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Welcome to the killcount where we tally up the victims and all our favorite horror movies. I'm James A. Janisse and today

we're continuing our look at the mini-series version of Stephen King's It. The series was aired in two parts on ABC in

1990 and similarly I had to make my Kill Count coverage a two-parter because there's just too much damn story to tell. If you need

to watch part one where five people have died so far click the bubble in the upper right corner of this video to check it

out. Otherwise, let's jump straight back into the kills.

Part two begins with Bill and his whack-ass ponytail arriving back home in Derry, Maine.

He visits his little brother's tombstone, but gets his morning session interrupted by Pennywise digging some graves. There are seven of them

but one of them's filled. It's with Stan. Bill tells Pennywise

he's not afraid of him, not very convincingly

I might add, then heads to the library where he and Mike reunite with a solid-looking man hug. Bill admits that he doesn't really

remember anything and, if you hadn't noticed, none of them really do except for Mike probably cuz he never left Derry. Mike says he has

something that will help jog Bill's memory, and it's his old bike, Silver.

They fix it up

and then have a grown-ass man-riding-a-bicycle montage, complete with such hits as the teeter-totter up and down, and the bullfighter

special. It's a sweet montage

I guess but I'm more than happy when it ends on a creepy note after they spill cards on the ground and see Pennywise

on the back of them. Next to arrive back in Derry is Richie,

who's outraged by the closing of the Paramount theater and even more outraged at the latest film they're playing. Oh, never heard of that one?

What's it got on Rotten Tomatoes? He gets to the library but since Bill and Mike are out doing their Butch and Sundance

montage, he has to sit there and wait for them. Pennywise waits with him offering him a balloon first troubles But Pennywise

what if one balloons not enough?

Haha, that's better. I could uh I could do without the blood stuff though. Richie

gets blood all over his face looking like the world's messiest vampire while Pennywise sits on the balcony and cracks jokes.

Guys, if you ever find yourself having as much fun in your life as Pennywise is here, consider yourself

hashtag blessed. Richie's not impressed by Pennywise' pablum stand up though so he peace's out, taking a taxi into town is Ben who has his

driver pull over so he can hike on down to the Barrens and say hello to his old friend Mouldy Skeleton Guy.

Yo, what up MSG? You haven't aged a bit. Back in the taxi

he has another couple of visions. First, one of Pennywise standing on the side of the road and then an ominous balloon in his cab.

Then he pulls into town next and heads to a pharmacy where he remembers

From his childhood when the pharmacists revealed to him that his inhaler wasn't actually any medicine.

It was just a placebo designed to make him feel better. Adult Eddie overhears the same

pharmacist in the back, now an old man and after a brief heart-to-heart, the old guy grabs his arm and gets creepy.

-"Get out of Derry while you still can."

-Well then, he gets out of there. The last Loser to arrive in Derry,

since, you know, Stan's dead, is Beverly who's paying a visit to her old house. She finds out her dad died five years ago

But the old lady living there now welcomes her inside for some tea and memories. Things start getting weird fast.

The old lady chugs her tea noisily, her teeth all of a sudden looked like she's been a lifetime tobacco chewer, and oh yeah

Bev's tea is actually a cup of blood. Bev's on a strict no-blood diet though and while the old woman is cleaning up the broken

teacup, she turns into the freakiest looking corpse-thing in this entire movie. Then starts talking like Bev's dad.

-"I worry about you baby.

I worry a lot."

-Bev flees and when she's safely outside the house,

she looks back to see Pennywise doing his thing.

-"Beep beep."

-Then she looks again and sees that the house has actually boarded up and abandoned. A lone balloon poses out Bev's little segment here. Then we

unexpectedly jump back to England where Bill's wife is chatting with a guy involved in that movie

he was working on. The suit tells Audra not to mess up her career by ditching the production, but she's so concerned about Bill

that she ignores his advice and gets a ticket on the next Maine-bound plane.

It's finally time to get everyone back together and what better place than a Chinese restaurant.

Eddy and Ben are the first to arrive and while they're hugging it out, Bill and Mike walk in, no doubt

exhausted from their day of riding bike together. Richie loses his nerve when he sees them at first

but after a pep talk to himself in the bathroom mirror, he returns to them with his schtick dialed up to 11.

-"Alright, who got bald, and who got wrinkled, and how many of God's chillin' got wings?"

-"Beep beep, Richie."

-Finally, Bev walks in and the guys are all stunned because Annette O'Toole is a very pretty lady.

She greets them all with hugs and kisses and an especially sultry kiss for Bill. Damn Bill,

you got a wife, dude. Then they toast to the Losers Club and have - what the hell, another montage!

Yeah, this one's even longer than the bike thing, and it's just them feasting out and dicking around. Man, I hate adult Richie.

They start catching up each other and the audience as the camera swings around them over and over and

over and over and over again.

Anyone else feel nauseous? They mention how Henry Bowers took the blame for all the missing and murdered kids back in 1960

but nobody would believe all this clown talk. Now Henry's hanging out in a psych ward down the way, a sad old man

just trying to get some sleep. But he can't because the goddamn moon keeps talking to him and won't shut the hell up. Moon-

Pennywise tells Henry, he's got work to do, that

he needs to go back to Derry and finish killing all the Losers there. Henry's all like, "yeah, Mr. Moon-

Clown, sounds good to me."

That's my Henry voice, I guess. The Losers are finishing up their dinner with a round of fortune cookies and their fortunes end up being

way worse than vague platitudes on thin strips of paper. Instead,

it's stuff like blood and cockroaches and freaking eyeballs and this little crab thing that looks like a Happy Meal toy.

Oh and a dead baby bird

But that might just be an order of baloo. The crew takes refuge in Mike's library where Richie just goes on and on and on.

Holy shit, if I die and go to hell, it'll be in the audience of a never-ending 80 stand-up comic show.

-"It's great to be back in Derry,

breathing in that old 'derriere'."

-"Beep beep, Richie."

-Yeah, Richie, beep fuckin beep. The only thing that gets them to finally shut up is the news that Stan's dead, baby, Stan's dead.

Obviously, this brings the room down and Bill reminisce is about a time he saved Stan from something scary

he saw. Apparently, one time Stan got called into a big old house by a

mysterious voice and once he was inside, the door locked behind him and down the stairs came a mummy. Damn, man,

just breaking out all the classic monsters for this movie,

huh? And apparently Frankenstein and the creature from the Black Lagoon are in the book too. Eddie talks about

how Stan was the only one to see It's true form in the sewer and mentioned something Stan told It?

-"He said, 'I looked into its dead lights

and I wanted to be there'."

-When they go for a drink in Mike's work fridge,

they instead get a bunch of balloons that all float and Stan's

decapitated head, which roasts each one of the crew in turn then converts into Pennywise's voice for his big show-stopping finale.

-"We all float down here! They all float!"

-God, I love it when he does that one. They all float down here?

It's a classic. The library starts going all Paranormal Activity on the gang until they do a friendship huddle and shut that shit down.

They wisely get the idea to ditch the creepy library and head someplace else for the night. Back at the psych ward,

Henry gets a visit from an undead Belch, who he has a telepathic conversation with. Belch tells him he's gonna bust him out,

so he can contract Henry out to kill the losers one by one. Then gives him his old switchblade as a signing bonus.

As Henry approaches the exit, the security guard Koontz steps out to rough him up.

But It steps in to intervene, appearing as a clown with a freaking doberman head and knocks Koontz down, killing him in the standard

slow-motion point of view shot that this mini-series leans on way too heavily on but probably had to because, you know, it was a network

mini-series. Now at a quaint hotel,

Mike catches everyone up, reminding them of all the kids that were disappearing in

1960. He tells them that every 30 years some evil shit goes down in Derry.

-"In 1930, the explosion down at the old ironworks.

In 1900, the massacre at Drake's Creek."

-They remember grown-ups who refused to acknowledge the evil in their town. Like a teacher and the old guy across the street from Bev, who

ignored her when she was getting harassed by Henry Bowers. Mike reflects how they have to stay together to be strong and about how they're

all special for some reason.

-"Six of you left Derry became unusually


-While Mike circle-jerking

everyone's egos, Audra pulls into town at an old gas station and the attendant turns into Pennywise.

-"Don't you want your balloon first, Miss Denbrough?"

-Then Pennywise gets real sexy-creepy with her.

-"Don't you want it? Don't you want it? Don't you want it?"

-I mean, I kind of do but mostly cuz you're Tim Curry. Audra's not quite dead yet, though

so she avoids being added to the Kill Count for now. The gang shoots the shit some more, Ben telling everyone how he lost all

his weight and Bev telling them that as a child she felt like she was going insane over the bloody sink business until the day

they all came over and confirmed that it was real then helped her clean it up.

-"I fell in love with all you guys that day."

-Not sure, but I wonder if that line is a reference to an infamous scene that happens in the book

but doesn't happen in this movie, and won't happen in the new one. If you're curious,

Just look up Stephen King's It gangbang.

Or you know maybe don't.

Despite Mike's earlier warning to not split up, some of the guys do briefly separate when they go upstairs to grab clothes and stuff. And

during the separation, they get hit by evil shit because that's what happens in Stephen King stories. For instance, Bev comes into Ben's room and

recites his old poem about her revealing that she eventually figured out it was him who wrote it, not Bill. They start making out

but when he sneaks a peek in the mirror to get a look at that ass, it's these unflattering clown pants

he sees in the reflection. Yep, dude, you were just swapping spit with Pennywise.

-"Kiss me, fat boy."

-Across that fetish off the fucking list. As bad as that is, things are much worse for Mike when Henry Bowers

ambushes him from the bathroom and stabs him in the side with a switchblade.

Ben and Eddie break into Mike's room and rescue him and in the process Henry stabs himself in the chest, killing him to rid the group of

evil Danny Zuko, once and for all and giving us the seven kill of the

mini-series a whopping 2 hours and 33 minutes in. The gang rushes Mike to the hospital and stays overnight. Bev complaining that It is a

real big meanie. When Ben comforts her, she recites his poetry to him, freaking him out because of the whole clown pants dalliance he had

the night before.

-"Damn it, Bev. Is that you in there or is that the clown?"

-She assures him

she ain't got no clown inside and they make sweet sweet lip love. Back inside

they're given an update on Mike by a doctor played by a dude who couldn't give less of a shit about this role.

-"He's not out of the woods yet.

I guess one of you could go in for just a minute."

-Mike gives Bill the silver earrings and tells him that he went back into the sewer by himself 10 years ago when he was feeling

down in the dumps and willing to let It kill him for all we care.

Instead he found those earrings that knew they'd come back in handy one day.

The gang covers up Henry's body up the hotel and prepare to get the hell out of Dodge,

but on his way out the door

Ritchie overhears the television talking about the latest victim found in Derry: a five year old little girl. Do I add her to the count or

not? I'm gonna go with no because it's a news report. Sorry, It. No inflated statistics for you.

The gang is all ready to hightail it back to their respective homes, but Bill gives a moving speech

that harkens back to when they were kids.

-"This time I'm gonna kill It."

-"Help me.

Help me."

-Another friendship huddle affirms the others will stay as well. Get in losers

we're going It hunting. The party gears up once more with Bev's slingshot and Bill's magic silver earrings.

But Richie's a bit of a sourpuss and complains about the whole thing. Not enough to run off though.

Nope, the five of them head back through the Barrens one last time and into the sewer station.

They find a purse that Bill

recognizes as belonging to Audra which sends him running down the sewer tunnels by himself like a stupid, dumb idiot.

But turns out that was just for a dramatic

commercial segment and as soon as the movie returns the gang gets back together and continues on as a team,. Ad breaks, am I right?

They finally get to the hub of the sewer again, the same place they faced off against Pennywise last time and sure enough shit

starts going down again. First they see a paper boat sail on down to where they're standing and then they're greeted with the greenish sight

of zombie

Georgie, who's still kind of a cute kid despite all the festering on his face.

Bill wills ghost Georgie away by denying him any power

And then an image of Pennywise appears like it's being projected onto the wall by a

substitute teacher who you know what, just doesn't really feel like teaching that day. Although Richie complains that there's no way they can fight evil

incarnate, like It, Bill knows

what's up.

-" It wakes up every 30 years and it feeds.

And in order to feed it has to take on some kind of physical form."

-So that's pretty much the tldr of what It is, in case anyone asks.

They set the boat of floating and follow it deeper and deeper into the sewer system, all the way to this bone door straight out

Of a grim fairy tale. Before they go in, Eddie tells them he's a virgin because he's never loved anyone

but them and also because in the movie they didn't get around to the whole gang bang thing. This scene does however add to my

suspicion that he's a gay-coated character.

They finally opened the door into the ultimate set piece, a big old hay with spider webs everywhere that hold lots of dead bodies and

one Bill's wife. Before he can go get her, It comes out as a... as a giant spider.

Yep, it's a big ass spider. S-surprise? I mean, it's not technically a spider,

it looks like he's only got six legs, but he's pretty much a spider. It could definitely look better, but what are you gonna

do guys? They have a mini-series budget and the book has them going through space-time

and shit. Bev shoots spider-It with her silver pieces, but she misses the first one and the other just bounces off his exoskeleton.

It-spider rears up and is all 'get in my belly!'

His dead lights blinding Bill. The lights also blind Ben and Richie when they go to try and help him.

Bev runs off to fetch her arrows and Eddie remembers his battery acid moment from childhood. So he tries it once more.

-"This is battery acid. Now you disappear."

-Except it doesn't work this time

and It-spider picks him up with his spider-hand claws and squeezes him. Bev manages to find an earring and aims it straight for

the dead lights. She lets it go, and it's a direct hit giving us this weird qidan firework show

in It-spider's belly. It-spider drops,Eddie and runs away,

but it looks like the damage is done. The rest of the gang holds Eddie in their arms as he dies, our eighth victim in

this movie almost three hours in. Bet none of you expected this to have more kills that Scream, did ya?

Eddie's death rallies the remaining Losers who aren't gonna let It escape again

-"If that thing comes back when I'm 70..."

-"Let's finish it." -"Once and for all."

-They find It, limping away injured and weak

so they go and push it over and then kick and punch the crap out of it. Through their teamwork and Bill's crazy

determination face, they're able to kill It and yeah kicking and punching is a little lame

but they also tear It's heart out like they're Jim Carrey in that fantasy sequence during 'Dumb and Dumber',

So you know what? I'm not gonna shit on it too much. With It dead for good,

It's evil spells lifted and Bill catches Audra as

she descends from the ceiling and her little cocoon. She's catatonic though, not the best news for Billy boy

So it's a bittersweet moment when they're standing outside the sewer with her and Eddie's body. Womp womp.

Narration from Mike lets us know that he wrote everything down, so we wouldn't forget anything

And then he thinks it's time for him to finally move on from Derry. He sums up

what became of everyone else: Richie got to star in a movie that looks like it would go straight to video and still lose a

ton of money, Bev and Ben got married and pregnant in a matter of weeks after the incident, and Bill and Audra are just now leaving

Derry, even though Audra still all messed up. Before he gets in the taxi though, Bill sees his old bike Silver, which sparks one last

idea to give us a happy ending.

He takes Audra on a very dangerous

joyride through the streets of Derry and the magic of his love and his noble steed are enough to snap her out of her trance.

She comes to during what must be the most terrifying bike ride of her life and the two embrace in the middle of an intersection

as the camera pans out and the credits start with one last laugh from Pennywise.

Do I look older? I feel older cuz I just summed up a three hour movie for you guys. At least it was a good

one with a decent amount of kills too - how many? Let's find out and get to the numbers.

There were nine

deaths in Stephen King's It, which is nine more than some of you

expected because I guess you really don't know the story. Of the victims, one was a little girl, seven were males of various ages and

the last was a giant, evil demon-spider-clown thing. Yeah, that's a uh weird breakdown when it comes to gender

So, you know, whatever.

At a runtime of an insane three hours and seven minutes, that comes out to a kill on average about every 20 minutes.

Golden chains for coolest kill doesn't have a lot of options. I'll give it to Belch.

There's no blood or anything, but I think it's cool

the way he folds in half and his facial

expression is one of frozen terror, which really sells it. Dull machete for lamest kill? Take your pick.

I guess Vick since we never even hear a description of what happened to his body.

And that's it the ABC mini-series production of Stephen King's It was released in two parts back in

1990 and, while it has its flaws,

it's a solid effort when it comes to translating this massive book to screen. And hey don't worry, we get to see another attempt

at a movie version in just a week. As for us

we're getting back on the Chuckie train next Friday with Child's Play 3. Until then, I'm James A. Janisse,

This has been the Kill Count.

Hey guys, thanks a lot for watching the second part of my Kill Count on Stephen King's It.

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