Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Marcus & Martinus are Kjell's new managers (English Subs)

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Look it's Marcus and Martinus!

This is to my friend's daughter that's called Maja

J? - Yeah a J

And you can also get one of these, How many do you want?

five hundred

Like the fanboy I am, I immediately asked for autographs

And here they are, Marcus and Martinus! Hi! - Hi!

Do you remember the first autograph you ever wrote?

We had to practice on how to write our autograph, because we didn't know if we had to start signing

And we had a little "concert" where we lived, it's called MosjΓΈen

We wrote autographs after the concert, it was very fun

Now I see you're proffesionals at this, It's perfect

Were you a bit rusty in the beginning at signing?

Then it was a bit more funny

When we last met each other in the fall, we talked about you guys wanting to go bowling

Have you had any free time?

Not in Finland, but yeah, we've been bowling since we last saw each other

I feel like it went well - Yeah, it went well

I wanna say dad is the best out of us at bowling, but if we don't count him, I did well

I can tell you're not so happy with the results


I mean, he's not better than me, I'm much better than him

We talked about building a Marcus and Martinus-stadium in your home village

Have the plans progressed already?

Not completely. We're not in an agreement with the president in Trofors. (not a president idk how to translate)

I think you gotta come with us home and help us with it

It should be two different stadiums, a Marcus-stadium and one for Martinus

What can we do now? You already have a book/movie. What's next?

A Marcus and Martinus bowling alley!


You can also come, -For free

Everything is free - No, a hundred crowns each ($10), no haha

We can have wax statues of us

Where we stand like this - Yes, exactly

And that we look a bit taller

Can they build those in Helsingfors too?

Yes, yes, If you want

Write "Yes" in the comments if you want it. Write "No" if you also want it

Me and my friend Tommy who's filming, we'd love to also become big popstars

We're not there yet, you're a bit ahead of us

We don't really have as long autograph-lines as you guys yet

Do you think it's too late for us, because we're 33 and 34

No no no

No no, you guys have a good chance

I like Marduk for example, it's a bit like..

Those who are very good, they're our age, that's where you really start

If you do like a child variant

A little soft in the beginning

Can you try it? - So I'm not completely.. More like..

Or, "Baa Baa white lamb, do you have any wool? Yes, yes, dear child, I have the body full

The body full

I can make a logo for you

Can you make me a logo? Okay

I have the same name as your dad, Kjell. So you can make a Kjell logo

Marcus and Martinus are drawing my face, now the truth is being revealed

This is gonna be interesting

Kjell logo... or do you think I should have stage name?

Is your name Kjell? - Yes, same as your dad

I'm sometimes called Kjell from hell - I was just gonna say hell!

Okay, Kjell from hell - You're my managers then

Yeah, how many procent do you want?

70% - 70% goes to...

That's a good deal

A great deal

Is there anything in school that you're good at but your brother is not? and vice versa?

I'm good at P.E, he's not

Is this true, can you agree?

No, it's not true

But okay great, here we have it!

It says Kjell, and with small letters, From Hell

And management: Marcus and Martinus

And there's skulls at the top too, this is spot on!

Woah, he's already finnished

And I think at the end of your shows, you should do one of those "drop the mic"


When you walk out

As long as I get this on the clothes, so..

Thank you so much, I'm gonna go open a few more back accounts so all the millions can fit

Yes let's do that - It's a deal

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