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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to Use an Arc Weld : How to Strike an Arc When Arc Welding

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Hi! My name is Mac. On behalf of, I am here to continue our discussion on welding

theory. Previously we had discussed how to make these little rows of beads of weld with

these little dots and how to strike an arc. Further to that, I would like to point out

that a student of mine would learn to do this typically in one night. A student would cover

a piece of steel plate like this on both sides perhaps you might do two plates like this.

By the end of that time, you should be able to strike an arc every time without getting

the electrode stuck in the puddle. Further to that I would say that practice, practice

time is very important for a student. The amount of time necessary to become a professional

arc welder would probably be a student would need to burn about 40 lbs. of electrode. That

seems like an awful lot, but a student would need to burn 40 lbs. of electrode in my class

to become a very proficient arc welder, able to arc weld in all positions. This is the

basic step that every student takes to begin with. Just learning to do this in a cosmetically

neat fashion, nice concentric rows of weld puddles.

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