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[NOISE] You know AJ if you were a real man,

if you had any guts whatsoever you'd come out for

this fight tonight without Omas.

[NOISE] AJ, AJ, one more thing.

With or without Omas, I'm still gonna kick your ass.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> And

now, King Corbin looks to take advantage.

The power of Corbin.

>> Wow. >> Pinning Dominic up on the top rope.

Corbin quickly into the ring, has Dominic up where he wants him,

looking to put him away with the End of Days.

And King Corbin with yet another example of how powerful he is.


Mr. Conspiracy Theory himself.

Sami Zayn, of course, his documentary crew in tow, and A.J.

Styles took advantage off the distraction.


Blue Collar Solid, looks like that rivalry is gonna be renewed again here tonight,

and Otis taking out Miz and Morrison.

And Morrison got caught.

>> I got a feeling that the Royal Rumble match could be right up Otis's alley.

>> Yeah, who's gonna dump him over the top?

>> My goodness.

[SOUND] >> What's your problem?

Seriously, I was [INAUDIBLE].

>> No. >> My God.

>> And now Cesaro sending Big E right onto the announce table.

>> It's that time of year, Cole.

>> And Sami Zayn barking out orders.

Daniel Bryan through the second rope.

There are bodies everywhere.

>> [NOISE]


>> Maybe Shinsuke saw the light, well, but maybe not.

>> I don't think he did.

>> And now, Nakamura goes right after Styles.

[SOUND] >> I respect Ray trying to teach his son,

but, you don't throw your kid into the bear enclosure at the zoo.

>> That's essentially what just happened.

My goodness!

>> And Mysterio though driving Corbin into the ring post.

And now Rey Mysterio with Corbin knocking him down outside the ring.

>> Rey defending the honor of his son flattening King Corbin.

I don't know if that'll be enough.

>> And, Bailey locks in the top turnbuckle almost a desperate move by

Bianca Bel Air but nothing desperate about this.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> The k-o-d,

the kiss of death by Bel Air cover, on Bailey,

Bianca Bel Air with the biggest [SOUND] win of her SmackDown career.

>> Well, he caught Sheamus right above the eyebrow.

Otis now involved.

My goodness, and now Cesaro.

>> Double-stomped Otis into oblivion.

This is the kind of chaos you're gonna experience Sunday in

the Royal Rumble Match, Skull Crushing Finale.

Shinsuke takes down Miz.

Sami Zayn now with another blue thunder bomb.

Looking for the helluva kick, perhaps.

Man! >> What a broke kick back, Seamus.

>> Cover!

Seamus with the win.

>> When I look in the mirror, every single time I see exactly what I am,

exactly who I am.

And that's a person that my father, my mother, my wife, my kids,

my grandfather, my grandmother my entire family will be proud of.

And when I look in the mirror after the Royal Rumble, I'm gonna still see the same

Kevin Owens, but this time, I'm gonna be universal champion, because I will.

I will be the last man.

I'll be the last man standing, you know what, all right.

>> [SOUND] >> Strowman

was suspended after Survivor Series.

But apparently the Monster Among Men is back.

>> [NOISE] >> My God.

>> Cesaro planted.

>> [NOISE] >> This is a massacre courtesy of

the Monster Among Men.

>> Strowman is ripped.

Does this mean Braun has declared for the Royal Rumble match?

>> My goodness it does.

The other 29 men involved.

>> I don't know that I've ever seen Strowman in better physical condition.

This is the man Corey, who, this is man with the most elimination

eliminations in a Royal Rumble match which was tied last year by Brock Lesner and

Braun Strowman, picking up where he left off.

>> I don't know, can I change my pick?

>> What a power slam by Strowman.

If Strowman's in the Rumble, you may be looking at the odds-on favorite.

>> We could be on the express route to WrestleMania.

>> The Rumble's Sunday, streaming live on the WWE Network.



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