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Before talking about the game, I'll start with Antonio Conte's final words

because he said you're an exceptional group

in terms of desire, determination and the effort you're putting in.

He's proud of you. What's your response?

It's great to hear that from the boss.

It's important that there's desire, hard work and determination,

but we can certainly still improve in so many areas, which we'll try to do.

As for the match tonight, where do you think you could've done more?

I think in terms of our possession, at times we did well,

but we also forced things and paid for that

because they scored two goals that stemmed from our possession,

when we lost the ball in the middle.

When that happened, we were exposed and they took full advantage unfortunately.

As I said, there's still room for improvement.

Questions from the studio.

I'd like to discuss a statistic with Stefan:

in the last four years, since 2016/17, only Sergio Ramos has scored more than you

as a defender in the top five European leagues, so congratulations.

It's a shame I can't see a smile on your face,

but I'll remind you we're officially in the Champions League after this game, Stefan.

It's a statistic that I don't look at myself.

I try to help the team where I can and I'm pleased I've done so with a goal tonight,

but it's a shame we didn't get the result because we came here to win and didn't.

That's why we're a bit down.


Hi Stefan.

Congratulations on the goal, first of all.

As a defender, how frustrating is it

not to have a shot on goal against you

in the whole first half and the first time

the opposition put an attack together, they score?

You gave Roma very little in the first half

and also in the second, but you found yourselves behind.

It certainly hurts and we're disappointed as a team,

but that really applies to defenders and the goalkeeper.

As you were saying and I was saying earlier,

we've paid for our mistakes, particularly recently.

We're disappointed about that.

Milan, the coach said it was a very even match, almost a chess game.

What do you think was missing

and where could you maybe have done something else?

Yes, as you said, we came here to try to get the three points,

but didn't manage to unfortunately.

We certainly could've done better in terms of our patience when moving the ball

to tire out our opposition more.

We scored in the last minute to salvage a point.

Now we need to recover as quickly as possible and look ahead.

Questions from the studio.

Milan, I wanted to ask you how much you've seen this team develop,

compared with the last few seasons, because we might've lost this game in previous years.

I can think of so many like that, but tonight we leave with an important point

in terms of the table.

Yes, this team is improving.

We're working hard and getting better in every training session.

You can also see that because we've qualified

for the Champions League with four games to go.

Our aims were different.

We have four matches left, dso we have to keep working hard,

trying to give our all and winning as many games as possible.


Hi Milan.

You have one of the best defensive records in the league.

You face few very shots on target and having looked at the stats before the game,

you're the team that's faced the fewest efforts on target.

In spite of everything, there are still tweaks to make.

Where do you think the team can improve

to stop the opposition scoring?

We certainly can.

As you said, there might be few shots against us,

but they almost always go in, so I think we have to try to improve there.

There've been so many individual mistakes that we've paid for,

as the coach said last time out,

so we have to try to improve in this area.

Milan, I'd like to ask if you agree with what the coach recently told us,

which is that you're learning and playing in games like tonight under different pressure,

compared with in the past.

Yes, I think all these matches help us learn

and the coach tells us what we have to do,

so we try to implement that as much as we can.

Sometimes we manage to do it better and sometimes we don't.

What matters is always giving our all and moving forward.