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hi guys welcome back to my channel so

yes guys this is English teacher in

France and in today's video everyone I

just would like to open this with you so

I was very surprised because when I up

when I actually opened or when my

daughter opened the mailbox everyone she

found this one and she showed me what it

is so I was very surprised so I got this

one from one of us as my subscribers

everyone in a very good friend as well

so yeah I said if you can guess everyone

who that person is please comment below

everyone so yeah let's open it what's

inside every one that's open all right

it was open guys I'm wondering I think

it's a something that's gonna be broken

guys because there is something like

that you see there is this kind of

material this is actually to I guess to

protect all my god paint my favorite

color everyone think oh there is there's

a card

oh my god me like a Sarah Tommy

kostadin is actually means a family cuz

their custom and family so yes guys oh

my God look what I have here you guys oh

my god oh my God thank you so much oh my

gosh you always surprise me you know I

really appreciate your being so

thoughtful you know to your English

teacher thank you so much you never fail

to surprise me

I really appreciate it yes Sarah this is


this is what I got so I actually got

here two boxes of yeah this one everyone

is so yes yes yes guys what's it guys so

yeah I hope you can try this for me

everyone so yeah this is what I got

thank you so much and look the pink

color everyone the pink pink pink is

very pink is my favorite color you know

yeah it's so much

yeah and just have a look at the card oh

the card is also very beautiful very

beautiful card or the pink real is

everyone is it gross yes and a wet pink

pink flowers oh my god pink flowers in

it oh joy you know well so that means to

say happy Christmas oh my god thank you

so much thank you so much really I don't

know how to thank you but really I

really appreciate all your you know all

your care or yes every time you know I

share something or yes in a way I really

thank you for being very thoughtful yes


yeah I think yeah this is really yeah

thank you so much yes miss it oh I


so yeah guys you see I'm very surprised

everyone let's open it shall we open it

or no I will just open this because I'm

gonna wait for my husband to actually

you know see this one and we will open

this together hopefully it's gonna like

it too so this is for the whole family

thank you so much for the early

Christmas gift yes is the Christmas gift

from you thank you so much it's very

very thoughtful of you really and yes I

really appreciate all of this being very

thoughtful of you

you know yes I appreciate it from the

bottom of my heart really thank you so


yes oh my god you always surprise me you

even didn't tell me what you didn't even

tell me about this one yeah it just

arrived there it is just a the mailbox

you know so yeah that's it guys I see

thank you so much so yes guys a big

shout out to all my friends out there

shout out to be sworn family nurse a in


Martis rich I was an American shot take

the birch I know shut up - you shut up -

follow bloggers shout out to arrange to

my lengthy a shout out to you and of

course shout out to all my friends out

there Genevieve I'm a labor of love yeah

shout out to everyone I really

appreciate your continued support to my

channel everyone so yes and pour shout

out to shine amen and fans o shout out

to dad father and shout out to thought

police and David vulture

yes shout out to all of you guys you

guys are amazing and shout out to one

one foot travel napkin wizard shout out

to you or Jimbo 360 so that's it guys

that's all about this thing everyone so

yeah you know what I don't know what you

can say about that I mean for some it is

you know it

a great feeling everyone it is a great

feeling I didn't know if you agree with

me but it is a great feeling when you

actually get something from someone

without even expecting it you know so

yes I really really appreciate this kind

of this kind of what action so yes guys

that's really it about this unboxing say

yes you know I I have been always

surprised by this person guy so yeah I

really thank this person all the time

and yeah I don't know I am speechless I

don't know what to say anymore so anyway

this kind of thing guys always actually

makes me feel better you know when you

are feeling down or feeling like

something is you know missing or what

well it is a great feeling when you get

something like this from one of your

subscribers so yeah it's a it's a great

feeling so I have nothing to say it's a

great feeling so once again thank you so

much and a big big shout out to you yes

so I hope you will be having a great

Christmas as well I know this is a very

early greetings but yes you have given

me an early gifts sale I really

appreciate it thank you so much so let's

try guys how it tastes like

she's nice tonight

no it's this guy's al I'm any dough

remember oh yes I its opposite you

cannot read probably sing the camera on

the opposite side my husband said thank

you so much inside the box guys there

are two like this - thank you so much my

very supportive subscriber oh it's very

delicious my god there is a dong doodle

ranchito room don't wan a man it's like

there's almond oka this peanut I love it

oh my gosh the whole thing is it

delicious so there are two flavors guys

the other one is this Don Blondo sequel

Blondo creamy to run I in English

there's creamy to run

yeah I think there's also peanut inside

oh I love it

it's the taste is very good guys oh my

gosh thank you so much really

thank you so much so yeah I think it

also has to pack slightly it's not so

sweet the coat is like wafer yeah

hmm Court is my boyfriend so yes guys so

this is English teacher in France if

you're new to my channel please don't

forget to subscribe and click the

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clothes and live streaming everyone

thank you so much bye bye to say