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For this beauty people move there hips from left to right..

...After one glimpse you know for sure: THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT

...With her unique and soothing voice, everyone falls for this little witch from Apeldoorn

...This covergirl sings incredibly good, and is even called the dutch Camila Cabello

...but she prefers to go OFFLINE once in a while

...Give it up for Elieve!

- So great to have you here! How are you?

Elieve: I'm great, a little nervous . And I just realized im in a man's world again

- I'm also here, girl. Elieve: I know, I'm glad you are!

- So, people also call you the witch from Apeldoorn.

...WHY?! Tell us [laughter]

Elieve: Well, my dress says it all

- Haha but it's a real thing, right?!

- How did you get that name?

Elieve: Well, I claimed it myself. I'm Turkish and when I was younger

... I never belonged to anyone or anything.

...I was different and weird for most people

...So I felt like I was denounced, like a witch..

And I tried to accept that I was never going to be part of it..

....Back then it was really hard..

...But nowadays it seems like I got some magic powers and I'm really enjoying it

- Ah ok, so positively a witch Elieve: Yes, definately.

- And you are half Turkish, right? Elieve: No, 100% Turkish.

- Ok, and when you were asked to be the face of a Hunkemoller lingerie Campaign.. did your parents react?

Elieve: My dad responded so great, a little too great if you ask me.

... So I was already thinking like 'what's going on here?'

He was like 'WHOAAAH That's great!!'

- We also have a little snippet of it. Shall we watch it?

Guest: I really thought it was going to be in lingerie [laughter]

Elieve: No, haha he didn't know it yet. He was just happy for me

...And the good thing about that moment, it was actually a very special moment... that he wanted me to be happy in that moment..

...Eventhough he was completely against it, he faked it.

...And when I left, he immediately called my sister.. tell her I was NOT going to do that campaign..

...Then he called me to his office and..

...offered me to pay twice as much for me not to do it.

- Wow, he was going to pay the double amount of Hunkemoller?

Elieve: Yes, but I didn't do that because this was not about the money..

...And they shot a musicvideo for the very first time..

...It was such a great experience

...I wouldn't trade it for the world.

- Exactly, so was your dad proud after seeing this campaign?

Elieve: Yes, he was this and was like 'Couldn't it be more explicit' haha.

Guest: i would call him again and tell him 'Hey dad, I've got a campaign again. Will you pay me the double amount again?'

- When I look at you, you look like some sort of artist.

Elieve: What do you mean?

- Do you hear that often?

Elieve: Oh, you mean like that. Yes, I hear that often.

- I saw pictures on your instagram and then I went to her instagram..

...And I was like 'This two could be sisters.'

- Camila Cabello.

Audience: Oh wow, I see it now.

- But you two don't only look a like, you girls also have more in common..

...Can you tell us more about that?

Elieve: I guess I can. It's not a big secret anymore.

...Camila Cabello and I have dated the same guy at the same time.

...And I found out about it in Apeldoorn.

Guest: Sorry!!


- And how did the fans react? Because this story was published, right?

...Your instagram was even blocked.

Elieve: That was really weird actually. Everyone responded really negatively on me..

...And then I realized it once again, the power of communication.

...I was made out to be a mistress while I was actually the 'victim' in this whole thing.

...And Camila Cabello too.

...But I have never felt like a victim until the moment that everyone started attacking me..

...Then I thought like I did not deserve this at all.

- I understand.

Elieve: And then my instagram got blocked. It just kept getting worse..

- Now it's better, right?

Elieve: Yes:)

- We also have a new song of yours.

...And we're gonna watch a little of that clip.


- Dope. Really nice.

...Why did you find it important to make a song and video like this?

Elieve: I feel like there is a lot of gender stereotyping in the world I'm living in.

... I didn't know what genderstereotyping meant.

...I've got a friend who works for female rights at the VN and Atria..

...and she often brings me her documents and I love to read it.

And there I read the word 'Genderstereotyping' and I asked her what it meant.

...And after she told me I realized I was experiencing that a lot.

...We, as females but also the guys in here..

...we all have ideas about how we should look and behave..

...I even think that you as a female artist are dealing with this.

- You mean that I don't want be stereotyped?

Elieve: Yes. We are allready stereotyped.

...and there's a lot of pressure to keep up with that stereotype.

...And I felt that as 'a witch' as a young Turkish girl,

now I'm older and I feel that it's still the same.

...And that's why I think it's important for me to sing about it.

- After the succes of DIT IS WAT JE WIL, you come with a new song,

...called OFFLINE ft Stepherd.

...Stepherd is here with us on the couch!!

[audience screams]

- You guys will soon perform OFFLINE live here in the studio.

...When were you guys OFFLINE for the last time?

Elieve: Last night.

Stepherd: Last night yes.

Elieve: We were rehearsing for today:)

- And then you put all the phones away?

Elieve: Well, they did came back at the end haha.

Stepherd: I was offline this morning! In the gym.

- Don't you listen to music at the gym?

Stepherd: No, they got some freaky music there.


- How did you guys meet? And how did this song happen?

Stepherd: I was backstage..

...And she was in the club above while I was shooting a promotion video downstairs.

...And then I saw here and I was like "You! Come!!'

...And then I was like 'Who are you anyways?!'

...And she was like 'You don't know me?!' Elieve: What?!

...And then we got to know eachother and we stayed in touch

...and now we're here.