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what's up guys welcome to the vlog welcome back to my channel today I'm

gonna be reacting to Liz's new song called time if you guys don't know who

liz is she's my ex-girlfriend and she just released a song on her channel

about a week ago I was listening to it for the first time and I actually

thought it was a banger is actually a really good song but in the comments

down below you guys were saying that you think the song was written about me and

that the lyrics talk about Liz and I and our relationship so I'm gonna react to

the song again with you guys and try to get to the bottom of this if this song

is actually written about me or not and if it looks like it is then let's go to

Liz's place confront her about it and see if she'll admit that she wrote the

song about me that's the game plan so let's go hit the studio and listen to

this song whoa whoa all right guys we're in the studio and I'm gonna be reacting

to lose his new song called time a little bit of backstory about Liz and I

so Liz and I were friends many many years ago and then we started dating we

dated for a few years and we recently broke up about oh man it's probably been

about like at least six months now since we broke up we went back to being

friends things were good for a while there was a

little bit of drama because I got a new girlfriend for a little while that we

were kind of dating around and you know things didn't work out so some drama

some rough patches but I think everything recently has actually been

quite smooth and last week Liz posted this video making a song in 24 hours

where she created the song time she wrote the lyrics herself she produced

the song and today would be reacting to it and the reason why this is gonna be

interesting is because a lot of you guys think that this song is about me so

without further ado let's get splaying this song and let's see how I react okay

we all know Liz dropped a new song really recently but it came to my

attention in my comment section that the song that she made is actually about

someone that she knows a friend maybe like an ex or something so I'm gonna

listen to it again and try to figure out who she's talking about I know the song

is really good the song is an absolute banger right like we all know it's good

and I'm Liz surprised all of us with how talented she is but I'm kind of

concerned that maybe she's like subtly roasting me or one of my really good

friends so we gotta get to the bottom of this here is my reaction to Liz's new

song called time here

this is the intro the beat really good I like it it sounds like a professional

song alright right off the bat we have the first two lyrics I missed the way

you whispered in my ear our drives to Malibu to disappear that's kind of

interesting I think she could be talking about him here where I'm saying what

she's saying that she missed misses when I whisper in her ear back when we were

dating and I do love Malibu so my favorite places I love going there and

Liz and I would go there quite a few times became him put some footage up

right here of us in Malibu together so it could be that she's singing this song

about me but I feel like it's you know it could be a coincidence you know

Malibu is a pretty popular place a lot of songs talk about Malibu and

whispering in your ear okay so right off the bat she said whispered in her ear

and drives to Malibu to disappear Liz and I have never gone to Malibu together

before I mean we did date for a really short period of time but it was you know

it was just for fun it wasn't very serious and was just you

know there's a lot of drama going on we never went to Malibu though so I don't

think she's talking about me but we're gonna dive a little deeper

let's keep listening

okay those last three lyrics right there were juicy so I miss the way you kissed

me I wish that you were I wish you were with me but I think it's time to drop my

tears this is starting to feel a little bit like I got starting to see where the

comments are saying I could maybe it is about because I miss the way you kissed

me you can't Sochi you know we were dating but we're not dating we're we

broke up so she misses the way that we kissed and she wishes that I was still

with her that we didn't break up is that what she's trying to say here I don't

know but I think it's time to dry my tears so maybe she's been upset ever

since we broke up and now it's time for her to get over me is that what she's

saying but I think it's time to dry my tears so I wonder if the meaning of this

is that she misses when we were together but it's time for her to get over me

since we've been broken up for so long it's possible but it also could just be

lyrics about just dating in general or heartbreak which is pretty common I'm

not the only person in the world out here so it's not necessarily about me

but let's get to the chorus and see what she says here alright so the song is

obviously coming from a super emotional place for Liz I just watched the whole

thing again there's no way it's about me there's no way it's about stove because

it's about him it's about a relationship that she was in so it has to be Carter

right like it couldn't be anybody else

eivol say that drop right there I love that drop okay that part was a up

banger I gotta say that like II it was just so good but we got to look at the

lyrics because that's the important part all right so here's the chorus I want to

be there for you but I'm meeting time when I live my life and go a little

crazy with all my friends and maybe someday you will be mine I want to be

there for you but a meeting time okay so this was actually kind of confusing I

feel like the first part we're a little bit more like maybe it really is me that

she's talking about in this song but now that she's getting to the chorus I want

to be there for you but I'm meeting time you know what when we broke up lives in

a few months ago it wasn't like she broke up with me or I broke up with her

it was actually a very mutual breakup is for the both of us

things have just been so crazy with our life and moving to California and also

just being social media influencers it's just such a crazy demanding life and we

have dated for a while up into that point our lives is just change so much

dramatically just drastically changed I guess that we just decided hey let's

just take a break from dating and just become friends again so that actually is

sort of described here because the way she says I want to be there for you but

on meeting time I know she's taking Carter to Malibu before and that's kind

of a big signifier that it is about him so Carter I don't know what this means

dude but you know she's trying to say something to you so I hope you're out

there and I hope you're listening to what she's saying cuz she made it she

put it in a song and that's a pretty big deal I don't know man this does really

sound like her side of it cuz you know remember it's a mutual breakup so it's

not one way or the other we both decided to take a break and she says that she

needs she wants to be there she wants to continue dating sometime down the road

in the future maybe we'll get back together okay I mean this song is a

straight banger I got to say I don't know what you guys are thinking of it so

far but I'm really liking it let's keep listening and see how the rest of the

song is


okay yes so that's v2 right there that's the second verse

I missed the moments in our picture frame I wish that everything could be

the same I miss the way you hugged me I miss the way I miss the way you love to

me but I think it's time to dry my tears okay so she's talking about like

memories that she has in her mind about maybe her and I dating here and she

wishes that things could be the way they used to be when we used to be dating she

misses the way that we used to hug each other and stuff so I don't know guys I

mean I can totally understand why in the comments you were saying Carter this

song is about you Liz this made this entire song about me I personally think

this song is about Carter because in this song it says after a certain amount

of time I want you back I'm gonna get you back blah blah blah it's been I

don't know how long since Carter and Liz have broken up but I know it's been a

minute and once the cameras are shut off actually this is like an exclusive juicy

juicy info right here that not a lot of people know but after cameras are shut

off Carter and Liz do seem to be on better terms and what I mean by that is

that they give off a like a couple vibe again like they're really close to each

other again it's I don't know it's interesting I don't really know the

whole situation but it makes sense

something but this song I think is about Carter and I think enough time has

passed so I think I don't know so those were the lyrics of Liz's song my

reaction is initially I think the song is really good I'm actually extremely

impressed with the quality the professionalism of the song and it's

just a Street banger that beat is very catchy

the lyrics are even good itself and as you start to read into deeper I am very

suspicious and I'm starting to feel like maybe she didn't make this song about me

I guess there's really only one way to find out you know we can look in the

lyrics all we want they can talk to each other about it but I think we should go

to lose this place and confront her so let's go all right guys I'm calling Liz

to see if she's home I can stop by oh hey Liz are you at your place is it cool

if I stop by I have to come over and ask you something sure

all right cool I'll be right over all

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your support all right guys we are at Liz's place right now and she's coming

over here in a minute she has no idea that I'm here to confront her about her

new song so she's gonna be probably a little bit surprised a little bit

shocked but it's gonna be really interesting to see how she responds

because it's gonna be it's gonna tell us whether the song is actually about me or

it's just like kind of a good generic love song so she's coming home so I have

to talk to you about something

so I listened to your new song whole thing like time right yeah you person

you can't last week yeah okay look ins like the whole thing and I

even went through all the lyrics and a lot of the comments where people are

saying like they think the song is about me is set aside you know I'm gonna look

at the song myself it's decide for myself and I wrote the

lyrics down alright so I mean this are the songs so it starts off saying I miss

the way you whispered in my ear and then you say our drives to Malibu to

disappear so tell you a little about that

Malibu lyric because I just focus a little suspect what do you mean a

suspect I don't know like what song about I just like to drive to Malibu but

I'm the one that like takes it out of it and so yeah I didn't like once I go with

other people that's not true I think I may be the no there's so many times and

I don't feel like you've never gone or what I've got it was it for me maybe the

words that you're like putting me on the spot I know no I'm just trying to figure

out like who's the song of valley are you thinking about

I wish the way you kissed me I wish you were with me but I think it's time to

drive my tears yeah cuz I wanna cry anymore but anymore about breaking up

her saying no okay I want to be there for you but I'm meeting time what I live

my life and go a little crazy with all my friends and maybe someday you will be

mine stop I don't know crazy my friend those are wrong with that that's fine

but then some day you will be mine hey who's that person Toby there's a

song about beers that not everyone wants to know I know it's maybe about like

Ryan you have the top common oMG this is actually a banger like this

comment if you wrote this song for Carter and you liked the song oh my god

noises like this comment if you wrote this song for Carter and you part of it

I have hearted it because I just I didn't like it though it's up like this

common not hard this comment okay what about this one

two days ago she's probably talking about Carter and Liz the song is sick I

love it I can't stop listening to it 33 likes I'm not the only one that

thinks that it's about me well some water if it is about you I

just wanted that you cuz I'm reacting to this song and everyone's saying it's

about me and so I feel like I need to like get to the bottom of it well I

think okay the only deprecated one person you're thoroughly alright so are

you gonna tell me you're not talking about me

what you the song is it uh actually yeah something yeah what does that even mean

yeah yeah there's like a song about like our relationship like when you hear like

songs about like Justin Bieber and like other people they talk about like

relationships dating and whatever in stuff but it's about them but this one's

like about yeah this is that your perspective stuff but like I'm involved

in it she's really interesting okay well guys I guess your suspicion was right

all the comments that said the song was written about me I guess you were right

Liz definitely yeah I had to confront you about it all guys what do you think

about this song I think it's a banger it's about me and I guess that's kind of

interesting laughs it's just cool it's a good start

I like it I guys well see you guys the next vlog

this is gonna be posting the lyrical version of the song soon in a few days

all right well I'm looking forward to it we'll see you guys in the next vlog bye

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