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garnacheros if you know me

you know that I always follow

their recommendations

that's why I'm just at the exit

from the San Antonio subway to try

something that you sent me in social networks

that is giant!

what you see next to me

it's a pretty broad row

it's not a row for the IMSS


it's not a line to ask for government support

Big Daddy giant hot-dogs

I feel a quite complicated mission

I have a great guest

surely many of you know him

if you like urban food videos


syou know who this human being is

hey, whats up!


how are you.?


we will be the ones who eat

these hot dogs

and let's see how they are

are you ready?

Ready, ready

let's go

Do you prefer to eat a large one to two small ones?

on this occasion, yes



I already checked that I can eat two

I can

that's emotion gentlemen

and as you can see there are two sizes

is the small one of 30 centimeters

and this beauty of 50 centimeters of flavor

brother, how do you prepare them?

I put onion, the dressing of ground beef

catsup and liquid cheese

and with bacon?

Onion, catsup, mayonnaise and mustard

yes, all

this is chili and bacon


look how they use two breads

it's not really only one

the sausage is the one that's big

pour some caramelized onions

brother, What is that sauce?

It's a dressing of ground beef with beans


its the famous chili

put chili

after catsup, uff beacon

cheese in liquid

and jalapeño peppers

just to give it the yummy touch

nada mas esto

see that beauty


this is what Mark will eat

I think I'm going to need the whole arm

we use the whole arm to be able to move

I want to start but I don't know where

when they come, be very careful

can break

bring many napkins

you bite more to the center and find more flavors

Mark is from phoenix originally

now lives in Bangkok, Thailand

I think it can give us a better idea

of the chili he's eating ... because

I also think exactly the same thing because...

hot-dogs style Sonora

are a work of art, the best!

very good, Sonora, you very well

I really prefer a hot-dog small

because if it's too big

I think you fill yourself up too

much with a small hot dog

it's my personal opinion

I prefer to enjoy a small one

and the big one for when you're really hungry

smake the attempt to eat the big one

come to Big Daddy for that experience

but I recommend it is 30 centimeters

it's little and they can eat something else

and they don't feel fat

y no sienten que es demasiado hot-dog

aaah I feel fat of hot dogs

this giant hot dog 50 centimeters

Mark says that the last part is super difficult

because we took a short break

y comíamos super rápido y no pasaba nada

We ate very quickly and nothing happened

we rested and we felt like all the food

fell down to the stomach and it was wow wow

I think I already get too full

and it's like I can not anymore

and this is the biggest hot dog in Mexico

50 centimeters

Hey, and you ordered for two smalls, and she the big one


you are failing as a boyfriend

of course

she is an alpha womana

I'm going to help

that's being a champion woman

What a disappointment, brother

I have to say that this young lady

accused me of having induced her to buy a giant hot dog

but they ate, two small

very good, They did it very well.

those are winning women

we have realized that women here ...

Mexican women because we ate toasted chilis

The Mexican women that

come a Big Daddy

they are the ones that command and win

very good ladies

we are located at Av. San Antonio 352

Col Nonoalco a 20 steps from the subway San Antonio

at what hours at what hours? and what days are you here?

We are from Monday to Saturday from 12:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m

and how much does a hot dog of 30 and 50 centimetros cost?

Prices change from 30 centimeters to $ 35 to $ 49 pesos

and those of 50 centimeters from $ 69 to $ 99 pesos

and from there there are several combinations

hey and ¿how was the idea of making a giant hot dog born?

eating and eating

and I traveled a lot to the United States in a job

that I had in an airline

so I wanted to have something so big

here in Mexico

how to get the sausage of 50 centimeters?

is ordered to do, with a special provider yes

at that size

and the flavor is of various mixtures

and we did it with the one I liked best

which is smoked meat taste with bacon

At some point do you also think about making special

special bread for hot dogs?

Or will there always be two loaves?

we've tried it with various types of breads

many tests with different breads

very delicious bread that they have brought

but when you combine all the ingredients

the amount of sausage with the huge bread of the same size

It's crazy and nobody finishes eating it

then there is a lot of waste

then we continue with this bread

and nobody knows how to make bread like this

and nobody knows how to make

bread like this

that is wonder

and who has been your customer who has eaten hot dogs the most?

How many hot dogs is the record?

a person who ate 4 hot dogs

han sido 4 este hot-dogs

including 2 big hot dogs and 2 small


almost a kilo of sausage


and he ate...

There were 160... in weight is it?

160 centimeters of hot dog.

almost a kilogram, if not, 900 grams

without problem

we made a collaborative video

go to Mark's channel

I'm leaving the link in the description box

and here too to go,

we went for a tour for

7 of the best taquerias in Mexico City

to eat all the types of tacos

that exist here

so if you are interested in

Asian urban food and from other parts of the world

Mark has to be his favorite channel

so go watch their videos

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