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With over 70 years of breeding experience, KP Holland is the specialist in the area

of cultivation and production of the flowering houseplants Kalanchoe, Spathiphyllum and Curcuma.

Be amazed by the color explosion of the Kalanchoe Rosalina.

This semi-desert flowering plant originates from magical Madagascar.

Soon after the plant was introduced in Europe, KP Holland embraced the breeding of this rich

flowerpot. In recent decades, numerous hybrids have been created within the innovation center,

which has resulted in a broad double-flowered, single-flowered and double-colored range.

Our range is characterized by the large number of flower buds, the compact dark

leaves and the beautifully filled umbel, which is of course available in all kinds of colors.

As a close-knit family business, quality and providing service with a personal approach are

of paramount importance to us. Because KP Holland also grows and sells all its young plant material,

we can support and advise our customers in all aspects of cultivation.

From newly rooted cutting to charming color provider,

our Rosalina breeding holds no secrets for us. The unique combination of Breeding & Growing

within one company makes KP Holland a special player in the market. Product knowledge and

market data are located under the same roof, which means that we continuously work on an optimal

range that performs well all over the world. The third generation will be introduced in 2021,

with an even greater focus on innovation and collaboration within the sector.

Our experienced advisors offer you all technical growing information.

With tips & tricks they help you extensively in achieving a successful Kalanchoe sales.

KP Holland. Born to breed and bloom.

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