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To me, Lowcountry is having a front porch with a rocking chair on it and the Lowcountry

Boil kind of blends right in there to get everybody together, have some good food, play some

games, enjoy each other Its a chance to get your family and get

your neighbors and get your friends together and enjoy something

Were gonna start with the things that take the longest.

Its much like a family barbecue or even, its a gathering.

A lot of times different parts of groups of the families will bring stuff.

Like, the guy who is a shrimper will bring shrimp.

The farmer will bring potatoes, corn, onions I can literally remember being a kid 7, 8,

9 years old and go to through a cast net off the dock and getting the shrimp and bringing

them to the house and, you know, my dad cooking the shrimp.

So, yeah, you know, it is tradition and of course, you got this anticipation.

Everybody is sorta gathered around the pot or gathered around the fire and so, while

dinner is cooking, you have this social interaction thats going on

To me is like a local flair.

This is what you fix for your friends.

When you are coming over, its all cooked together and all put on the table together.

Its just a great way to get together with your friends and chat, talk, have a good time

Me and my wife Lyndsey, we cook a Lowcountry Boil once a week.

We go look at the sunset going down just like we are looking at a sunset going down here

and if anybody ate what he cooked today and just taste that flavor, you just cant get

it that you just cant accidently put that together come out like it is

It is part of a bigger tradition of being sociable and welcoming and having a good excuse

to get together with friends, with family, with neighbors, with the friends you havent met yet.

If you havent ever really felt that deep sense of home, this is a place where youll find that.

Youre not going to be a stranger very long here.

The ability to enjoy a place is not something that you should selfishly hold onto.

Where Wildlight is located, it is something to share and this is a place for people to

enjoy and to share whats there.

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