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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 把五花肉做成吃不起的樣子,脆皮燒肉的最高境界—冰燒三層肉【奇異小北】

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Hello! Everyone!

I'm Xiao Bei.

Some time ago, some fans sent messages to me.

They want me to cook Roasted crispy pork belly.

But I found that many vloggers had already done that before.

I, as the special one, should have my own style.

So, today, I'll make a different one.

I'll challenge the famous dishes in the HK restaurant.

Roasted three layers of meat with ice.

But the processes of it is difficult.

I don't know whether I can do it well or not.

If I failed,

you guys just take it as Roasted crispy pork belly.

Firstly, meat.

I picked the best slice of pork of the pig.

Look at all these fat and meat. It is 5 layers in total.

So we call it pork belly with five streaks.

Cut off the extra part.

salt, five-spice powder, ginger.

The first time roast the rind until soft.

Poke the rind.

The second time roast it medium-well.

Cooling down rapidly.

Air drying for 2 hours.

The third time singe the rind.

Arachis oil.

The fourth time it is finished.

It looks big, but in the end, it just a little.

These are leftover parts.

Not for their bad shape.

But for the layers are not enough.

Why we call it Roasted three layers of meat with ice.

One layer for the rind, one for the fat and the other one for the lean.

Even the best slice of the pork belly,

I cut off the extra parts.

And tell the truth,

it's the third one.

I've failed for two times before.

I think it should be roasted in a special oven.

The oven in the restaurant is stable and uniform in temperature.

It could reach to 380℃.

But the way like me grilled on the charcoal,

the heat is uneven.

This is the icy roasted sauce.

We could use sauce or just sugar.

But you could choose what you like,

such as salty or spicy.

It's really crispy, greasy and soft.

And when I chew,

I can feel the flavor.


When I bite the fat layer,

how to describe it,

it's really soft and melted.

It's no exaggeration.

Melted in my mouth.

And it's not just the flavor about greasy and rind,

and the flavor of fried as well.

However, the shortage is that,

the rind is not so crispy,

probably it's the problem of the temperature.

When the virus is over,

we could go to the restaurant to enjoy the real one.

And try to see the difference between homemade one and the real one.

Ok, although it's not so perfect,

I've cooked it

And it looks not so bad.

But what I've made is not the real one.

Cuz I can' t find the more details about this dish.

I could only guess and imagine.

I'm not sure the difference between

this one and the real one.

So if you guys wanna taste this dish,

please go to the restaurant.

Ok, that's all about this video.

Please give me a like or subscribe to me if you like my video.

See you next time.

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