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Before anybody says I copied cateye008

Read the description, this video was made 5 months before cateye008's video.

And look at the pinned comment. Cateye008 litterally says that they based their video of off mine.

So please get your facts straight before accusing people.

Another popular comment is the fact that the title of Ocram's song is "Hopes and Dreams".

It is in fact not. Ocram's song is "SAVE The World".

For proof, I will add cards to both songs. Just click the "i" icon.

Yet another popular comment is people not agreeing with my choices.

I understand that people don't all think the same.

But this is just my opinion, songs that I think work.

Many people keep telling me I have to change different songs.

Moon Lord should be "Hopes and Dreams" or "MEGALOVANIA".

But I have good reasons why I picked these songs.

Moonlord gets "Finale", because his fight is in fact, the finale.

It's your final face-off. Sure, you can still play after beating him. But he is the final boss.

And Skeletron Prime gets "MEGALOVANIA", because he is the upgraded version of Skeletron.

Seen as how Sans is the older brother of Papyrus, it'd make sense to give his song to the "older brother" of Skeletron.

Many say I should've given "Spider Dance" to Queen Bee. But I don't agree.

Since "Spider Dance" has a kind of spooky theme, I felt it was more fitting for a halloween themed boss.

People say that Queen Bee should get "Spider Dance", since they're both insects.

But spiders are arachnids, not insects. Insects have 6 legs, spiders have 8.

But even if spiders were insects, it still fits more with the Pumpkin Moon.

People say I didn't take these song choices to seriously.

And you are in fact right. I never planned for this to become so popular.

This was just a silly idea that popped into my mind when I was bored.

I didn't think of complex reasons for every song. I just used what sounded right.

I believe this is the last popular complaint. People say that Terraria's bosses are to "scary" and "badass" to be

associated with a "happy" and "silly" children's game as Undertale.

To you, my friend, I say: Go check out the Genocide route.

Behind that coat of sugar, Undertale's a pretty scary and mysterious game.

Take W.D. Gaster for example, or the Amalgamates. Undertale is not really a kids game.

Okay, seriously the last one now, I promise.

People ask me "Where's the Lunar Event?" or "Where are the Pirates?"

Well, this is a video about bosses, not events. And yes, I know that I did add Pumpkin Moon and Frost Moon.

But... I honestly don't know why. I just added them. But for a full video on events. Check out part 2 of this video on my channel.

For the mobile bosses, I also don't have an excuse for not adding them. I just didn't.

However, after I finish my video on biomes, I'll be releasing a video with all remaining tracks.

The Old One's Army, Sandstorm, Menu, etc.

Well, I think that was everything. Now you have my opinion and reason for every single comment I've seen so far.

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