ok the

second thing you need to know is short answers you don't need to talk about all your dreams

and plans and how excited you are and how happy you are. No! Give short answers, answer

the question correctly and quickly, ok. And third keep calm! If you get too tense the

immigration officer can get a little suspicious ok if you get too nervous too tense they can

ask you more questions not the other way around, alright? Nice! Now let's get down to business.

So here we go, question number 1: May I see your passport? This is pretty obvious, they

wanna see your document, your passport. You can just give the passport to the immigration

officer or you can say "here it is" or "here you are" these are the most common ways to

answer this question. Number 2 how long do you intend to stay?there are, there may be

some different ways to ask this question but the idea is the same "how long will you be

staying in the United States?" or how long will you be staying here?ok, how long do you

intend to stay?Remember, short answers. For a week, for a month, for two weeks, a week,

a month, as long as you give the information they are asking you don't need to give long

answers about that. Nice, number 3 What's the purpose of your visit? hmm another very

common question. In this question, they want to know why you are traveling. There are 2

main reasons why people travel, well, actually 3 - tourism, business, study, ok? So, you

have to say what you're doing in the United States or in Canada or Australia, you have

to explain what you're doing there.ok, so I'm here for a business conference, that's

something you can say.I'm here on a business trip. I'm here to go to an Exchange school

or I'm here to study English for a month or I'm here on vacation, I'm going to Disney!

Ok, so these are some possible ways to answer this question. And remember, you don't need

to give a long explanation ok? Just say the main reason why you're staying in that country.

Nice! are you enjoying this video? yes?I hope so! So far 3 questions, I have 4 more questions

to show you but before that how about sharing this video with someone who is about to travel

or maybe with your friends on facebook, I'm pretty sure you can help someone with this

video. But here we go, question number 4 what do you do? what is your occupation?Basically

here, I want to know about your job so all you can say is "I'm a..." and the occupation.

I'm a teacher, I am a doctor, I'm an engineer, I'm a student. If you say you are not working

they will probably ask you more questions ok, so just try to say what you do and if

they ask you where you work, you will have to say. They asked me this question the last

time I went there (USA) they asked me what I did and where I worked, ok? Number 5 are

you traveling alone? if the answer is yes, awesome! so you say "yes, I'm alone" if the

answer is no my friends, all you have to say is who you are traveling with so then you

say "no, I'm not. I'm traveling with" my brother, I'm traveling with my parents, I'm traveling

with my boyfriend, with my girlfriend, with my husband, with my wife, you need to say

who you're traveling with but not the name, I'm traveling with Jack. Who is Jack?ok, say

the connection, the relationship you have with the person, I'm traveling with my sister

not with "patricia", I'm traveling with my sister. I'm traveling with my husband, I'm

traveling with my boyfriend, ok? Number 6 do you have any family here? hmm, they basically

want to know if you have a family member living in the United States or in England or wherever

you're going. This is a tricky question, if the answer is no, awesome!so, no, I don't!

if the answer is yes, you will say Yes, I do. But you'll probably have to say who lives

in that country. Yes I do, I have a cousin who lives here, Yes I do. I have a sister

who lives here or I have an uncle who lives here. Be prepared to answer more questions

about this family member. They will probably ask their name, their phone number, their

email, their address, their occupation, what they are doing in America or in whatever country

they are, so if the answer is be prepared to answer more questions about this family

member. Number 7 have you ever been here before? Basically they want to know if it is your

first time in the USA or in another country or if you have been to that place before.

So if the answer is no, No, It is my first time here! If the answer is yes, then you

can say when more less when so Yes, in 2010 or Yes, about two weeks ago or yes, last year

so say more less when you went to that place. ok? They can ask you what you were doing and

you can say well, I was on vacation, ok or I was here on business, or I was studying

English so these are some possibilities to explain the purpose of your previous visit

if they ask you remember, you don't need to say this, only if they ask you, ok? And I

know I said 7 but I have one more, bonus question! where will you be staying? ok, this is a common

question too. So it is interesting to say where you're staying, if for example you're

staying at a hotel, you can say the name of the hotel you're staying.I'm staying at the

Pacific Hotel on Times Square or I'm staying at the Pacific Hotel in Manhattan. Sometimes

they can sometimes ask you for the address, but it is not always the case, ok? but this

is a common question they can ask and in many cases they will ask this question. Nice, there

you go now you are ready to go through immigration anywhere ok around the world because with

English you can talk to anyone anywhere anytime, thank you so much friends and I'll see you

next time, bye!

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