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You see, each one of his movies, either the early "Shadows"

or the classic

"Husbands".. but he still didnt become famous.

Well, he is now!

Not really, you can ask who is Kubrick or Coppola,

and then who is Cassavetes!

Just ask!

Egor, who is Cassavetes?

I think I'm drunk..

Where is Vika? I'm really tired of walking around in her mask.

Do you remember that film "Face/Off"? Starring Kage and Travolta.

It offends me as a biologist. They had different blood types, and they made it like their faces could heal!





Oh, hi everyone, sorry I'm late.

Very funny. Ok.

This is Igorek. Hello.

Well, I'm tired of pretending to be you.

It's not easy to be me, is it?

(mockingly) How do I put this...

Voice seemed really similar.

Really? Yes, I liked it. Well done.

I am an actress, I've got to.



Is there anything to drink?

Hey, you showed her really well.

Well, I'm an actress, I'm able to show anyone..

Even you.. Go, me too!

Okay, stop this.

Stop it, please. Like this.. Stop!!


You shouldn't have started this circus if your friend doesn't understand jokes!


Where are you going?

To work.

And I'm going home.

From a masquerade.

May I ask you to walk me home?

Yes, sure.

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