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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Review iPad Air 3 2019 di 2020 - Alternatif iPad Pro?

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Welcome to our channel!

This is an iPad Air 3, released in 2019

For the unboxing, check our previous video.

This time, we're gonna review it.

The body of this iPad is very nice

It's made of aluminum in the frame and the back.

And made of glass on the front display.

At first, we thought it's going to be heavy to hold.

Turns out, it's not heavy at all.

There are volume buttons on the right.

Power button, microphone, and headphone jack is on the top.

Accessories connector on the left.

On the bottom, we have speakers and lightning connector.

Meanwhile, on the front, we have selfie cam and touch id button.

And then apple logo and a camera on the back.

The iPad Air is quite thin,

But, it feels sturdy when you hold it.

The weight is about 400 grams.

Its build quality is excellent.

Now, we move on to the display.

It has 10.5 inch display.

With IPS Panel that rocks 1668 x 2224 pixels resolution.

One special thing about the display is that it has a wide color space.

Which is DCI P3 color gamut.

It has 25% more color space than regular sRGB that you find on other regular monitors.

In more simple sentences, this display is a step above than the ipad 6, iPad 7 and ipad Mini's

As we said above, it's more than good for various purposes like -

watching movies, video editing, graphic design, and other multimedia purposes.

Because it has better color reproduction than the regular iPads

Also, there is a feature called "true tone display"

It has the ability to adapt and change the display color tone based on the light's environment.

There is fingerprint sensor (touch id)

We have no complaint on this one, it performs really fast.

Apple have been using it for years since the iPhone 5s that released in 2013.

It's like their cheap and simple way, because it has no more modern feature like Face ID on the iPad pro.

For the software, iPad Air is using an iPad OS

it's an upgraded version of previous iOS

There are a lot of improvements on this one.

We really like the multi tasking, and multi windows system that based on hand gestures

it allows you to shows a lot of informations in one display

The Safari Browser is very good.

It has similar performance as the desktop version.

When you open web pages, it shows desktop version view, not mobile version like it used to be on the iPad.

When you browse web pages, you can take screenchot, and save the full page

You can save it as PDF file, and it stores on your iPad in Files app.

The newer version of Files app is capable to read files from USB flash drive or any other external resources

But, you need a dongle for it.

You can access files from iCloud Drive, internal memory, and from external drive

There is a Dark Mode feature

It's cool enough if you're bored with usual User Interface display.

This feature is useful to save battery, and protect your eyes from the very bright white colors that punches your eyes

Let's talk about the internal machine.

It rocks an Apple Bionic A12 chip, with 7 nanometers fabrication.

It has 8 cores CPU, and 4 cores Apple GPU

The RAM is 3 GB

For gaming, it's capable to run smoothly.

We tried it with "Asphalt 8"

There is no noticeable lag, it performs really well

The 3GB RAM is not a bad thing

Because the optimization of the OS is really good in handling multitasking.

There is no delay or lag when we use it on multi windows mode.

Not only gaming, we also tried it to do some drawing in Procreate App.

The iPad Air has no problem with it.

The combination of great display and excellent CPU is so satisfying for this task.

We use this ipad is mainly for drawing only.

We rarely take photos and videos from this thing.

It has two cameras

8 MP main shooter on the back. And a selfie cam on front with 7 MP resolution.

Tablets are rarely used for taking pictures or shoot videos.

But, actually the camera is good enough.

Here are some photo samples taken with iPad Air.

Aa a verdict, we think this is an iPad Pro alternative.

It has cheaper price tag.

And the overall quality is far above the regular ipad 7, and iPad Mini.

The iPad air is good for gaming, and other productivity usage.

It has elegant design and so good looking. It's so comfortable when you hold it.

We didn't find any major bad things on it.

If you compare it to an iPad Pro, of course it looks outdated because of the wide chin and forehead.

And, it still using a lightning connector, not a USB type C.

But, thankfully it still has a headphone jack.

We think, for its price, it is still wort to buy and use in 2020

So, that's it for the review, thanks for watching!

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