Practice English Speaking&Listening with: I10T2S1P1 - A survey on transport

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Excuse me. Yes?

I wonder if you could spare a few minutes to do a survey on transport.

It won't take long. No, thats fine.

Lovely. The survey is on behalf of the local council. Theyd like to know about what

transport you use and any suggestions for improvement.

Can I start by asking you how you travelled to town today?

Sure. I came on the bus. Great. Now can I get a few details about yourself?

OK. Whats your name?

Its Luisa .... Yes.

Hardie. Can you spell that, please?

Yes, its H-A-R-D-l-E. Great. Thanks. And can I have your address?

Its 19, White Stone Road. Oh, right'. I know that area. Its Bradfield,

isnt it? Thats right.

Is the postcode GT7? Its actually G-T-8. 2-L-C.

Great. And could I ask what your job is? Are you a student?

Ive actually just finished my training. Im a hairdresser.

Oh, right. And one more question in this section. What is the reason for you coming into town

today? Actually its not for shopping today, which

would be my normal reason, but to see the dentist.

Right. Thanks.

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