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- "This Week!

In Star Wars" we got hyped on all the news that came out

about Project Luminous, and get a look

at the innovative tech at work behind the scenes

of "The Mandalorian."


Hello there.

Kristin Baver here.

Another week, another fun-filled episode.

Let's check it out.

As promised in last week's episode,

I have brought you the scoop from Project Luminous.

On Monday night, we learned that this massive

multi-publisher initiative will take

place in the all-new era of--


--the High Republic!

A few hundred years before the events of "Star Wars,

the Phantom Menace," the stories unfold at the height

of the Jedi's power as guardians serving

and protecting the galaxy.

So many questions were answered, but I still have so many

more to ask!

If you haven't already, check out

yesterday's episode of "The Star Wars Show"

to get a closer look at the event.

When occasional guest writer and comedian

Bobby Moynihan sat down with Justina Ireland,

Claudia Gray, Cavan Scott, Charles

Soule, and Daniel Jose Older.

And be sure to keep your eyes peeled on

throughout the year.

There's a lot more where that came from.

If you play "Battlefront II," you

may have noticed a few updates that

went live yesterday, as some new original trilogy

era reinforcements were added.

Now you can play as the Ewok hunter,

a cunning bundle of fur, and an ISB agent

armed with two RK-3 blasters.

You may also notice hero improvements,

reinforcement, and trooper updates,

and some other changes.

To get a full look at all the updates

to "Battlefront II," head to

We are one episode into the final season of "The Clone

Wars," and it is so good!

Last Friday, we spent some time with the Bad Batch

in the premiere episode, introducing

Crosshair, Tech, Hunter, and Wrecker of Clone Force 99.

If you want to take a deeper dive into the episode,

be sure to check out series "The Clone

Wars Download," a new online video show where you can hear

cast and crew, including executive producer

and supervising director Dave Filoni

chat about what it was like coming back

to finish "The Clone Wars."

And don't forget to tune into tomorrow's episode

of "The Clone Wars, A Distant Echo," on Disney+.

Starting this week.

You can also watch all of season two of "Star Wars Resistance,"

now streaming on Disney+.

That means it's time to get comfy and revisit Kazuda Xiono

and the gang aboard the Colossus as they

make their way in the galaxy.

And don't forget Tam.

Sure, she's exploring some different interests

in the show's second and final season,

but we know she still has heart.

Check out the full second season for yourself now.

And speaking of the streaming service,

last week we got a closer look at the innovative technology

that brought "The Mandalorian" to life when

our friends at Industrial Light and Magic

peeled back the curtain on stagecraft.

This technological feat of visual effects,

married with massive LED screens,

made the planet-hopping live action Disney+ series possible.

Head on over to ILM's YouTube channel

now, where you can watch a brief video

all about this game-changing marvel of movie making magic,

and see some brand new imagery from behind the scenes

of "The Mandalorian."

This week in "Star Wars" history-- back in 2000,

the Magic of Myth museum tour opened in Minneapolis.

The expansive traveling exhibit gave

fans an up close look at "Star Wars" costumes and props.

This was especially great for costuming fans and cosplayers,

because you could see all the details.

Look at those details in Lando's cape,

Leia's Cloud City costume.

That's it for this week.

But for more on these stories and other news from around the

galaxy, check out

And be sure to join us right here for "This Week!

in Star Wars" every Thursday.

Thanks for watching, and may the Force be with you.

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