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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: IELTS Speaking Model Answer High Score 8.0++ (12)

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Greetings, my name is IELTS EZ

But Im the American counterpart

Well. Im your examiner today! We ran out of examiners here in the center

Sooooo IELTS EZ-ception. Haha


So, why don't you sit down and tell me your name. We can start

Right, nice to see you. My name is IELTS EZ and I'm your British counterpart

Shall we start?


Do you like to dance?

Yeah, I love dancing. In fact I can do popping and also some shuffling. You know….

...Every day Im shuffling.....

*bp bp bp bp

Well interesting. Have you ever learned how to dance?

Yes I have

as I just told you I know how to dance and I learned how to do certain dance moves myself

I went onto youtube, watched my idols and then imitate(d) them step by step

That's how I did it

Alright, what kind of dancing do people in your country like to do?

Well I think that really depends

Youngsters in my country really love hiphop dance. You know hiphop dance right?

Popping, break dancing and stuff. But it seems like the elderly prefer traditional dance such as hat dance

where people dance with their Vietnamese conical hat

When do people in your country dance?

Ah... For...

...Oh shiet...

When do people in your country dance?

For traditional dance I think they only do it in special occasions such as celebration and stuff

but with hiphop dance I think you can see it everyday cos its really popular

If you go to places like Lenin park or certain playground(s)

you can definitely see young boys and girls practising hiphop dance moves there

Do people in your country dance during traditional festivals?

Yes, in most traditional festivals, we always always have one particular part for traditional dance performance

such as Hat dance or Scarf dance

Do you think there are any benefits for young people to go dancing?

I think it has COUNTLESS benefits in terms of physical health. You know dancing means lots of moves

and you kinda sweat like a pig when you dance, so, I reckon that its one of the best ways to keep fit

Another thing is that an impressive dance also means a creative one

so it is definitely a way to express as well as improve peoples creativity


Alright, interesting...

Let's talk about other topic shall we?

Do you like parks?

Yeah, I must say that I do

places like Hanoi are really polluted these days. I can never enjoy my time that I spend outside of my house

The only place that I can do that is in a green park

I can do so many things inside a park

like relaxing, exercising, you can dance as well

so yeah. I kinda like parks

Are there many parks or public gardens near where you live?

Not that I know of

theres only one particularly big and well-known park in HN that I know of which is Thong Nhat park

I live right next to it. Other than that I dont know if theres any other park worth visiting

Do people in your hometown like to go to a park?

Sure, Im certain that they do. Especially when the environment is so damn polluted right now

every one needs some sort fresh air to breath and some kind of peaceful, tranquil place to relax

Do you often go to a park?

In the past yes, I used to be a frequent visitor of Thong Nhat park

at that time I was learning how to dance

and there were many hiphop teams and activities around Thong Nhat park

There was also a Parkour group which I was really into as well

Now Im just too busy with my job that I cant find time to go to any park

Did you go to parks when you were a child more often than you do now?

Yeah I think so, I am a grown-up now with so many responsibilities, job, girlfriends, family, rent, so on and so forth

so no more time for parks you know

When I was small my dad always took me there for bike rides and exercise. Good old time

but right now, you know, as I told you I have responsibilities and I have a part time job

working in an English centre so I don't have much time now to go to a park

Alright, good job myself, let's go to part 2

In this part, you know what I'll do right. I'll give you a cue card and you have 1 min to prepare and 2 mins to talk about it

Here's the cue card

Alright are you ready?


Well, let's go

I have always been good at English

I couldnt remember how I started learning English but I can remember very clearly

how I first used English to communicate when I went abroad

It was in 2005 so It was roughly 10 years ago now. My family had a trip, I think, a 3 or 4day trip to Malaysia-Singapore

and it was a fabulous trip

I was only 8-9 years old at that time and I was super excited about my first time abroad

You know, both Singapore and Malaysia are countries that can speak English fairly well

so in many parts of the trip I saw the local people talking to each other in English

and I was wondering if there could be any chance, at all, that I could use my English to chat with them

to practise what I have learned and also to show my parents that Im good at it... alright...

and that chance finally came, when the whole group got to a shopping mall

and the tour guide had to go some where else to take care of some unfortunate business

diarrhea, i think

he left us stranded, on our own

trying very hard to buy digital cameras

and most people in our group didnt know any English at all so it was really funny & ridiculous

seeing them talking both in English and in broken Vietnamese (wrong, it should be the other way around: talking in Vietnamese and broken English :p)

you you me me no no come on come on =))

and I was laughing all the time. Then came the moment of realisation

and I realised that I could use my simple, textbook English to help them communicate

You know what, I did just that, just simple translation, interpretation, this and that try this try that, want this want that

And it just worked, perfectly

The group got the cameras they wanted and my parents also got what they always wanted as well

a good camera, and a perfect son who can speak good English, muahahaha (that's silly laughing)

Not just that, after selling many cameras to many people

the owner of the shop was really thankful to me, he was grateful, and he offered me a CANON backpack (bag) (*just backpack or bag is enough)

that I used for school later on

well I got the bag for free though, it was like a gift

and it was such a nice experience for me that I can never ever forget about it

If I could turn back time, you know, that would be one of the first memories that I would love to relive

Wow, interesting

That's lovely

Alright, so, besides English,what other foreign languages do some people in your country study?

I reckon Vietnamese people do study many other languages other than English

and I believe those languages are, well firstly Chinese, the second one is Japanese and then Korean


Can you explain why people learn foreign languages?

Sure, I guess there are two main reasons why people do that

the first reason is related to either business or study

You know people might go abroad to start a business there

or maybe the foreign people may go to our country to start a business here

and then people might go abroad to study, now that happens a lot in my country (x2 - I don't know why @@)

many students have to go abroad to work and to study

so the first thing they do is to learn the language of their destination, you know where they go to

the second reason, which I think is (also) reasonable

is that many youngsters fall in love with the foreign countrys culture or language and they just decide to learn the language voluntarily

without any other reason

for example many young girls I know love Korean movies and they decide to learn Korean

for no particular reason whatsoever

they do it just to understand what their "oppa" say yeah...

Do you think it's really useful (or, important) to study a foreign language?

I think, I suppose it is a must to study a second, or a third language nowadays. The world has become smaller than ever

its like a village now, really easy to travel to another part of the world and stay there forever

If you know another language other than your own then I think it would be a plus in your CV at least , or your life

It kinda makes your life easier and opens more doors

Which do you think is more important, learning to speak a language or learning to write it?

well I think it really depends on the situation. I mean If you go abroad and study or work in an office

then it is a must that you know how to read or write

Because youll need to use written communication sooner or later, right?

But if you travel abroad for leisure purposes

or if you go there just to work as a cleaner or some other blue-collar jobs

then it might be more practical to be good at speaking rather than writing. It saves you more time

At what age do you think is best for a person to begin to learn a new language?

Well I think the answer would be as soon as possible

You know, the younger we are, the better and quicker we learn. Well I experience this myself

In the past I was able to switch from American to British accent in only 4 months

So before, prior to my arrival in the UK

I used to speak with American accent, but after just 4 months I was able to switch to British accent completely

no one was able to detect my AA

But after years of speaking with only one accent and after reaching adulthood, you know, when I'm a grown-up already

I find it extremely hard to switch back to American accent

You see, its just a real life example sitting in front of you to show you the point that

its better to learn things when youre a child

How do you think teachers could make language classes at school more successful (or, more interesting)?

I think teachers should put themselves in the position of their students

Like walk a mile in their shoes before the teaching

this is to make sure that teachers understand what students need

before throwing unnecessary, boring information at the students

especially when the students are in secondary school

you know during that time, their brain needs constant stimulation to find lessons worth studying

so maybe, more games, more fun facts, to name but a few

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