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Hi, guys, my name is Israel and

I am a master's student here

at Kingston University; taking a

master's in biomedical sciences.

And in this video I will be

taking you through what a

typical day in my life It looks

like as a biomedical scientist.

It's not necessarily a jam

packed day, it's just a long day

and I need to get up early,

which can be a drag

sometimes. I need to like do a

quick exercise just to get my

body moving and to get my head

cleared and ready for today's

task. So first off, I need to

head out to the library quickly

to print out some documents that

I will be using for the lab work.

Pretty much start my lab as early

as I can. It's about six and a

half hours and, when I've done

with that, head out to town centre, very

quickly get back in for a

meeting with my supervisor and

then also get on another meeting

with my friends and planning the

project. Then when I'm done with

that, head back home, get a quick

break, take a walk through river

Thames, and also plan my

projects and the work I have to do

for the next day. Yes, I do hope

you enjoy this video. And I do

hope you get to have a little

picture of what it looks like for me

right now as a biomedical

science master's student here at

the university and how things

have been thus far.

This is the library. The Town House.

And I need to get there.

To print my document for my lab

this morning. And we'll be done in a bit.

So I'm just done. Right now. It's been about five, six hours.

But, yeah, today was a good day

at lab and just need to have

back have a meeting with my

colleagues and plan what we need

to do next week. Get back, take a

rest, probably take a walk to

town centre, clear my head and yeah,

Professor tomorrow.

Alright, so I'm done my lab for today and

I'm back from the town centre

where I was able to just, you

know, take a little time out to relax and

be sure that I am you know,

still getting as much fun as I

need to even while learning.

Right now I just want to read

through all of the work had to

do for tomorrow, typing the

report for all of the

experiments that had to do in

the lab and what I need to do for

next week and planning how the

rest of the project's gonna go.


Alright, so it's pretty late. But, regardless,

I'm done with my work and I'm able to

finish all of the results I got

from the lab document, the

protocols I need to do and

planning ahead for the next

couple of weeks alongside with

the project. Right now I'm just

going to take a walk down river

Thames to get some fresh air and

sort of think ahead what I want

to do tomorrow and pretty much

get back, play some games and

then get to bed.

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