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Good morning

Welcome to our newsroom

Where we inform about Latin American Pop Feminism.

I am Catalina

And I am Estefanía.

Today we will talk about a newly approved mexican law

that is of outmost importance to anyone who cares

about women´s rights.

the controversial "WaterJug law"

The law establishes a new mechanism that allows people who are interested

in working in favor of gender equality to keep their jobs

It works as follows:

At this time, governmental and non governmental offices

are managing their female employees

the "Water Jug Test"

to see if they can continue to defend women´s rights

and working towards gender equality.

Here we see one of the applications of Water Jug Law

As you can see, this are two women who...

Are the two of them women? or is that a man?

As you can see, that´s a women and...

and... a person...

of the LGBT community

training for the "Water Jug Test"

It is clear that sexual orientation has something to do with strength... right?

of course...

I think so...

Looks like it...

Sure! because a lesbian is almost like a man, right?

well... they both like women, so yes!


To give you some context about the law, here is an interview with Elver Gonzales, one of its main promotors.

Tell us, Deputy, What is this initiative about?

Well... I came up with the law project while I was in Facebook, and I saw a meme...

and I was enlightened...

the meme said:

"A feminist until trying to pick up a jug of water"

and I said...

That is so true!

If we really want to promote gender equality...

we need to be coherent

not convenient.

So that´s the intent of the law, right?

that people who believe in gender equality are coherent.

But, deputy... a question:

Why did you choose the "Jug" criteria?

Why not, for example, having women carry a bunch of wood? like they often do...

or, grocery bags, or children?

Children! of course!

Why the water jug?

Well, obviously, because the jug is objective.

Besides, there are studies that say that it is not the same thing to...

pick up a jug

than to pick up a child...

or pick up...

lugs of wood...

so it is about

having objective criteria.

to see...

how coherent we are...

that´s what it is about:


Thank you very much, deputy Gonzales.

This law has been highly criticized. Obviously.

Diverse groups have stated their opinions

to tell us how problematic this law could could be.

Here is an interview with archbishop Benito Camelo, a member of the Catholic Church

who will explain the issue with The Water Jug Law.


Thank you ladies for inviting me. God bless you both.

Like you mentioned, we are deeply worried about this law

because it contradicts the orders of Jesus, our lord.

If women start picking up water jugs, they are going to want to be strong, and that is not the role of a woman.

we love women because they are sweet, and because they bear our children. Because of their natural ability as care takers.

No, no, no! strength goes against God´s wishes!

And, God forbid, they tear up their uterus and

loosing their reproductive function, the higher given by the lord!

As a community, we are very worried

about the impact this will have in our families, that are the base of society.

Thank you.

This was archbishop Camelo, with an important reflexion, as always...

So much to think about:

How much are we willing to risk for gender equality?

What price are we willing to pay for gender equality?

Share your opinions with us through Twitter (@e_stereotipas)

or trough our Facebook page

And tune again, to hear us talk about the very popular men rights movement

which suggests the following:

men exclusive metro wagons.

as a mesure to protect them from the invasion that women continue to have of public spaces.

They really feel threatened and frightened.

We will tell you more next time. Thanks for tuning in.

Have a nice day.

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