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hello witches wizards and those who are yet to receive their Hogwarts school

letters welcome to my harry potter kitchen. This is the youtube series where

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Monday so let's see what's next

okay so let's head back into Chapter four 'At Flourish and Blotts' to see what

is next So we're joining the Weasley's again at

breakfast and now Percy has come on down to join themtoo - there is one more owl

making his way in, it's Errol and he is carrying a letter from Hermione and

she's just arranged to meet everyone at Diagon Alley next Wednesday. Now for the

rest of the day the boys are out practicing Quidditch and I can see our

next recipe "they couldn't use real Quidditch balls which would have been

hard to explain if they had escaped and flown away over the village instead they

threw apples for each other to catch" Sn apple a day keeps Quidditch balls away!

if you fancy recreating your own Quidditch candy apples then all of the

ingredients and the instructions will be on my website the link

is down below in the description! So as the boys are using apples to practice

their Quidditch skills I thought for this week's recipe we would transform

some standard apples into Quidditch balls themselves and it's gonna require

a bit of my Harry Potter kitchen magic now usually I try to practice my recipes

a fair few times and then only bring you the final thing but I actually had a

fair few kitchen mishaps through the way with this week's recipe so I thought

it'd be good to show you each of those as it gives you a few good do's and

don'ts when you are working with sugar First up though we need to prepare our

apples and get them onto their skewers. I've got a large cooking or Bramley Apple for

the Quaffle, some medium-sized granny smith apples for the bludgers and some

mini apples for our Golden Snitch. To begin you want to wash your apples

thoroughly in cold water and then pat them with a kitchen towel until they are

completely dry. It's really important that you make sure there is no excess

moisture on the apples, once you're happy that they're nice and washed you want to

remove any stems that are popping out the top then take yourself a sharp

skewer and then pierce it into the center of each apple twisting it round

but being careful not to go too deep as you don't it to come out the other side

As fun as it would have been to serve our candy apples on wands, these are a little

bit more delicate so we'll stick to skewers for now - okay next up is the

coating for our candy apples and this is where things started to get a little bit

messy in the kitchen. My first lesson was that you shouldn't cut your apples as we

mentioned while we were cleaning them no excess moisture and that's because when

you dip it into your sugar the sugar won't be able to set and it will spill

everywhere and that's what happened when I carved my Quaffle. Shout out to Jonny

McGuigan on Instagram even though it was a hot mess he was the

only one who was still able to work out that we were turning them into Quidditch

candy apples so well done to you and if you want to see some more

behind-the-scenes magic make sure you follow @BradBakes on Instagram! That

also counts for my second plan which was to coat it in chocolate, the same rule

applies here because there is moisture in the Apple, those juices will come out

and interfere with your chocolate so you won't be able to dip it and get a nice

clean finish as the chocolate will seize up so it's really important that

whatever fruit you're using for this it has a nice skin that will protect any

moisture on the inside from getting to the sugar or chocolate on the outside. So

I decided to stick with an all sugar candy apple recipe and that is kind of

what I wanted to go for in the first place but we'll use decoration at the

end to try and get those unique shapes. For the sugar candy apple coating you

want to get yourself a pan and place it on a medium-high heat, add in your sugar

liquid glucose and water and then bring it up to the boil. Place a sugar

thermometer in and you want to keep on heating this until it reaches the soft

crack stage that's at 140 degrees Celsius or 280 degrees Fahrenheit as

soon as it hits temperature turn off the heat and then we're going to start

coloring this. You want to work as quickly as possible before it starts to

set and add in your lightest color first, that's going to be yellow for our golden

snitch, you want to gently swirl this around until you get a nice even colour

but be careful not to overmix it as this will cause

crystals to form. Take your mini apple and then dip it into your sugar trying

to get the best even coating you can Remove it from the sugar syrup and then

begin twisting it in your hand and you'll notice the syrup start to drip

off, you want to keep on rotating so you get a nice even finish until no more is

dripping off. You can then place that down on the silicone mat to set. The next

darkest color is our red Quaffle so I'm adding in some red food coloring mixing

that around and then dipping our large cooking apple in. Again try your best to

get a nice even coat and then keep on turning it until it's even. Once it's

stopped dripping, place that down. And last but not least is our dark brown

bludger so for this we're gonna go for a nice deep reddy-brown by adding in some

more black and red. Mix that through until you get a nice even colour and then

dip your apples in. Turn them until they stop dripping and place them down on

your mat. So that is our sugar coating done and this is a really important step

to get right as we want to have a lovely crisp snap to that outer shell on our

candy apple and this comes with its own problems as we are working with hot

sugar but there are three tips that I want to share with you that I learned

along the way. Okay tip number one is around your ingredients and you want to

use liquid glucose or corn syrup and if you can't get either then golden syrup

is actually one you can use instead. Now what this will do is help you heat up

your sugar without forming too many sugar crystals so that is gonna be

really important as if you get those crystals as it begins to set and cool

down the whole thing will crystallize and you won't get a nice and clean

finish. Tip number two is no mixing! Now as tempting as it might be, you don't

want to get a spoon and start stirring and definitely don't get a whisk as that

it's also gonna encourage sugar crystals to form. If you do need to swirl it

around to get a nice even cook or to help that sugar dissolve then some gentle

swirls of the pan is all you should do and tip number three is about your speed

be very careful not to heat it up too quickly but also not too slowly that's

why I always recommend a medium-high heat and you want to gradually bring it

up to that soft crack status. If you go too fast again it's gonna rapidly boil. Too

much movement means you're gonna get sugar crystals - okay now our candy apples

are ready to go we're gonna move on to the final decorations and this is the

step that's really gonna transform them into Quidditch apples. We'll do our

bludgers first as they are nice and simple. We're gonna make some silver

paints using silver luster dust and some mixing alcohol, mix it around until you

get a nice even color and then I'm gonna paint some swirls and some circle

details on top of the candy apples. Place these to one side to dry. For our Quaffle

I'm going to use the same technique to make some gold paint and then I'm going

to use a stencil to mark out some key points and then paint on the Hogwarts

crest. I also want to get those contour lines that appear on the side of the

Quaffle so for this I've mixed some black food coloring with mixing alcohol

and then painted those circles on. You want to make sure you get a nice sharp

outline but then brush into the middle of your circle to give it some depth

Place these onto your mat to dry as well And last but by no means least is our

magical Golden Snitch, for this we're going to start with some wings so I've

got some white candy melts and placed them into a bowl over simmering water

until melted. Get yourself a piping bag with a writing tip and then pour the

white chocolate in. I've then got myself some baking paper and traced on my wings

and then piped the outline before filling in the middle. Aallow these to dry

completely before painting them with your silver luster

Once the wings are dry I've taken my candy apple and some gold edible glitter

spray and covered the entire thing, then using a bit more of your melted

chocolate, stick your wings on either side. Quidditch practice is in session

And with that our Harry Potter candy apple Quidditch balls are complete

it took a fair few attempts to get there but I'm very happy with how these

finally turned out! Let me know down below in the comments which one is your

favourite will it be the Quaffle, the Bludgers or for Golden Snitch. That's all

for this week's recipe but if you want to see more from my Harry Potter kitchen

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bill and then you'll get an alert every magic Monday when there's a brand new

recipe! I'm about to go practice myself some Quidditch and I'll see you next time!

This is definitely what I've been seeking

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